’s neck and shouted.


“P-please put me down quickly!”


“If I don’t want to?”


“Yes? W-what is the meaning…”


The flustered Diana shouted again.


“No, I mean, I’m heavy!”


“You? That’s nonsense.”


Grandfather said firmly.


“You have to eat well.”


“But I am eating…”


“More! You have to eat twice as much as you do now.
Ah, right.
You’re going to decide what to eat here, too.”


Then she heard a knock on the door.
Grandfather, who sighed, put Diana down.
When Diana turned to grab the mask, Grandfather waved his hand.


“You don’t have to use it.
I can guess who it is.
Come in.”


The door opened and a large person wrapped in a dark green cape entered.


Grandfather said with a face like he was extremely reluctant.


“So, this is the end of our fun time.”


“The Count sent us to attend to you.
She said that you left in a hurry without any escort.”


“You must have really come here in a hurry.”


Grandfather nodded his head.


“Greet Diana.”


The man with short, brown hair bowed his head.


“I am Paul Dominic.
Please just call me Lord Dominic.”


A short-haired woman standing next to him greeted her.


“I am Serafina.
You can just call me Lord Serafina.
It is an honor to greet the Young Miss.”


Diana also held her skirt and greeted.


I’m Diana.”


“They are the knights who will follow you wherever you go.
You’ll have to adapt, too.”


Grandfather said as if it was tiresome.


“That is right.
Young Miss, in the future, wherever you go, you have to move together with us.”


“Please refrain from running out alone like Mister Spencer.”


Lord Dominic and Lord Serafina said consecutively.
Grandfather got up and picked up his cane and mask.


“Well, it’s good timing.
Since I was just thinking of going out.”


Unlike the third floor, which only had employees going around occasionally, she felt the commotion as soon as she stepped foot on the second floor.


Diana, who was wandering around and watching, sniffed at the delicious smell that wafted through.


Grandfather looked at the knights.
The knights averted their gaze, but at Grandfather’s persistence, Lord Dominic eventually said, “If we feed our Young Miss with bad food, the Count…” and only went to buy it after he was stabbed with a cane by Grandfather.


She hadn’t even had lunch, but she felt her stomach was about to explode when she ate the skewered sausage, butter-coated corn, thinly sliced fried potatoes, sugar-coated churros, and even cool watermelon juice.


She could also see a stable on one side of the arena that smelled of horse poop.


The horse, who had just won first place, walked into the stable while snorting in excitement that had yet to calm down.


It was the horse of the family who had a red dragon with a spear on the back of its neck on a black background.


‘So that family’s horse won again.’


Not long ago, she saw a family-specific pattern diagram in the study.
The pattern was a little scary, so it remained strongly in her memory.


A family that murdered a dragon and was cursed from generation to generation.


It was the pattern of the Grand Duke of Nohibaden Family.


To think they thought of it as a curse.
They only saved the people who were slaughtered by the dragon, but the reward they got in exchange was brutal.


“Diana, are you good at horseback riding?”


“No, I’m not.”


“Oh, yeah? To what extent can you ride?”


“Ah, I have never ridden a horse.”


Diana said insignificantly.


“…What did you say?”


Grandfather asked back in surprise.


“Did you just say you’ve never ridden a horse?”








Grandfather was dressed in slender dark navy horseback riding pants and horseback riding boots.


“How did you get these clothes?”


Grandfather had his horseback riding suit ready, but of course, Diana didn’t.
As a result, Lord Dominic had to wander around quickly to get comfortable pants and horseback riding boots.


“How about Lord Dominic?”


“He went to get the support.”


“Turns out the Lords are having a hard time because everyone was cleared away.”


“No, it’s alright.”


There were only the knights and Grandfather in the horseback riding course, but Diana continued to wear a mask to prevent possible mishaps.


Lord Serafina handed the reins over to Grandfather.
It was a horse with white spots with pale yellow fur.
The horse was so big that Diana had to raise her head for a long time.


Originally, when learning horseback riding, one would start with a horse of short stature, but because Ohrid had no children for a long time, there were no small horses and this horse was the mildest.


“Let’s go over there first.”


Diana turned her head in the direction Grandfather pointed and paused.






“There… I think I saw a blue mane.
Did I see it wrong?”


Diana rubbed her eyes and looked again.
She rubbed it a few times over and over again.
However, no matter how many times she closed and opened her eyes, it was blue.


“Ah, that horse.”


Grandfather frowned.


So it’s your first time seeing it.”


Grandfather handed over the reins to Lord Serafina again and said.


“Do you want to take a look?”




Diana and Grandfather headed to the cage where she saw a blue mane.
As they approached, it became clear.


“The mane… is really blue?”


It’s Nohibaden’s horse.”

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