“Haaah…bread is good…soup is good…”


Inside a dark prison.

I ate the simple meal that was served with my eyes shining like a dog wagging its tail.


“Because of the Divine Circlet, it was so painful that I couldn’t even taste the rice.
After all, the bread in the castle is delicious even if it’s hard.”


When I muttered so, I tasted the soup deeply.

This is also slowly simmered, and the umami of the vegetables is oozing out, and it’s really delicious.


It’s also good to dip hard bread and eat it.


“For the past week, the soup has changed every day, and that alone is the best~” 

A week has passed in the blink of an eye since the engagement annulment uproar. 

Because I had been busy as a saint until now, my life in prison was relaxing and unexpectedly comfortable.
The rice is delicious, and I don’t complain even when I’m sleeping.
Well, the lack of circlets might be the biggest reason. 


Let me explain a little about myself here. 

It’s a saint, or a sacred forehead ornament (Divine Circlet).


First of all, my name is Presea. 

The saint of this country. 

My job is to create a barrier between the demon world and the human world. 

Wel, I finally got fired due to the turmoil over the annulment of my engagement the other day. 


I was estimated to be five years old when I was chosen as a saint. 

The estimated 5 years old is because I’m an orphan and don’t really know my birthday. 

The director of the orphanage gave me an irreplaceable and precious name, Presea, and my birthday too. 

Although I was an orphan, I lived happily in my own way at an orphanage.


But one day, priests came from the royal capital and said, “You are the saint of this generation.” 

Surprisingly, it seems that the temple has been told that I am a saint. 


The country of Oracion has long been plagued by the miasma of the demon world. 

The demon world is a world inhabited by ferocious demons who possess magical power. 

The human world and the demon world do not exist on the same world line.
However, it is said that it is a world that exists in pairs, like the front and back.


In such a demon world, like the air in the human world, there seems to be something called “miasma”.
When it enters the human world, animals become ferocious and become magical beasts, and it has a bad effect on the human body, causing conflicts and criminals to increase.
In order to stop such a miasma, there is an existence called “Saint”.


Saints are loved by gods and can use the power called ‘Holy Power’ to exercise the ‘authority’ given to them by gods.

The powers of a saint are “to give healing” and “to create a barrier”.

In other words, I can cure physical injuries and illnesses, put up a barrier between the demon world and the human world, and stop the miasma.


And in order to protect such saints and keep them connected to the country of Oracion, it has become the custom of this country for generations of kings and saints to marry.


I was no exception, and when I was 5 years old, I went up to the temple, and since I was 7 years old, I inherited the responsibility of maintaining the country’s barrier from the former saint, the queen.

She was a weak queen, and she became fragile at a young age.

From that day on, I became the saint who maintains the barrier, and became the fiancé of the Crown Prince, His Highness Elder.

Thanks to my training at the temple, I was able to maintain the barrier without a hitch. 


However, I had two big problems.

The first one.
That I had an enormous amount of latent “magical power”.
“Magical power” is the filthy energy hidden within demons.

Holy power and magical power seem to have an opposite relationship. 


Therefore, when wearing a Divine Circlet that amplifies the power of the saint, the magical power within my body repels it, causing severe pain to continue running through my body.

Even so, a saint must wear it.

The Divine Circlet is proof that you are a saint, and at the same time it amplifies your holy power to maintain the barrier.

That’s why I suffered from circlet pain for years.


And the second problem.

That was because I had not received the support of the nobles in general, including the crown prince.

This was due to my origin as an orphan and my high magical power.

In the Oracion Country, if you have high magical power, you will be hated as a potential criminal, and in the worst case you will be put in a prison camp or executed.

Those with magical powers can perform the dirty spell of magic, so many of the people are afraid of people with magical powers.


On top of that, if the magical power is high, the color of the hair and eyes will be different from that of ordinary people, so it will be found out immediately.

In my case, my hair is a golden color that sparkles like scattered jewels.
It’s a little strange at this point, but the color of the eyes was

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