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The two of them were left facing each other at the door.

“Here… it’s more convenient to go to school.” Jiang Wang wasn’t very good at talking to such people alone.

If he met a ruffian, a gangster, or a customer’s acting superior, he could come at them hard and oily.

However, Teacher Ji was gentle and clear, this was not within his scope of experience.

Teacher Ji first took a look at the living room that hadn’t been properly cleaned yet, holding a book in one hand, he helped remove a poster that had not been taken down with his other hand, and casually said, “Smoke.”

Jiang Wang suddenly felt guilty.

He rarely felt this way.
How many years has it been since he graduated, how could he still seem to be a student standing in front of this person.

The man stepped forward and rushed to work, he touched his nose with his fingers stained with wall ash, and incidentally gave himself a flowery face.[2]

“I seldom smoke, I’m not addicted.”

Teacher Ji gave a snort, and swept his yellowed knuckles at the end of his eyes.

Jiang Wang shook his hands twice, and simply turned both hands back, “It’s just that there have been too many things to worry about recently…”

Teacher Ji laughed.

He smiled, as if everything had been forgiven, but he would still continue to observe.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“I ate a bowl of fried noodles just now, so I’m not hungry.”

“I stewed mushrooms and chicken soup for lunch.
Can I bring you a tube?”

Jiang Wang swallowed his saliva, his mind already preparing an answer, ‘No need, but I appreciate your offer.’

But a villain came out of his heart and said that they really wanted to drink the soup made by the teacher.

Peng Xingwang popped out of the bedroom, “What! Teacher, you can even make soup! I am so hungry!!!”

Jiang Wang turned his head and replied back fiercely, “You can eat tonight!”

“But I feel hungry now!”

“Wait a moment.” Teacher Ji waved his hand and went upstairs to get them hot soup.

Jiang Wang waited for Teacher Ji to leave before glaring at the child.
The latter stared back, “If you don’t drink, I’ll have to drink two bowls!”

Once again, he felt extremely irritated with himself.

The house had a small area and the wallpaper was quickly put up.

Under the watchful eye of Teacher Ji, one adult and one child washed their hands three times seriously, and then sat around and drank the freshly heated chicken soup.

Teacher Ji’s parents were from the province next door, but he was assigned here after graduating from normal school, and had already stayed for six years.

In this era, promotion and transfer had a lot to do with building relationships with superiors.
He didn’t like to do this kind of thing, so he never did.

“How about you?”

“I used to do business in Shenzhen,” Jiang Wang drank the soup very slowly, and his voice warmed a bit as he held the bowl, “With the arrangement of his mother, I came over to take care of Xingwang, and I guess I’ll be opening a shop here or something.”

“By the way,“ he looked at him, his voice deliberately casual, “Teacher, what’s your name?”

“Linqiu[3], two words that mean autumn is coming.” 

Jiang Wang seemed startled, thinking that this name was really nice.

After the two of them finished eating, they went to wash the dishes tacitly, and sent Ji Linqiu to the top of the stairs.

“I’ll take him to a physical examination tomorrow, it should be fine.”

“Okay, thank you very much.”

When they parted again, Jiang Wang was still thinking about this person.

Obviously it was just a matter of duty, but he wanted to say more thanks.

Peng Xingwang ran back to the house and went to see his new room first.

“Big brother! Why is my room with little pink stars!”

Jiang Wang stepped on a cockroach with his heel, “Because it’s cheap.”

Peng Xingwang ran to his room with a thud again, “But your room is dark blue!”

“Then you want to change with me?”

Peng Xingwang looked aggrieved, “You clearly know that I dare not.”

Jiang Wang finally looked at him, “Isn’t pink beautiful?” 

“Good… good-looking.”

Early the next morning, the two of them went to the city hospital to get their bodies checked.

Jiang Wang also went to get himself a queue number, thinking that he had been hit and flew 50 meters away.
It would be very troublesome to have gotten even a little internal injury.

On weekends, the hospital was crowded with people, and there were children littered around crying.

The summer heat outside made the skin hot, and the scent inside smelled of urine everywhere.

The pediatrician had a general understanding of the situation, and ordered Peng Xingwang to get on a scale first, and then check the blood after.

“35 pounds [4], so thin at the age of seven, he is obviously malnourished.”

Jiang Wang frowned, “How many catties do I have to feed him?”

The doctor thought to himself, ‘The child was not a pig, could you pay a little more attention to the way you speak.’

“He should reach at least 42 catties[5], it’s okay to be fatter.”

Peng Xingwang still hadn’t woken up properly this morning, so he didn’t clearly hear the conversation while standing on the scale.

He hadn’t realized the point made regarding his nutrition before he made a conclusion with the words that were said, so he woke up suddenly as the conversation continued.


‘Big Brother, why did you bring me here?!’

Then Jiang Wang’s words fell into the ears of the child.

“…So thin, what do I have to feed it, I can just give it meat, right?”

“You have to educate your child scientifically, so you can’t mess around.” The doctor was very helpless, “You can’t just feed him meat, but you have to supplement him with calcium and zinc.
He is currently in the early development phase, if he continues to lose weight his organ functions would not be able to keep up.”

“I see, you can prescribe the medicine, and I will supervise him to take it on time.”

Jiang Wang didn’t expect that he would have to learn how to add fat to a child at such a young age, sigh.

“You should strive to meet the standards at the end of the year, being too thin is not good.”

The child’s expression became horrified.

It turns out that the eldest brother wasn’t a human trafficker!

‘Big Brother wants to fatten me up and sell my organs!’


My dear Xingwang, it’s not… it’s not what you think pfft— (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ)



↑1 Paihuazi, (basically child traffickers) a group of people who kidnap and sell children.
They use deceptive drugs to make unattended children obediently follow them.
↑2 Hualian(花脸); literal meaning is simply a dirty face; but it also refers to a type of painted face/facial makeup of a male role in Chinese operas.
↑3 临(Lin) – to arrive, 秋(qui) – autumn
↑4 15.87 kilograms
↑5 Around 21 kilograms.
Average normal weight for seven-year-old boys is around 20-23 kilograms

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