Chapter 16

Translated by EunEun
Edited by eris421


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it.
There’s lots of evidence anyway.”


The man glanced at the Baroness, who was pretending to be innocent.


Even so, the Baroness was also rotten.


‘Well, it’s more important to recover the legacy first.’


When he looked back at the Head Maid again, he was shaking with anger.


She still couldn’t understand the situation she was in, and thus couldn’t figure out why the man was so angry.


The man sneered at her.


A countryside territory in the corner of the country, and the head maid of the Lord’s mansion.
She was probably the second most powerful person here after the owner and his wife who she was serving


Of course, such a person would have pride as high as the sky.
But the world was wide, and it made sense for smaller authorities to obey greater ones.


Just like the Baroness said, the answer was already decided.


“First, go and get investigated.  If you’re innocent, you’ll be released.”




The Baroness’ eyes avoided the Head Maid’s.


The Head Maid shook her head in anger.


The Baroness of Bordeaux would dare not truly abandon her.
They were on the same boat.


‘Firstly, I need to get past this situation.
There’s no way the Baroness would abandon me.
She’ll definitely use her hands.’


The Head Maid trusted her like that.


However, it didn’t take long to realize that it was just an illusion.






In Heimden, an archipelago that was within the imperial kingdom of the Heimbraden Empire, there were teleportation gates in each province that were connected to the major cities.


However, not even nobles could easily use the gates due to its high costs.
If people couldn’t afford it, they would usually choose to take the train rather than the gate.
And those in poor conditions would travel by carriage, no matter how much time it would take.


At the side of the gate, there were lounges for a select number of families who frequently used the gate.
The wealthier the family, the more spacious and extravagant their lounge was.


Inside of the lounge with the best scenery, which was overlooking the gate entrance, there was a fierce sound.




Together with the loud sound, the platinum young man’s head turned.
The cheeks of the beautiful young man reddened in an instant.
His pale face and red cheeks were quite the contrast.


“I apologize.”


However, the young man lowered his eyes, straightening his head without any signs of pain.
His golden eyes disappeared under his eyelashes.


“I made a mistake.”


“Of course you did.
Is that all you have to say?”


The owner of the hand was an old woman.
She was so calm that there was no trace of her being the person who slapped him just a moment ago.


“There is no way Philippa, my daughter, is dead.”


The woman took off her gloves and placed them on her lap.
The room was filled with a deathly silence, not even a single breath sound could be heard.


“However, it is indeed strange.
There is no reason for Hermann Rietchev to suddenly take a boat to the Eastern Continent during this period.”


The woman tapped her gloves with her finger.
There was almost no sound.


“Coincidentally, the Grand Duke of Nohibaden is also in the East Continent… It’s strange to call it a coincidence.”


The woman leaned back and rested, her eyes wrinkling in contemplation. 


“Bring him here.”


She spoke in a firm voice.


“I have to confirm it myself.”


The young man politely greeted the woman one last time and left the lounge.


His attendant who waited outside looked at the young man’s cheek and spoke carefully.


“I’ll get a healer in Aachen on standby.”


“Please do.”


The young man replied indifferently.


The gate was prepared in advance, so it only took a moment to arrive in Aachen.
The moment Senir’s figure gradually appeared between the lights of the gate, a voice called out to him. 


“Little Young Master! Something has happened to Lady Diana.”






A cheese-colored cat sat with its legs together on top of a wall stacked with green shrubs, flower trees, and brown bricks sticking out between the bars.
She could only look at the scenery like this when Sky wasn’t there, because the puppy would quickly run away if she didn’t keep an eye on it.


When Diana exited the alley in front of her house and entered the main street, the atmosphere quickly changed.
On the noisy streets, there were students who appeared to be her age.
The students and teachers were wearing the same capes, which looked like they were school uniforms, and walked away somewhere.


Diana’s feet familiarly headed to the post office.
There was a call that a package had arrived.
She declined Sophie, who said she would get it, and came out herself.
She knew what it would be.


Her excited footsteps stopped as someone blocked her.
She tried to pass by without much thought, but the person shadowed her again and blocked her.
The moment she looked up at the person curiously, she breathed in sharply.


“What a coincidence.
I didn’t know we’d run into each other here.”


“… Lord Hauzen.”


She used the tip of her tongue to say his name.
Aachen wasn’t by any means a small city, but who knew that they would meet like this?


“I went to the Bordeaux mansion last time and I didn’t see you.
They said you quit your job?”


Lord Hauzen looked her up and down with bleary eyes.
She got goosebumps and put her hand on her elbows.


“Why didn’t you say anything and just quit? It’s unfortunate.
Ah, or did they say you were fired? Anyhow, does it matter? Rather, I feel it’s quite good.”


“What are you talking–”


Diana glanced at her surroundings.
Everyone was busy walking, so no one was interested in her.


“Your life must’ve been hard, getting fired without a single recommendation letter.”


Lord Hauzen spoke pretentiously as if he felt it was regrettable.


“That’s why, how about coming to our household and working there?”




“I’ll give you a lot more than the Baron.”


Diana barely managed her face from crumpling up.


“Thank you for the offer, but I’m f-fine.”


“Don’t be like that, yeah?”


“I’m really fine.”


Lord Hauzen came close to her.
Diana grabbed the hem of her skirt, and took a step away, but Lord Hauzen took a step forward with every step back.


“C-can you please move a bit farthe–”


“You’d better think about it carefully.
You don’t even have any parents, right?”




“If you serve me well, I might also become your guardian, you know?”


Diana swallowed her saliva, as she felt her mouth dry.


“Uhm, Lord Hauzen has Miss Atticia as your fiance.
If you keep acting like this, it’s going to be a problem.”




As if her words were ridiculous, Lord Hauzen snorted and kicked the stone floor.
His threatening appearance made her shoulders shrink.


“Isn’t this such a ridiculously funny bitch? This arrogant wench doesn’t even know its place.
What in the world are you talking about right now?!”


Her shoulders shrank at Lord Hauzen’s shout.
She glanced around to see if anyone took notice of this commotion.


However, as people saw Lord Hauzen’s noble appearance, they ignored the two and quickly walked away in fear of getting involved. 


“When did I say that I liked you? I asked when did I say that I liked you?!”




Diana bit her lips until they turned white.


How could he be so shameless?


Of course, he didn’t say it directly that he liked her.
However, his disgusting gaze as he looked at her while smacking his lips was enough for her to know.
How could she not know he was interested? Being young didn’t mean that she didn’t know anything.


“I’ve already said that I would take care of a child as low as you.
And you dare to refuse that?!”




“I mean, do you hate it that much when I tell you to work at my house? And you even dare to make that face? Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are?!”


Hauzen raised his arm threateningly and as if he was holding it in, retracted it and swept his hair back.


“Ah, you’re really making me angry.”


It was very easy to deal with a young maid like this.
He just had to scare her first and then pretend to be nice again.
Then, if she didn’t listen, his hands may go up a little, but the maid couldn’t refuse him anyway.


“You say that you’re thankful for my offer, but you won’t do it.
Then why are you making me mad?! Huh?!”


She was a maid he had been desiring ever since he first saw her in the Bordeaux mansion.
However, he could only taste the face of his fiance.
But now, he happened to have this opportunity.


He couldn’t miss this kind of once-in-a-lifetime chance.
Wasn’t she an orphan wench anyway? There would be nothing wrong even if he played with her and threw her away.


“No, I mean.
I shouldn’t have been angry like this.
It’s because you made me angry.
Right? It’s your fault, right?”


Should she say that she’s sorry? If she apologizes and holds it in, would this matter be let go?


‘… I don’t want to do it.’


She hated it.
She didn’t do anything wrong.
She didn’t want to apologize.
When she was at the Bordeaux mansion, everyone always asked her to just bear it.


They had always said that she should just endure it and move on.
That there was no reason for her to make things bigger.
Even though it wasn’t her fault.


Diana closed her lips and raised her head.


“I-I don’t want to.”




“Why do I have to apologize to Lord Hauzen?”


“What did you say just now?”


Lord Hauzen’s face turned red.
After saying it once, it was rather easy after that.


“I’m not grateful at all, rather I’m burdened.”


“You dare?!”


The moment Lord Hauzen raised his hand, Diana reflexively raised her hand and closed her eyes tightly.
However, there was no pain like she expected.


“So, you were right here.”


A gentle voice tickled her ears.
Diana gently opened her eyes.


A beautiful face with a delicate jawline that still stood out even if he was wearing a hoodie, appeared.
Diana’s thin open eyes became big.


Why was this person here?


Senir, who seemed exhausted for some reason, breathed out a relieved sigh and bowed down.




Following Senir’s gaze, Diana lowered her gaze along and let out a groan.


‘Huh? When did Sky follow me out?’


Senir handed Sky which was at his feet to her arms.
Sky whined and licked her face.
For a moment, her heart calmed down.


“What are you–”


Lord Hauzen put his hand on the shoulder of the person who stood in his way with a shrill voice.


“B-be careful.”


Diana grabbed the hem of Senir’s robe with a pale face.


Senir smiled as if asking her to not worry and turned slowly.
As he grabbed the hem of his hood and pulled it off, his sparkling platinum hair scattered under the sunlight.


Lord Hauzen’s eyes opened wide.


“O-O-O-O-Ohrid, the Esteemed Son of Ohrid?”


He was so flustered, that he said ‘Oh’ four times.


Listening to his words, Diana hardened as well.
What did he just say?

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