As soon as Shi Yin regained consciousness, she immediately felt a little coldness on her cheeks— the type tear marks leave when crying.

     She subconsciously raised her hand to touch her face, which was a little firm due to tears.
The sensation was warm and cool, which made it very clear that this was the body temperature of a living person.

     This made Shi Yin a little dazed.

     Many people die in accidents every day in the world.
Unfortunately, Shi Yin was one of them.
Even if she obeys the traffic rules herself, she can't stop others from drunk driving, can she?

     Shi Yin was standing in an unfortunate position at that time, so she became a dead soul under the car.
What's more unfortunate is that she didn't die on the spot, but because it was late at night and the road was remote, she couldn't get treatment in time, which caused her death.

     This experience made Shi Yin extremely eager for a healthy and pain-free life.
Therefore, when the system approached her, Shi Yin agreed without hesitation, even if what she was going to do next was immoral.

     What the system wants Shi Yin to do is also very simple.
It was to dismantle the male and female leads of each plane.
As long as they were completely separated, she can obtain enough points and exchange for a chance to be reborn, as well as using the points to purchase items to bring back together to the new life.

     As for why the system found her, Shi Yin didn't care, and why she had to break up others, Shi Yin also didn’t care.
She only knew that this was her chance of living again.
After all, even if she fails to collect enough points, the time doing those missions was already an extended life for her.

     So she didn't want to delve into the reason behind it.
Anyway, this was just deceiving feelings.
It’s not like it was making her kill or arson anyone.
Thinking about it this way, even the guilt felt mostly disappeared.

     She scanned around and found that she was in the bedroom, which was decorated in a particularly cute style.
There were many cute plush toys scattered on the bed and on the floor.
At one glance, she could tell this was a girl’s bedroom.

     “System, transfer the information to me.” After checking out the room, Shi Yin spoke directly.

     The owner of this body, also called Shi Yin, is from a relatively wealthy family, only the relationship between the parents wasn’t harmonious, making quarrels a commonplace, but at least they maintain a fragile balance.
However, this time the parents both cheated and were caught by the other party.
Neither could bear being cuckolded, so divorce ended up as the solution.

     Shi Yin thought, this scene of catching affairs must be extremely exciting.

     In short, the original owner had no reason to stop this fragile marriage, not that she couldn't stop it.
She could only hide inside her room and cry alone.

     While the male and female lead are students in the same class as the original owner, though the original owner has no sense of presence in the original plot, because after her parents divorced, she became quite taciturn.
Her grades plummeted, while she also suffered from depression.
Parents' mutual tossing her around became the last straw that crushed her spirit, and she committed suicide by jumping off the building while her parents weren’t paying attention.

     Shi Yin, who lacks empathy, never felt anything for other people's stories.
Her focus wasn’t here either.
She was thinking, is this girl ordinary-looking, or why didn't she even get a female supporting role?

     Thinking of this, Shi Yin quickly looked in the mirror and breathed a sigh of relief.

     You have to know, although a good-looking face cannot make people invincible, it can indeed make a person do certain things twice as efficiently.
Although most main leads tend to have resistance to female beauty, appreciating beauty is a natural instinct for humans.
What’s more, Shi Yin also wants to have a good-looking face, so that when she looks in the mirror when she is in a bad mood, her mood will immediately turn from bad to good.

     The original owner is not that particularly good-looking type.
She has a slightly round bun face and big yet round eyes.
She should be the lively and cute type, but because of the unhappy family environment since childhood, it made her appear a little bit bitter, like a kitten who has been wandering for a long time, vigilant with everyone and timid.
Generally speaking, it's not the appearance that boys of this age will like, but her same-sex relationship shouldn’t be bad.

     Seeing the structure of this face, Shi Yin immediately decided it would be more convenient to attempt with the female lead.
After all, the system only said the male and female lead had to be separated, but didn’t say she must start with the male party.

     Besides, approaching the male lead can easily arouse the female lead's vigilance and sense of crisis, and even be pointed at by passers-by, but approaching the female lead will not cause these troubles.

     Thinking of this, Shi Yin was even determined of the route she was going to take.
Above all, she didn’t have any experience as a xiao san, while she couldn’t be more experienced in causing trouble?

     She went to the bathroom to wash her face to remove the tightness on her face.
Then, she carefully read through the information left by the system and found the information she wanted before getting ready.

     Shi Yin first went to look through the closet and changed the clothes on her body into one-piece little dinosaur pajamas.
This outfit was bought by the original owner when she was online-shopping, but she only wore it once and never wore it again.
This was because though the clothes were cute, it was inconvenient to go to the bathroom in it.
The long tail behind the butt also made it impossible to lie flat, but it is quite suitable for taking pictures.

     The baggy clothes foil the person to appear even smaller.
Shi Yin took out the curling iron to make her hair a little curly and messy and did an evening skin care for herself.
Only then did she take the paw shoes that matched her pajam

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