Chapter 3 – 1982 Lafite – The Domineering President And His Stupid Friends

“So, you’re showing off your money to them again?” Jiang Junchen frowned solemnly while drinking plain water in the small private room of the bar.
He said to Jiang Che, “Your 1982 Lafite is a bit bland.

“You’re crazy!” Jiang Che grabbed his collar, his eyes were swollen from crying, and he shouted in a hoarse voice, “The virginity Laozi has protected for 30 years has been taken from someone! You still dare to talk about the flavour of the 1982 Lafite!”

“Who told you to tease him? You tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing rice [1].” Jiang Junchen put down the boiled water in his hands and wiped his face that was drowned by Jiang Che’s saliva.
“If you wanna tease him, then tease him, but you turned the lights down so dimly, are you not aware you’re face blind? Now that he’s gone, it’s pointless for you to tell me.”

“When Laozi catches him, I’ll make sure he kneels down and kowtow to me!” The more Jiang Che said, the more upset he got.
He lit a cigarette for himself, and fiercely took a puff.
“It’s that bastard Yi Wentao, he said the flirtatious words Laozi said were a bluff, he even asked me if I was a virgin?!”

“What’s wrong with being a virgin? Does Laozi not want his face anymore?”

“So you went to a bar to tease a little wolf?”

“What little wolf, he obviously looked like a little milk dog, he even had a milky scent on him, who would’ve known…” Speaking of this Jiang Che’s heart felt uneasy, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Hmph, he became a completely different person after taking a sip of wine.”

President, you’re this old now, can you be a bit more stable? Let’s avoid this promiscuous debt.” Jiang Junchen continued to taste the plain water on the table, wondering if the 1982 Lafite was expired.

“Hmph, if I was a bit more stable would I have not been fucked?”

A cigarette hung from Jiang Che’s mouth, he continued to lie on the sofa in a drunken, dreamy state.

“Laozi turned from a 1 to a 0! [2] Even discounts aren’t this harsh!”

Last night was a day before Jiang Che’s 30th birthday.
He gathered a group of rich children to celebrate his birthday in the night club.
They opened several bottles of Remy Martin and Hennessy.
The women accompanied their masters, and heard someone ask Jiang Che to say something romantic.

Jiang Che boasted about being charming and elegant, which can be called, “passing through a myriad of flowers without touching the leaves.” At this moment, the beautiful women started chatting and talking with each other, believing his words.
Only Jiang Che knew he was still a virgin, the more he talked the more his heart hurt.

At halftime, Jiang Che had a few drinks and was eager to go to the restroom to take a nap.
When he came out, he saw Yi Wentao standing in the corner of the corridor, blocking him, “Jiang Che, we haven’t seen each other for such a long time, do you not have anything to say to me?”

“What can I say to you?”

Jiang Che sighed internally.
He didn’t want to invite the plague god, but his mother’s hands shook when she sent the message, and ended up shaking him over.

“Jiang Che,” Yi Wentao reached out his hands, and cornered Jiang Che, “You’re playing with fire.”

“… You are ill.”

Jiang Che looked down at him and said, “I told you to stop reading the president’s articles that only little girls read, you still don’t listen.
You’re shorter than me, but you still don’t listen to me, you are shameless.”

“‘I’m only 2 centimetres shorter than you, is it necessary to be like this? Also, I don’t allow you to slander my preferences.” He withdrew his hands and leaned on the railing, “To be honest, although you speak extravagantly, I think you’re just a brat that has never slept with anyone before.”

“Shit, you’re just jealous of me!”

Aiya! Jiang Che became angry with embarrassment, he stood up, paying and leaving to go to the bar.

For his 30th birthday, he wants to give himself a birthday present which is to find someone for a one night stand.

Right! He’s going to have a one night stand today and get rid of the title of a virgin!

He thought that way last night, but in the end, his birthday gift was just a bomb for himself.


“Fuck,” Jiang Junchen was so scared by Jiang Che he choked on his boiled water, “You scared Laozi!”

Jiang Che held Jing Junchen’s shoulder and shook it, “I can’t do this anymore, the anger in my heart is piling up.”

“You’re going to be able to unrestrain your powers, right?”

“Quickly let me face it head-on, I can’t take this anymore, if this continues, I’m going to go crazy! I can’t bear this grievance!”

“You’re insane,” Jiang Junchen said with great strength, throwing Jiang Che onto the ground with a flick of his hand.
“You’re sick, I don’t have any medicine.”

“The world is all dark, all the milk dogs are fake.” Jiang Che fell onto the ground and cursed the heavens, “Why is it so hard for Laozi to stop being a virgin! Damn it! Even the old heavens admire my beauty.”

“In a sense,” Jiang Junchen glanced at Jiang Che on the ground, “You’re not a virgin anymore.”

“Fuck off!” Jiang Che picked up the wine bottle on the table and took a sip.
“Don’t think about drinking my 1982 Lafite, you stinky thing that has no sense of brotherhood.”

“… I understand, this isn’t 1982 Lafite, this is actually mouthwash by 1982, right?”

“Puff… Ouch–”



[1] Having a plan backfire, you tried to gain something, but you lost it

[2] An internet slang where 1 means top and 0 means bottom

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