Listening to Shi Yin's scheming choice of words, Chi Ying felt his fists tighten.

     She’s talking nonsense right in front of him.
It's no wonder those buddies of his don't like their girlfriend's girlfriends.
Chi Ying laughed at them before, but now when it was his turn to experience this feeling, he finally understood how suffocating it was.

     Yet, he still can't express his anger.
After all, he recalled the lessons his good buddies learned.
Not to mention, no matter how classless he was, it wasn’t to the point to attack a girl.
However, Chi Ying himself has a temper that can be ignited at any point.
Forcing himself to suppress his anger made his face a little congested, which in turn made him appear somewhat scary-looking.

     This kind of expression naturally frightened Shi Yinhan.
Her hand holding Xia Lan Shan's hem began to tremble slightly as her voice naturally carried a teary tone: “Class Monitor…”

     By now, Xia Lan Shan has already mastered the technique of proficiently coaxing a child.
She reached out and patted her on the back comfortingly, signaling Chi Ying to leave first.
After all, Chi Ying had a history of scaring his classmates into crying due to his aggressive tone.
This itself was not a big deal.
However, if one of them cried, it would not end well.

     Xia Lan Shan also didn't expect Shi Yin would be afraid of Chi Ying, because many girls in the class thought he was handsome and quite the personality.
Therefore, when Chi Ying had conflicts with others, they would excitedly discuss among themselves in a low voice.
Though there were some who weren’t interested that think he’s a stupid fool, so Xia Lan Shan felt it was also normal to not like Chi Ying.

     Chi Ying only felt it difficult to explain the situation , what did he do? He didn’t even open his mouth to threaten her! But now with Shi Yin almost crying, Chi Ying even wondered for a moment whether he looked a little too scary.
Fortunately, in less than a second, Chi Ying shook off this thought as well as deeply realized that this girl must be a scheming girl who wants to break them up!

     Yet, even though he felt aggrieved in his heart, Chi Ying still walked away angrily, looking extremely upset.
Xia Lan Shan didn't think much about it nor did she think it was a big deal.
After all, although they were in the same class, Shi Yin and Chi Ying probably will have no opportunity to communicate.
So there was basically no possibility of conflict, thus no need to worry.

     As for the issue of her “partner” being angry and needing to be coaxed, Xia Lan Shan didn't realize it, or rather, she had forgotten about it.

     She was too busy patting Shi Yin’s back, who was also curled up in her arms.
After less than a minute, Xia Lan Shan couldn't help but say: “Come on, let’s get up and finish up your homework.
The teacher will be here soon.”

     Shi Yin : “…”

     Since most of the homework has actually been covered by Xia Lan Shan, Shi Yin, the person concerned, on the contrary, had a lot of free time.
So she started to cause trouble.

     “Class Monitor, is Chi Ying really your boyfriend?”

     In the original owner’s memories, there were rumors about the two dating that started when the homeroom teacher arranged for the two to sit together for tutoring lessons.
Later, when the rumors spread, the teacher was afraid something would happen to Xia Lan Shan, this treasured student, so she immediately changed their seats and had a heart-to-heart talk.
Coupled with the fact that the two didn’t have any ambiguous interactions at the school, the original owner has been confused about this matter.

     Xia Lan Shan paused her writing, and then “En” in response.

     Shi Yin: “Then, Class Monitor, can you break up with him?”

     Xia Lan Shan glanced at Shi Yin strangely.

     Shi Yin: “It’s not that I want to break up with you guys, it's just that the college entrance examination is coming soon.
What if being in a relationship affects Class Monitor's grades? And plus, last week I saw him outside eating with a girl.
At that time, I thought it was his girlfriend outside of school.
Maybe I’m thinking too much, and perhaps they’re just friends.”

     “I also saw him fighting with many people that day, it was terrifying!”

     What Xia Lan Shan was thinking at this moment was that it's no wonder Shi Yin was scared when she saw Chi Ying.
I mean, who wouldn't be scared seeing a fight with their own eyes? As for Shi Yin's previous words, it went right over her head.

     “Class Monitor is this nice, I don't want Class Monitor to get hurt.
Student Chi Ying is still like this when he’s about to take the college entrance examination.
Class Monitor, you two should temporarily separate.
And after the college entrance examination is over, you can explain to him, okay?”

     Xia Lan Shan froze for a moment before replying, “And how long have we known each other?”

     Xia Lan Shan actually wanted to say, why didn’t Shi Yin understand the taboo of only exchanging intimate conversations with close people? It's simply thankless to be so trusting to someone who you just met and doesn’t know their personality or morals.
What if others think you just can’t bear them better than yourself?

     It's just that the moment the words came out her mouth, it seemed to be blaming her for meddling in her own business, which vexed Xia Lan Shan.

     Sure enough, when Shi Yin heard it, her eyes covered in a sheen of mist: “I'm sorry, it's all my fault.
Class Monitor, don't take my words to heart, I…
… I'll go back to my seat first.”

     Xia Lan Shan subconsciously grabbed her: “You haven't finished your homework yet, hurry up.”

     Shi Yin: “…”

     Xia Lan Shan wasn’t a very talkative person.
However, because she tends to attract the elders' liking along with her keeping herself in a familiar circle, Xia Lan Shan hasn’t suffered much.
So it wasn’t until now that Xia Lan Shan felt being inarticulate was not so good.

     Since she didn't know how to explain it, she could only keep silent.
Only after a while did she open her mouth to explain: “My relationship with Chi Ying is not what you think.”

     Due to the agreement, Xia Lan Shan didn't make it clear in detail.
After all, she promised someone to keep it a secret and it would go against her own principles if she said it.
Therefore, after thinking about it, she continued: “He won't affect my college entrance examination.”

     Shi Yin hummed, while thinking that this might not be the case inside.
I mean, according to the original plotline, Chi Ying was still fighting a few days before the college entrance examination, which led the other party to retaliate the day before the college entrance examination.
He tied up Xia Lan Shan to threaten him.
This caused Xia Lan Shan to be in a bad condition the next day and the future college entrance examination champion ended up only going to a 985 university.
Afterwards, this series of events then made Chi Ying feel remorseful.
He repeated a year to study and was later admitted to a domestic university that was even better than Xia Lan Shan.

     When Shi Yin saw this plot, she felt that it was outrageous.
Why did Chi Ying’s growth from adolescent behaviors to  matureness need to sacrifice the female lead’s future?

     Although a 985 was not bad, standing from Xia Lan Shan's birth status, the better the starting point, the better it was for her.
After all, the connections established in each school were different.

     Xia Lan Shan didn't know that she would have such a future.
After copying Shi Yin’s homework, she had Shi Yin return to her seat while she slowly began to collect the homeworks.

     Because the students in the class have a decent relationship with her, no one deliberately refuses to give theirs.
Those who haven't finished copying their homework even requested her to finish collecting everyone else before taking theirs.
The classmates who ate snacks in secret would also share the snacks they were eating when they saw her coming.

     Although there were cameras installed in the class, they weren’t turned on all day long.
The students have already figured out the rules and took advantage of this time to eat every time.
Therefore, when she walked to Shi Yin's side, the pockets of Xia Lan Shan’s school uniform were already stuffed with several small packages of snacks.

     Seeing that Shi Yin was not in a good mood, Xia Lan Shan thought about it and then set the candy and konjac snacks that were stuffed into her in her pocket by others in front of Shi Yin as an apology.

     Shi Yin naturally didn’t refuse.
Instead, she showed her a big smile: “Thank you, Class Monitor.”

     The corners of Xia Lan Shan’s mouth couldn’t resist but lifted up as she passed her to collect the homeworks behind her.
When she reached Chi Ying’s seat, the other party snorted heavily, though his homework on the table was laid out properly with a need to waste words.
Therefore Xia Lan Shan just picked up the homework and started to leave.

     “Wait!” Chi Ying's face became even uglier, “Where's mine?”

     Xia Lan Shan looked at him strangely: “What?”

     “What did you give Shi Yin that scourge? Don't I get one?” Chi Ying's face darkened even more.

     During the period Xia Lan Shan was frantically making up the homeworks, Chi Ying already found out who Shi Yin, this unnamed classmate, was, and deeply felt that she was a scourge and a stumbling block on his love journey.

     Xia Lan Shan was speechless: “I never buy any snacks, those were given by other classmates.
Since I was not going to eat them, I gave them to Shi Yin.
She doesn't seem to have eaten enough in the morning.”

     When Xia Lan Shan was finishing up the homework, she noticed Shi Yin secretly looking at the breakfast in other students' hands (actually she was just spacing out).

     Chi Ying was still disgruntled: “You even know whether she ate enough or not, why don't you ask me if I ate?!”

     Xia Lan Shan felt that Chi Ying was out of his mind.
How old was he, wouldn't he know how to buy food if he was hungry? It's not like he had no money, why would she ask this?

     This kind of differential treatment was something Chi Ying had never experienced before.
After all, he always thought that Xia Lan Shan was cold by nature and treated everyone like this.
Yet, she not only helped Shi Yin copy her homework, gave her food, and even smiled at her.
Chi Ying instantly felt psychologically unbalanced and uttered angrily: “You are not allowed to hang out with that scourge!”

     Xia Lan Shan felt that this person had something wrong with his brain.
Plus, what did Shi Yin do? Out of nowhere, just given the title of scourge? She frowned: “Chi Ying, don't insult your classmates.”

     Chi Ying: “Oh, just a classmate? Xia Lan Shan, don't be fooled by her appearance, she definitely had malicious intentions when she approached you.
She just wants to break us up!”

     Xia Lan Shan: “…”

     Seeing that Xia Lan Shan didn't believe it, Chi Ying continued: “She must have approached you on purpose, otherwise why didn't she hang out with you before and only pester you like this today?! She’s definitely approaching you with an ulterior motive!”

     Xia Lan Shan felt that Chi Ying was simply unreasonable.
How they met, she, the person involved, wouldn't she know it better than him? Yet, she didn't want to disrupt discipline by arguing with the other party, so she left directly, making Chi Ying stare at her with anger.


     【Dismantling progress increased, current progress: 10%】

     Shi Yin, who was pretending to do the morning reading, was stunned for a moment.
She didn't know how the progress had increased at all.
Could it be that what she just said had an effect? But the delay was too prolonged, right?

     Shi Yin instinctively glanced at Xia Lan Shan.
The other party was still collecting the homeworks.
Seemingly to have sensed her gaze, she turned back and looked at her.
Shi Yin immediately covered herself with a book in embarrassment, only showing a pair of almond eyes.
Xia Lan Shan couldn't help but smile, looking at her.

     These “flirtatious glances” made Chi Ying even angrier.
He would love nothing more than to poke a hole in the back of Shi Yin's head, but the person involved was obviously immune to this kind of mental attack.
Not only did she not care, but also her gaze still followed Xia Lan Shan, just like a little fangirl.
However, this was not just one-sided.
Seeing this made Chi Ying grit his teeth.

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