rson, Xia Lan Shan has always treated others more leniently, not to mention this was not a stranger.
If it was a stranger, Xia Lan Shan would have simply gone to the police.
She wouldn’t waste her own time just because the other person appeared pitiful, but familiar people were different from strangers.

     After sharing the same bed for two consecutive days, Xia Lan Shan wasn’t as uncomfortable this time.
Plus, Shi Yin was a person who easily made people forget the existence of social distance.
As long as she wants to, there is always a way to make people feel bad to refuse her request.
And when she wants someone to be protective of her, it's even easier.

     Ever since meeting Xia Lan Shan, Shi Yin had consciously made Xia Lan Shan establish a role to protect herself.
This was entirely designed for Chi Ying and Xia Lan Shan's character.
As long as Xia Lan Shan kept feeling that she needed protection, then every time Chi Ying became angry or even had a fierce expression, it would all lead to a contradiction between the two.

     Furthermore, the feelings of teenagers are hot and haughty.
It was difficult to calmly sit down and reconcile, which will inevitably make the two of them drift apart.


     The plan advanced steadily according to Shi Yin's vision.
Xia Lan Shan has not really taught people before.
There were actually some students who asked her for advice.
After all, she doesn’t have a cold personality.
However, because most of the students in the grade were from the same batch of classmates, everyone knows that Xia Lan Shan's hard work was not only due to her own cleverness, but also because of her family situation.
Therefore, seeing how hard she studied after class, they didn’t feel right to bother her.
Through time, except for those questions the entire class didn't know, they would not come find Xia Lan Shan.

     So it was only now that Xia Lan Shan felt the sense of accomplishment of teaching people from Shi Yin.

     Although for some questions she would still get confused even though it has been talked through several times, but unlike other students, Shi Yin had a sweet mouth.
Even if it was a completely dense person, facing a person that expresses the thoughts; you’re so amazing and I adore you on her face and mouth, no one can't help but feel good about them, right?

     Education about being modest has been popular in China since ancient times.
Few people would keep direct compliments on their lips.
And even if they did, it wouldn’t be as sweet as Shi Yin’s mouth that would praise without ever repeating.
Sometimes Xia Lan Shan felt like she was lifted up to the point that she feels like a natural seedling for becoming a teacher.

     Although she quickly regained a clear mind, the ability to have such hot-headed thoughts was enough to show how powerful Shi Yin's mouth was.

     So though it's only been a few days, Chi Ying has already discovered that the relationship between the two has become intimate at an amazing speed, increasing his sense of crisis.

     You had to know, although there wasn’t much progress between Chi Ying’s and Xia Lan Shan’s relationship before, she would still respond to him after class nor would she be too slow in replying to text messages.
Yet, now she heads to where Shi Yin is right after class.
And when he talked to her, she would drive him off within a few words.
Then, at night when he texted her, she took a long time to reply to the text message.
The reason? She was still tutoring Shi Yin.

     Chi Ying was not good at hiding his feelings.
After a few times, he was already on the verge of exploding.

     On the weekend, when Chi Ying asked Xia Lan Shan out again and learned that Xia Lan Shan was with Shi Yin, he completely exploded.

     However, since they weren't at school, Chi Ying naturally couldn't quarrel with Xia Lan Shan.
After all, he didn't know where Xia Lan Shan's home was.
Xia Lan Shan has a strong protection awareness and won’t reveal her address to strangers of the opposite sex, though she wasn’t as on guard with those of the same gender.
This was normal as most men and women will be less defensive when facing the same sex.

     This kind of precaution also forced Chi Ying to hold off his anger until Monday to vent.

     The moment Xia Lan Shan arrived inside the classroom, he immediately called her to meet outside.

     Because his complexion was truly bad and his attitude was extremely firm, though she was puzzled, Xia Lan Shan still followed him out.
Seeing this, Shi Yin immediately had the system lock onto their positions and slowly followed while watching the system's live broadcast.

     Chi Ying dragged Xia Lan Shan to a place where no one was around.
Xia Lan Shan was a little confused: “What do you want from me? Shi Yin still has a question she doesn’t know how to do, I… …”

     “Shi Yin, Shi Yin, it’s Shi Yin again.
Is there anyone else in your eyes besides her?!” Chi Ying interrupted her, instantly provoked by the name in her words.

     Xia Lan Shan felt this was coming out of nowhere: “What are you doing?”

     Chi Ying took a deep breath: “Don't you realize Shi Yin approached you with ulterior motives?”

     Xia Lan Shan: “Huh?”

     “It’s not like she transferred here, so why didn't she look for you sooner, but instead right before the college entrance exam?” Chi Ying remarked, “Don't be fooled by that face of hers, she just wants to rely on you to do well in the college entrance examination.
Plus, don’t you see much time you waste because of her? She not only wants to do well in the exam, but also wants to lower your grades.
Xia Lan Shan, think about it carefully, she has bad intentions!”

     The more Chi Ying spoke, the more agitated he became: “In the previous PE class, there were other students sitting in the back.
Someone saw Shi Yin playing with her phone before you came in and only started to pretend to cry after you came in.
She’s freaking lying to you!”

     “Enough!” Seeing that Chi Ying's words were getting more and more outrageous, Xia Lan Shan had to interrupt him: “Shi Yin is not the kind of person you describe, I have eyes.
And Chi Ying, don't you think it's too much to talk about people behind their backs? Shi Yin, this good girl, turns into scheming in your mouth.
Shouldn't you reflect on whether you are looking at her through colored glasses?”

     Chi Ying laughed out of anger: “Me reflecting? You can find that out as long as you inquire around the class.
Who doesn't know that Shi Yin has a scheming heart? You tutored her studies, you helped her finish her homework and you even tidied up her table.
Does she have no hands?!”

     Xia Lan Shan: “There’s all a reason for that… …”

     Chi Ying: “She's just a vixen, look how you've been bewitched by her!”

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