Chapter 2 – Stupid Dog! Don’t Call Me Gay!

For a moment, Jiang Che felt as if he could see his tail wagging behind him.
He felt guilty about bullying him later, so he couldn’t help but rub his hair and say, “So good, so good” [1]

Lin Ji lowered her head and let him touch her, his ears burning.

The two went to the private room.
Jiang Che purposefully turned down the light in the private room and opened a Rémy Martin for him.
Jiang Che felt that the little guy needed some wine to strengthen his courage, as did he.

“I can’t drink,” Lin Ji waved his hand, in order to convince Jiang Che, he furiously shook his head, “Really can’t.”

“What will happen if you drink?” Jiang Che still poured a glass and tasted it himself.

“My older brother said I’ll get drunk, so I can’t drink.”

Getting drunk is even better.
How can I bully you if I’m not drunk? Jiang Che’s heart was pounding, and he moved a little closer.
His legs were intentionally pressed against his legs, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his voice was seductive and magnetic.
“It’s okay to drink a little,” he said.
“Just now I heard your friend say you’re all graduating from college, if you’ve never drunk before and you go out into society, aren’t you making a fool of yourself? Gege has walked this path before, I know more than you.
Hmm? Drink some?”

Lin Ji felt Jiang Che’s body temperature and thought of something.
Suddenly, his face turned red and his Adam’s apple rolled.
After hesitating for a while, he nodded and said, “Well, then I can drink a little.”

He was unexpectedly obedient, like a puppy.
Jiang Che wanted to tease him even more.
After taking a sip, he suddenly grabbed Lin Ji’s head and kissed him, giving him a mouthful of wine.

“Wu…” Lin Ji still didn’t know how to kiss, he couldn’t even breathe, the alcohol in his mouth was spreading numbly, his face turning red after a while.

Jiang Che thought it was a good opportunity to push the boat along the river [2] and immediately threw him down.
He was still thinking about how to appease Lin Ji, but after a while, the little milk dog under him was even more anxious than himself, and his hands were already irregularly touching his legs.
The young man was full of energy.

“Don’t rush, take your time.” He smiled smugly as he was about to get rid of his virginity tonight.
Jiang Che was overjoyed and his pride was evident.

He smiled smugly, he kissed.
After tonight he was going to get rid of his virginity.
Jiang Che was overjoyed and his pride was evident.

“The night is so long, I can do any posture you want, I fell in love with you at first sight.”

Jiang Che was stunned, before the excitement progress bar was full, he was stunned by Lin Ji.

Wait a moment, who was talking just now?

He looked down and saw the man beneath him with a mischievous smile and a slight tilt in the corners of his mouth.
His eyes shone with a dangerous light, and in the darkness, Jiang Che seemed to see his own figure reflected in his pupils.
Because he was young, he had clear black and white eyes that looked like they were about to eat him.
This Lin Ji was completely different from the little milk dog from just now, did drinking change his personality? Is this why he can’t drink alcohol?

Jiang Che came back to his senses and realised that he had been pinned down by Lin Ji.
His unsatisfied expression was full of provocation and impatience.

“Wait a second, wait a second.” Jiang Che panicked, this was out of line with the plot.

“What are you waiting for? Isn’t this what you want?” Lin Ji began to unbuckle Jiang Che’s belt and casually touched his butt.
“You legs are so beautiful, I really like them.
You’re the most handsome person I’ve ever seen.”

“I know I am a jade tree facing the wind [3], charming and handsome, with a beautiful appearance like Pan An [4]!” Jiang Che pushed him, only to find that their strength was vastly different.
He wanted to cry but he couldn’t.
“But I don’t want to be anal! Stupid dog! Let go of me!”

“It’s too late babe,” Lin Ji said in a flirtatious tone, his eyes narrowing slightly, carrying a wolf-life feeling.
He grabbed Jiang Che’s ankle, reached into his pants, and wrapped his fingers around his calf.
“You provoked me first… How can you be allowed to withdraw now?”

“Wu…… Fuck! Don’t gay me!”

The alarm for 12 o’clock rang, marking Jiang Che’s 30th birthday.
It was at this age, Jiang Che did something he deeply regretted.
He had never been this upset since he was born.

Ever since he was an ignorant teenager, he knew that he was a man who could attract both men women, however he always thought he was gong. 

Even though he is a thirty year old virgin, he still firmly believes that he can only tease others, however, on the day he turned thirty, the belief that he was gong completely collapsed.


Jiang Che thought he had a nightmare.
The next day he woke up to find himself lying in a private room in the bar with messy clothes.
The stupid dog that deceived him had already died to who knows where.
Because the lights were dim the entire time, he couldn’t see the other person’s face clearly, and couldn’t remember him.

“Fuck! Angered Lao Zi [5] to death!” He lifted his legs and kicked the glass table, trembling with anger.
Because he used too much force, his back hurt so much he had to grit his teeth.

It was at this moment, there was a sharp sound of fabric tearing.
He looked at his pants and saw that they were torn in half, and his shirt wasn’t on his body.
He was only wearing a suit jacket on his upper body, wearing nothing inside.
The black socks he was originally wearing were pulled up to his calves, now, they were pulled down to his angles, and both his legs were covered in red tooth marks.

Someone pushed the door open to clean the private room and saw Jiang Che in his tattered clothes, his suit wide open revealing his snow-white stomach and the appearance of kiss marks all over his body.
They couldn’t help but sigh.
President Jiang truly was flirtatious, all the rumours were true.

Who would’ve thought that Jiang Che was still a little virgin before this.

“President Jiang, your clothes…”

“What are you looking at!” He yelled, thinking that person was laughing at him, “This is Armani’s newest piece! Damn it, a bumpkin that has never seen the world!”

After Jiang Che shooed away the cleaners, he started searching for shirts in the box.
He even turned the sofa upside down but he still couldn’t find his shirt.

It’s so strange, can clothes grow legs and run away?

What bad luck!


[1] it’s actually along the lines of so obedient so obedient but that just sounds weird to me

[2] an idiom that means to act according to the situation

[3] another idiom that is used to describe men to be extraordinarily talented and good looking

[4] a famous handsome man in ancient times.
Pan An is often used to compare people to him, e.g.
“He’s like Pan An reincarnated!”

[5] Used to refer to oneself as someone highly

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