A girl was hidden in the corner of the alley, her hair was messy and her clothes were untidy, she was shaking uncontrollably.



The other man, with blurry eyes, was covered by the smell of alcohol.


With a glance, it was obvious what happened.


“Passersby don’t have the habit of helping scum out.”



Jiang Qing rounded the corner, stopped at the edge of the street lamp, leaned on the pillar behind him, slowly hiked up his hand, neither with the inclination to strike, nor the intention to leave, he just stood there.


“Please continue.”


“Obviously,” He Zhidu raised his hand and touched the back of it, “the fight is over.”




“Why are you still standing?” He Zhidu asked him, “Want to fight me too?”


“I can’t fight.” Jiang Qing raised his hands, his demeanor was casual, and his words were also casual, but it was clear that this casualness seemed out of place on this occasion.



“Then you ……” He Zhidu hadn’t finished, the man who was beaten suddenly stood up, the target wasn’t them, but the girl in the corner.



Jiang Qing was stunned for a moment, and his body didn’t have time to react, but his sight caught the knife in the man’s hand.


The girl had been secretly watching them, but she didn’t have time to react, she subconsciously screamed.


Seeing the man getting closer to her, time slowed down.


Jiang Qing only felt a white light flash before his eyes, the man’s knife fell to the ground, he fell to ground screaming Ashe clutched his bleeding wrist.


He went closer and saw that on the other side of the fence, there was a sharp knife inserted.


He wondered when He Zhidu took it out.



“Nice knife trick, friend.” Jiang Qing seriously appreciated.


He Zhidu looked at the man on the ground with disgust, walked to the fence and pulled the knife off, then he gently squeezed it, and said in a cold voice: “Dirty.”


The knife blade was still stained with beads of blood, falling one by one.



He gently threw the knife close to the trash can, and said to the man from a commanding position: “Every strike originally avoided the key parts, which only made you hurt terribly, but was just superficial wounds.”



“Now that it’s sorted, I have to write a statement.” He smiled faintly, “How can I settle this account?”



He thought for a moment, “One word, one cut, OK?”


He Zhidu seemed to be seriously asking the other a question.
But who would answer this question?



Jiang Qing gave He Zhidu a deep look, he was clearly smiling, yet he made people feel cold.



The man really felt intimidated this time, he covered his wrist, his body trembled as he subconsciously took a few steps backward: “You …… don’t come over.”


“Just kidding.”


He Zhidu laughed and the dark aura on him dissipated.



“What are you so afraid of? This is a lawful society, I am a good citizen who obeys the law, I don’t like fighting.”


Jiang Qing: “………”


“Right?” He Zhidu suddenly turned around, “Brother.”


He Zhidu changed personalities too quickly, it was so fast that Jiang Qing couldn’t react: “Huh?”


Then his head felt empty, and the light of the street lamp shone into his eyes from top to bottom.
Then he realized that He Zhidu took off his hat and walked to the corner of the alley to put it on the girl.
After putting it on, he took off his coat and put it on the girl.


“Girls must protect themselves when they are outside.”


His voice was gentle, it didn’t seem to be the same person.


This man was really capable of acting.



The girl cried as if she had completely recovered.



He Zhidu didn’t stay by her side, but walked back to the distance and asked, “Did you call the police?”


Jiang Qing frowned at him: “What did you just call me?”



“Brother.” He Zhidu called out again.



Jiang Qing:?


“Brother Jiang Qing.” He Zhidu lowered his voice, “I’m your fan.”


Jiang Qing gave He Zhidu a complicated look, he’d be stupid if he believed him.


At this time the sound of a siren rang out at the entrance of the alley, Jiang Qing had called the police shortly after arriving.


Before the police arrived, He Zhidu pulled out a mask from his pocket and handed it to him, “It’s new.”


Jiang Qing looked at him, then silently took the mask and put it on: “Thanks.”



Before leaving, He Zhidu suddenly gave him a gentleman’s salute: “I’m honored.”


“Honored to meet me?”


Jiang Qing said without the slightest shame.


“There is that.” He Zhidu said, “It’s also an honor to be an accomplice with you.”


Jiang Qing raised his eyebrows.


He didn’t go home until everything was settled, and it was very late when he got home.


Jiang Qing had slept for some time in the evening and didn’t feel sleepy now, but he hadn’t eaten anything else all night except for drinking and eating a few plates of snacks, and he was now a little hungry.


He opened the refrigerator and took a look, there were only a few bottles of pure water, he took out his phone and looked around, and found that there was no suitable restaurant about.


After some tossing and turning, he didn’t bother to eat.


Anyway, he was hungry, not starving to death.


A few days passed in this way.
Jiang Qing didn’t know exactly how long it was.
It was a sunny morning when he saw Xiao Zhou again.



“Brother Jiang, Sister Lin picked up some scripts and asked me to bring them to you.
Which one are you interested in?” Xiao Zhou stood at the door.
Seeing that Jiang Qing hadn’t taken the scripts, he looked up.


Jiang Qing was dressed in a loose hoodie, his head slightly leaned against the door edge, his dark eyes were deep, his face wasn’t very good, and he seemed a little decadent.



“Didn’t you sleep well? I’ll come over this afternoon so you can go to bed first.”


Jiang Qing shook his head: “Come in.”


Xiaoz Zhou didn’t say too much, he followed Jiang Qing’s pace and went in.


His clothes were loose, it wasn’t obvious at the door, but as he looked at Jiang Qing’s back, he felt that the other had lost a lot of weight again.


After arriving at the living room, Xiao Zhou seriously surveyed the apartment, the living room was still not much different from his last visit, still big and somewhat empty, even the garbage was empty.


As Jiang Qing’s life assistant, he knew his living habits.


Most of the time, Jiang Qing wasn’t like a star at all, and his quality of life wasn’t even better than that of ordinary people.



He would say that he was lazy, but he exercised every day.
He exercised every day, but he was unwilling to go out of the community to get takeout.
He was also too lazy to cook.
He ate one meal at a time.
It was also a common thing to mostly eat noodles.
Xiao Zhou often worried that he would starve to death at home.



He didn’t want to be disturbed and hated anyone invading his private territory.


It was OK to talk about work, but not about life.


Xiao Zhou sighed: “Brother Jiang.”



“Don’t sigh, if you don’t have something to say, leave quickly and go on vacation.” Jiang Qing retorted.


Xiao Zhou sighed again before spreading out the scripts he brought on the coffee table, “Three scripts were sent this time, two movies and a TV series, the movies, one has a police theme, the other has a medical theme, the TV series is an ancient style drama and the production crew are very good.”



“Sister Lin is more inclined to that medical drama, but it depends on your choice, brother.”


“I’ll get back to Sister Lin when I think about it.”


“Okay.” Xiao Zhou said, “Do you need me to do anything else for you?”



Jiang Qing shook his head.



After talking about work, Xiao Zhou finally caught a free moment to nag: “Brother, you should rest, remember to eat on time, don’t always stay up late playing games, go out for a walk, don’t always stay at home ……”


“Okay Mom Zhou, I know, have a good vacation.”


“Mmm ……”


Xiao Zhou fondly left, after he left, Jiang Qing just turned the script on the coffee table and read it for a while, looked at it and fell asleep on the sofa.



When he woke up, the room was dark, he touched his phone according to his memory and clicked on it to take a look.




This sleep was long, long enough that his body felt a little sore.



In addition to the time, there were many missed calls, a large part was from Ji Yebai, from 7:00 p.m.
until now.



Jiang Qing unlocked the lock screen and saw the message sent to him by Ji Yebai.



[Brother Jiang, someone blocked me in PlayMuse, come quickly.]



Probably because he just woke up, his brain hadn’t yet turned, if he thought about it a little, how could Ji Yebai be blocked in PLAYMUSE?


That was almost as big as the chance of him eating on time.



Jiang Qing quickly arrived at the PM and saw Ji Yebai and the group of girls around him, he instantly understood everything.



When Ji Yebai saw him, he immediately got up to greet him, “Brother Jiang, I knew you were righteous.”



“Is this what you mean by being blocked?” Jiang Qing looked around, except for Ji Yebai and him, almost all of them were pretty girls.



“I’ve been blocked for a long time.” Ji Yebai said with a smile, “I was recently chasing someone, and then she and her little sister knew that I knew you, and they wanted me to bring you here to play, so I couldn’t help it?”



Jiang Qing said, “Then you should have told me in advance.”


“Then would you still come?”




No matter what you say, you won’t.


“Just think of it as making friends, these ladies are nice and pretty, you might meet someone you like.”



“Then do I have to thank you?” Jiang Qing asked.


“No thanks needed, we are brothers.”



Jiang Qing felt that he was like a monk who had mistakenly entered the Pansi Cave, and there were a bunch of unpredictable goblins in the cave, or the carnivorous kind.



During his vacation period, he refused to socialize in every sense.



Usually, they would book a box on the second floor of the party, but today’s booking was on the first floor.



Jiang Qing suddenly thought of something and looked in the other direction.


But the hall was dimly lit, nothing could be seen clearly.



“Brother, my dearest brother Jiang, stay with me for a while today, one hour, one hour then you can leave immediately.” Ji Yebai said, “Can you?”

No way.


“Actually, I’m meeting another friend today.” Jiang Qing pretended to be embarrassed, “There’s no way I can stay here with you for so long.”


“What friend?”



“I just met him a few days ago.” Jiang Qing said, “You know, since we just met, our relationship isn’t like us, it’s not good to cancel.”



“Really?” Ji Yebai asked, “Brother, you just want to escape.”


“How can it be?”



Jiang Qing walked in the direction he vaguely remembered, Ji Yebai didn’t believe, and kept following him.



He was also not sure the person was still there, if not, then he’d walk to the back and run, if he was, then he could pretend to get rid of Ji Yebai.


“You’re not going to stay with the person you’re chasing?” He walked along.



Ji Yebai followed suit: “Of course not, brother is more important.”





As soon as he got to the door, Jiang Yi saw the best looking person in the crowd far away.
He suddenly turned around and walked in that direction.
When he got to the man, he stopped.



The environment of the bar was noisy, so you needed to be close enough to be heard clearly.



He Zhidu held a glass of wine and felt the light in front of him turn black.
Suddenly, an extremely beautiful face came into his eyes.


The other’s hair on his face was thin and itchy.



He Zhidu looked up and saw that his eyes were slightly hooked.
In the ambiguous light and shadow, he was affectionate but cold.



“What a coincidence.” His voice was soft and playful, with a lilt at the end.
“Little fan~.”

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