Due to last night's ups and downs, Xia Lan Shan woke up a little later than usual the next day.
She even had a little trouble opening her eyes.
Needless to mention Shi Yin, her eyes were swollen.
Anyone could guess that the other party must have cried a lot last night.

     Xia Lan Shan didn't wake Shi Yin when she got up.
Maybe it was caused by lack of sleep, but the other party was quite deep asleep.
Xia Lan Shan took a hot towel and applied it on her eyes, then brought out a set of clean school uniform and undergarments.
She stared at the breakfast that she had originally prepared—- overnight bread.
After a while, she sighed and resigned to her fate by heading out to buy breakfast.
She also decided that once Shi Yin was in a good mood, she must get the money back, preferably with some mental damage fee.

     The place where Xia Lan Shan lives was not soundproof, so every morning was filled with all kinds of movements and noises.
Unless one was the kind that can't be shaken even with lightning and thunder after falling asleep, otherwise it’ll just be a matter of time before they’re woken up, which saved Xia Lan Shan the trouble of hesitating whether to wake up Shi Yin.

     When Shi Yin opened her eyes, she was still a little dazed.
As if feeling that the place in front of her was a little strange, it took her a while to realize that Xia Lan Shan was pointing to the school uniform she had prepared: “Get up, we're going to be late.”

     Shi Yin nodded.
Then, she turned her back to Xia Lan Shan and took off her clothes.
She was wearing French-style lingerie.
With white lace close to her fair porcelain skin, it made people couldn't resist but take a few more glances for some reason.
Xia Lan Shan rubbed her nose, feeling a little warm as she awkwardly looked away.
She only turned back around after a while.
By then, Shi Yin had already started putting on her shoes.

     Xia Lan Shan is much taller than Shi Yin, so her school uniform was naturally too big on Shi Yin's body.
Shi Yin had to roll up the trouser legs quite a few times to fit herself.
The shoes are white shoes that Xia Lan Shan specially bought when she headed out earlier.
The street vendors in the village in the city got up very early and Xia Lan Shan also knew them, so she went directly to the other party’s house to buy the shoes, insoles and socks.
The price wasn’t expensive, but it was not an expense out of necessity.
Therefore, Xia Lan Shan’s heart still aches a little.

     Moreover, she can't reuse these things.
After all, Shi Yin's feet are too small.
What she can wear she can't wear at all.

     Xia Lan Shan has always been taller among the girls.
Right now she is nearly 180 centimeters tall, while Shi Yin is a little over 160 centimeters, which is actually not short in the southern regions.
Only when Xia Lan Shan looks at her, she continues to subconsciously deduct her height by another ten centimeters.

     After going out and handing her the breakfast, Xia Lan Shan suddenly remembered: “Do you want to go home first and grab your schoolbag?”

     Shi Yin blinked: “I sent a text for the nanny to deliver it to the school gate.”

     Xia Lan Shan: “…

     Looking at Shi Yin, Xia Lan Shan thought about it seriously; if she asked Shi Yin to scan her QR code to repay her now, would she get angry?

     Xia Lan Shan thought it was rather outrageous.
She didn’t bring anything with her when she went out, but still remembers to bring her phone.
If she knew she had a phone, why did she even bring her back? In this day and age with phone pay, she a hundred percent could have gone to a hotel?

     Wait, that’s not right.
Hotels seem to require an ID card.

     But small hotels or motels shouldn't need it, right?

     Xia Lan Shan inexplicably became entangled in this issue for a while before she put it aside.
Looking at the other party's still swollen eyes, she pursed her lips and decided to discuss the money matter in another few days.
Then, she glanced at the bus station not far away: “Let's get going.” After a pause, she said.
“Follow me closely, there’s a lot of people here.”

     Shi Yin nodded heavily, causing the high ponytail behind her head to flick around and make her appear cute.
Xia Lan Shan lowered her head to take a bite of the bread.
Staring at the bus passing by the platform, she urged: “Speed up in your eating.”

     Shi Yin tilted her head, not understanding, but still obeyed and ate faster.
When the bus they were about to take arrived, Xia Lan Shan quickly grabbed her hand and got on the bus, trying to squeeze into the middle of the bus.
She let Shi Yin lean on the car window, while she grabbed the side railing to keep herself as the bus started.

     The bus during the morning rush hour is always crowded, thus there was no such thing as an empty seat.
Even if Xia Lan Shan protects her, Shi Yin's ponytail became a little crooked due to this.
The feeling of being crowded isn’t good.
Fortunately, Lan Shan still had a surprisingly heavy schoolbag so she did manage to avoid some physical collisions.

     “Class Monitor.” Shi Yin looked up and called her.

     Xia Lan Shan looked at her, confused.

     Shi Yin reached out to help her straighten the baby hairs on her forehead: “Your hair is messed up.”

…Thank you.” Xia Lan Shan felt her face was a little hot.
She subconsciously wanted to look away, but froze in place because of the other party's actions.

     Probably because she had never been this close to a girl before, Xia Lan Shan suddenly realized that at this moment girls were this sweet and soft.
Even a strand of hair on the side of her cheek seems to tangle around her heart, making people feel sympathy.
If the other party asked her to borrow money at this instant, Xia Lan Shan felt she might lend her it as if possessed.

     Fortunately, this terrible thought did not come true.
After Shi Yin helped her straighten her hair, she stood there quietly.
Only she obviously hadn't been on a bus before.
Therefore, when the driver used his deft car-stopping technique to stop for other passengers, Shi Yin staggered and crashed into her arms.

     Shi Yin groaned, feeling a little painful from bumping the zipper of the school uniform.
However, the softness in front of her chest was enough to make her ignore this discomfort and made Shi Yin subconsciously nuzzle it.
She couldn't help but sigh with emotion.
As expected of the protagonist, her body quality is quite outstanding.
With such a slender waist, she can still be this endowed.
This doesn't obey the law of conservation of thin people at all.

     Xia Lan Shan's long eyelashes trembled slightly.


     【Dismantling progress has increased, current progress: 5%]

     Shi Yin: “…

     She hasn't even badmouthed her to the male lead, how did this progress increase?

     Shi Yin was a little puzzled, but it was a good thing anyway.
Therefore, she didn’t think too much about it.
It was just that she had left school for too long in her previous life and the original body had never taken a bus, so Shi Yin was really not used to the crowded and turbid air in the car.
She couldn't help but ask: “How long until we’re there?”

     Xia Lan Shan coughed dryly as she unnaturally looked out of the car window: “Almost.” She paused and continued, “If you feel bored, you can look over your Language Arts books.
There will also be spot checks for that today.”

     Shi Yin: “…

     Not everyone likes to study, Shi Yin looked at the sky and decided to pretend that she hadn't heard this.
Xia Lan Shan was also relieved to see her fall silent.
Just like this, the two of them didn't say a word until they got off the bus.

     When they got to their station, Shi Yin retrieved her schoolbag after talking with the nanny.
Logically speaking, students aren’t allowed to bring their mobile phones.
However, since she carried it herself, Xia Lan Shan felt she had no reason not to let others bring them.
Thus, she ignored this and entered the classroom with Shi Yin.

     Because the two of them didn't have any interactions before, even when they walked into the classroom together, the classmates only took it as a coincidence.
They just laughed and said: “Class Monitor, wait a bit to collect the homework~”

     Xia Lan Shan wasn’t adamant about this kind of thing.
Hearing this, she nodded slightly as she put her schoolbag on the table.
Just as she was about to start the morning reading, she turned her head and noticed Shi Yin was still following her.

     Shi Yin clasped her hands in front of her, as if begging: “Class Monitor, let me copy your homework.
I haven't written a single word.”


     Xia Lan Shan took out her homework from her schoolbag.
She didn't say that it would be inappropriate.
After all, she wasn't that annoying type of class council member.
Plus, some concessions made it easier for others and herself as well.
How could a child from a poor family not be familiar with the ways of the world? Most of the time, she would even point out which questions were too difficult and tell the other party not to copy them, so as not to be discovered by the teacher.
Yet, when this matter landed on Shi Yin, Xia Lan Shan wanted to preach to her.

     She kept feeling that the other party can't be this perfunctory in her academics.
Otherwise with her parents not caring about her in the future and her not being motivated, how would she end up faring?

     Though with the state of the other party yesterday, it is understandable that her homework was not written.
Therefore, Xia Lan Shan still held back and said nothing.
However, Shi Yin sucked in a deep gasp while looking at the homework.
It has been too long since she graduated from high school, she long forgot how heavy the homework load used to be.
Despite her trying her best, she couldn’t improve her speed at all.
She could only look at Xia Lan Shan with help-seeking eyes and said in a voice that might cry at any time: “Class Monitor, I can’t finish copying all this.
There’s too many.”

     Xia Lan Shan: “…
…” What can I do?

     A minute later, Xia Lan Shan used both her hands alternately while she stated, “Leave the big questions empty first as well as the ones with a lot of words.
The teacher probably won't check these two sheets carefully, write the other questions first and remember to correct these wrong ones.”

     Shi Yin nodded happily: “Class Monitor, you’re so kind.”

     Xia Lan Shan: No, I'm not fine at all!

     Xia Lan Shan felt that she must have been bewitched, otherwise why would she do such a stupid thing like this? !

     Although she thought so, Xia Lan Shan’s hands didn't stop.
After all, she might as well be a good person all the way to the end.
What's more, in Xia Lan Shan’s memories, Shi Yin always turned in her homework obediently.
What if she didn’t finish and cries again, what a headache that would be.

     Anyway, it was just to help her copy it.
It’s not that she's asking her to pay money, how simple was that?

     However, in the eyes of others, this scene was quite strange.
You must know that Xia Lan Shan had always been quietly reading her books while others copied homework.
When has there ever been such a scene of her also frantically writing?

     Yet, they also noticed that this was helping Shi Yin copy her homework.
Thus, they were just a little surprised when the relationship between the two of them became this good.
Whereas those who just entered the classroom subconsciously thought that she was copying homework for herself.

      Therefore, immediately someone jokingly said, supporting themselves on the table: “Yo, how about that, there’s a time that Class Monitor daren also make up homework?”

     The person who entered had a slightly obvious Beijing accent.
The tips of his hair were faintly a faded red, as if he had dyed his hair before but was forced to re-dye it black.
His appearance was quite handsome, only he had a ruffian-like temperament.

     Shi Yin whispered: “Class Monitor is helping me with my homework.”

     Hearing this, Chi Ying was both a little surprised and apprehensive.
He immediately replied sourly: “I haven't done my homework either yet, why haven't I seen you help me make it up?”

     When Xia Lan Shan heard this, she didn't even raise her eyelids.
She just responded: “If you haven't written anything, go make it up.
I'm about to collect the homeworks.”

     Shi Yin blinked and said weakly: “Class Monitor, I haven't finished making it up yet.”

     Xia Lan Shan: “…
…You hurry up, forget it, give me the pen.”

     Chi Ying: “???”

     He rapped the table angrily: “Hey, what’s your relationship with me? Why help her and not me?!”

     Shi Yin flinched: “Class Monitor, why is Student Chi Ying angry? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry, I-I should write it myself.
It’ll be fine with just me.”

     Xia Lan Shan: “Don’t worry about him, continue writing, the bell is about to ring.” Next, she finally turned her head and said to Chi, “Go back to your seat, you've scared others.”

     Chi Ying: “What the f*c… …”

     “It's all my fault, Student Chi Ying, don't take it to heart, don't be mean to Class Monitor.
It's all my fault… …”

     Chi Ying: “???” Since when was Laozi mean to her? !

     Xia Lan Shan furrowed her brows: “Go back to your seat, or hand me your homework now, stop scaring your classmates here!”

     Chi Ying wanted to get angry, but under Xia Lan Shan's stern gaze, he aggrievedly held himself back.
He could only snort heavily.
Shi Yin quickly reacted and glanced at him innocently, her teary eyes seemed to be immersed in water: “Class Monitor, he’s so fierce, so scary.
You have such a good temper, yet he can still quarrel with you and get angry.
You must be very tired, Class Monitor, right?”


scan her QR code (扫码): in China, people don’t really pay with cash or cards anymore.
Instead, they use Alipay or WeChat, where the merchant/store has a QR code the customers can just scan to pay
the law of conservation of thin people (瘦子守恒): basically how thin/skinny people are just skinny all over, I don't think it's actually a law
I'm not fine at all (我一点都不好): the word, 好- hǎo, can be translated to good, kind or feeling fine.
Right here, it’s a word play.
In the previous line, Shi Yin called Xia Lan Shan kind (好), to which Xia Lan Shan thought to herself this line, I’m not fine at all
Laozi (老子): referring to oneself to show swag or punkish way of talking usually by males, though it can also be used by males

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