“If deliberate proximity can be called coincidence, then coincidence will fill every corner of the world.” He Zhidu leaned close to Jiang Qing’s ear and whispered, “Brother, you don’t need to use such an old-fashioned way to talk to me, just come over directly.”



“It’s not polite to come over directly.” Jiang Qing said.


“Sit down.” He Zhidu moved a seat to Jiang Qing’s side, looked at Ji Yebai behind him, “Do you need me to take care of it?”


“Deal with it?” Jiang Qing asked, “What do you mean?”


“Tied up, dragged into the toilet and beaten, well ……” He Zhidu pondered for a moment, he seemed to be thinking what else should be done, “and then stripped naked, thrown in the downtown street, take away the phone and wallet, and let him fend for himself? ”


“Why do you want to do that?” Jiang Qing asked.


“Don’t such people deserve to die?” He Zhidu’s tone was relaxed, as if he was talking about a trivial matter that wouldn’t hurt, “Such people should stay well in the gutter and never come out into the light.”


Jiang Qing glanced at Ji Yebai, the other still had no intention of leaving, he withdrew his gaze again and shrugged indifferently, “You’re right, but isn’t it too harsh? This is in contrast to the way you treated that scum last time, you can simply call it a spring breeze.”


“Brother.” He Zhidu said, “You’re different.”


He Zhidu’s eyes were sincere, without any hint of adulteration.


Jiang Qing gave him a look and asked, “Are you really a fan of mine?”


“Of course.” He Zhidu said, “The real thing.”


Although he said this, Jiang Qing still didn’t believe it.



“Thank you for liking me, but there is no need to deal with it, that person is my friend.” Jiang Qing said, “He’s just a fool, you don’t need to put him in mind.”


“Okay, that’s good.”


For some reason, it was clearly an affirmative sentence, but Jiang Qing heard some regret in his tone.


“Drinking?” He Zhidu asked.


“Yes, I’m here, so there’s no reason not to drink.”


“Wait for me for a while.”


He Zhidu didn’t directly get wine on the table, but got up and left the card table, his back gradually disappeared in the crowd.


Jiang Qing looked behind him, Ji Yebai left at some point, he withdrew his gaze, took out his phone from his pocket and tapped on a boring single-player game.


The signal in the bar wasn’t good, and could only support the single-player game.


“Hello.” Someone beside him gently poked him on the shoulder.


Jiang Qing turned his head to look, poking him was a girl in revealing clothes, wearing heavy makeup, he politely said: “Hello.”


“Cr-ap I’m not mistaken, right?” The girl asked rhetorically, “Are you …… you are Jiang Qing?”


“No, I just look like him.” Jiang Qing said.


“How is that possible?” The girl said, “how can you look so similar, right? Gosh you are too handsome in real life, you look 10,000 times better than on TV, brother, I super like you.”


“Is that so?” Jiang Qing asked rhetorically, “I thank you for Jiang Qing.”


“Mmm! Mmm! Whatever you say.” The girl said, “Do you and He Zhidu know each other?”


“He Zhidu?”


“The one you were talking to.”


“No.” Jiang Qing hooked up the corners of his mouth and gave a smile, “Seeing that he was handsome, I wanted to buy him a drink.”


“You really don’t know?” The girl asked again rhetorically.


“Why should I lie to you?”


“Then do you know what kind of person he is?”


“I just met him for the first time, how could I know what kind of person he is?” Jiang Qing looked at the girl, a trace of playfulness flashed in his eyes, “Aren’t you his friend?”


“Yes.” The girl said, “If you really knew what kind of person he was, you wouldn’t have gotten so close to him.”


“How so?”


“I’m only talking to you because you look like my idol.” The girl said, “He Zhidu, he is a mad dog, who bites whoever he catches.
It’s okay to drink in a peaceful manner, but when he’s in a bad mood, everyone suffers.”


“So dangerous, yet you still came, you must be really ……” Jiang Qing lowered his voice, “good friends.”



The girl waved her hand, “I’m not done yet, listen to me first.”





“He is very philandering, both men and women, he relies on his face to cheat everywhere, yet he won’t take responsibilities, before he also wanted to lay hands on me, at that time I had someone, good thing he wasn’t so heartless, so we became friends.” The girl said, “So brother, you must be careful, if he hands you wine, it is best not to drink.”




“Well, in fact, I can still say a bunch, but I guess he will be back soon, we can add each other on weibo? I’ll tell you slowly if you have anything of interest.”


“But, I don’t like to listen to people make up stories, what do you think?”


“I didn’t make it up!” The girl said sharply, pointing to the others on the table, “Ask them if you don’t believe me, they all know what kind of virtue He Zhidu has.”


“It doesn’t matter what his virtues are, but his vision ……” Jiang Qing stretched his voice and turned his eyes on the girl’s body, “It’s not so bad, right?”


The girl paused for a moment, still wanted to say something, but she suddenly saw the figure coming from afar, and silently held back the words.


He Zhidu came late, approached and asked, “What are you guys talking about?”


“Brother Du.” The girl changed her expression, as if she wasn’t the one who was just talking behind his back, “You’re back?”



Jiang Qing quietly looked at her, and didn’t expose her.


He just thought it was a bit funny.
Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together, and how could a playwright’s friend be just a simple passerby?


“You’re slow.” Jiang Qing chided.


“It took some time to get the wine.” He Zhidu lifted the two bottles of wine in his hand and waved them in front of their eyes, one bottle was red wine and one bottle was foreign wine, any bottle could be taken out for a banquet for the highest VIPs, the price was extremely expensive.




He Zhidu didn’t sit in his original seat, but walked to the girl, “Get out of the way.”


The girl’s expression changed slightly and she hurriedly got up to make way, “Brother Du, after you.”


“Stay away from my guests in the future.” He Zhidu whispered, “Got it?”


After saying that, he turned his head to Jiang Qing and smiled then raised the two bottles of wine in his hand, “Brother, which bottle do you want to drink?”


“Either one.”



He Zhidu didn’t ask more questions, he opened both bottles of wine, took a clean cup from the table, mixed and poured them together, and then handed the glass to Jiang Qing after pouring the wine.


The red wine was low in degree, the foreign wine was high in degree, the highlands were mixed together, it was easy to get intoxicated than drinking foreign wine alone.


Jiang Qing didn’t reach out to receive it, but said, “Mr He, I didn’t say anything, yet you mixed wine for me, is not this harming me?”


“Try it.”



He Zhidu’s hand didn’t move, it remained in mid-air, Jiang Qing took the wine and gently took a sip, the strong and fresh flavor mix spread in his mouth, the spicy of the foreign wine was neutralized by the sweetness of the grapes, the taste was mellow and sweet, it was unexpectedly easy to drink.


“How is it?” He Zhidu asked, “Isn’t it delicious?”




“Then these two bottles are for brother.” He Zhidu opened another bottle of wine from the table and poured, “I’ll drink this.”


“Let’s drink together.”


“No.” He Zhidu refused quickly, “These two bottles of wine are my collection, it’s very expensive, only reserved for noble people to drink, I can’t drink them myself.”


Jiang Qing didn’t push back anymore, he raised his cup and toasted in He Zhidu’s direction and drank it all.


They didn’t say a lot of words, but drank a lot of wine, and in the end Jiang Qing was a little sleepy, leaning against the wall behind him and closed his eyes.


He heard He Zhidu talking to the people around him, He Zhidu also drank a lot of wine, but now his voice was still clear, he couldn’t hear the slightest drunkenness.


“Brother Du, you are really ruthless, you dared to give the big star so much wine, want us to deal with it like usual?”




To tie him up, drag him into the toilet and beat him up, then strip him naked and throw him on the street in the city center to fend for himself?



“It’s not good to send it to a hotel, right? Jiang Qing is so popular, in case it is photographed, won’t it be quite troublesome?”


So it wasn’t that treatment.


“How about I take him to my house first?”


That person should dream on, unless it was to go to He Zhidu’s house.


“I’ll do it.”


Jiang Qing suddenly felt someone approaching him, then he bent down to pull out the phone from the pocket of his clothes, he slowly opened his eyes and saw He Zhidu in front of him, “If you dare to put me in the hands of others, I’ll ……”


“Then what?” He Zhidu asked him.


“Just,” Jiang Qing said, “expel you from the fan membership and never see you again.”


“Then that’s too terrible, I don’t dare to give you to anyone else.” He Zhidu put the phone in front of his eyes, “Unlock it.”


Jiang Qing lazily pressed the fingerprint, “Count on your good sense.”



After unlocking the screen, He Zhidu sent a text message to the first person he recently spoke to and asked for Jiang Qing’s address before returning the phone to him.


When he left, he also carefully helped Jiang Qing put on his mask and hat before helping him to the parking lot, putting Jiang Qing firmly in the passenger seat and sitting in the driver’s seat himself.



Jiang Qing saw He Zhidu help him buckle his seat belt and insert the key into the keyhole, he frowned and asked, “Where is the driver?”




“?” Jiang Qing didn’t understand, “What do you mean no?”


He Zhidu didn’t answer him, replaced by the sound of starting the throttle.



“Is there no signal in the parking lot and you have to go to the highway to call one?” Jiang Qing lazily said, “A few days ago I read the news, there were two young people like us, they didn’t call a good chauffeur in advance, and was stopped by the traffic police.”


The car drove very fast, in not much time they arrived on the highway outside the parking lot.


Only He Zhidu seemed to have no intention of stopping at all, he suddenly stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, the sudden acceleration made Jiang Qing subconsciously lean back.


“What are you doing?”


Jiang Qing said.


He Zhidu still ignored him, when Jiang Qing intended to say something again, he stepped on the gas pedal with one foot, the car abruptly stopped in front of a tree, a few centimeters closer, to hit this tree.


Jiang Qing still didn’t move: “Want to pull me together to die?”


“Go down.” He Zhidu said.


Jiang Qing tilted his head and looked at him, as if waiting for an explanation.


“I’m not pulling you along to die.” He Zhidu said easily, as if he was stating a trivial matter of no importance.



“They should have told you that I am crazy, crazy people do these kind of things, is it hard to understand?” He Zhidu suddenly laughed, “Jiang Qing, I’ll give you the opportunity to go down.”


The trees in front swayed, He Zhidu was shrouded in a shadow, he couldn’t see the expression clearly, but he seemed despondent.


Jiang Qing looked at him and somehow felt that this was the closest to He Zhidu’s true emotions.




This was a very subtle word.


“Thank you for the great show you invited me to see.”


When Jiang Qing opened his eyes again, the daze at the bottom of his eyes dispersed as much as possible, leaving only a clear vision.


“I don’t want this chance, just drive.”


He Zhidu also looked at him, his eyes became deep: “You’re not afraid of death?”


“Of course I’m afraid.” Jiang Qing said, “But with a great beauty like you accompanying me, I’m not at a loss.”


“Then you’d better not regret it.”


He Zhidu smiled, then quickly withdrew it, he started the car, this time he drove very steady, no sudden racing, and no sudden braking, in fact, his driving skills were good, it just depended on what he wanted to do.


“No more teasing me?”


“The fun of teasing people is the fear of the other party, if you are not afraid, then there is no point.”


“That’s right.”


He thought they could drive smoothly all the way through, but he didn’t expect to be stopped by the traffic police when he got to the neighborhood.
When the window was opened, the alcohol fumes in the car dissipated, so strong that people couldn’t ignore it.
He Zhidu also got off the car.


Jiang Qing just watched quietly.


He Zhidu went out for a long time, at least it felt long to Jiang Qing.


When the other came back, Jiang Qing just narrowed his eyes and didn’t bother to ask him anything.



The car slowly drove into the neighborhood, He Zhidu parked the car at the curb, looked at Jiang Qing, got out of the car, walked around the front of the car, walked to the passenger side and opened the door.


He bent down close to Jiang Qing and when he touched the seat belt, Jiang Qing suddenly opened his eyes and gazed at him calmly.


“From what time did it start?”


He Zhidu pressed the button of the seat belt, the seat belt on Jiang Qing abruptly retracted, and the distance between them seemed to be a few points closer.


“What are you talking about?” He Zhidu asked him.



“You know what I’m talking about.”


He Zhidu didn’t drink at all, not only when he was with him, but even before he came, otherwise they should be at the Public Security Bureau now, instead of chattering on the street properly.


Jiang Qing couldn’t figure it out.
His appearance by He Zhidu’s side was just a coincidence, and the other couldn’t have expected it from the beginning and changed the wine into juice of the same color.


Even if it could be expected, what was the point of doing so?


He Zhidu smiled, and the light outside the window reflected through the glass to his face.
His eyes were extremely beautiful, with a slender shape and a slightly curved tail.
When they were raised, they always seemed to contain a smile, with an indescribable feeling.

“Brother.” He said, “It’s just a simple little game, why take it to heart?”



“I told you, I’m your fan, so how could I harm you?”

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