Chapter 15.2

Five thousand books successfully arrived in the other province half a day in advance.

The teacher over there didn’t expect this to be achievable.
He even suspected that the online shop would just swallow the deposit and quickly pretend to be dead.
When he saw the truck arrive at the school gate, he hurriedly settled the balance, and called the doorman to come over and help count the goods.

One, not bad, another one, also not bad.
There were also dozens of sample books included as a gift.

The teacher in charge of purchasing was a little too excited that he called over to thank Jiang Wang.

“Hello, hello, I really didn’t expect this.
And this title was already selling out quickly, thank you for the hard work!”

“I had already told other bookstores about this two months in advance, but they suddenly changed their minds and sold the goods at high prices to other provinces.
Our group of students wanted some additional summer homework but we didn’t have any to give them! You say if this is irritating or not!”

Jiang Wang thought to himself that maybe the child was actually looking forward to an additional two days of rest, but on the surface he still agreed in a peaceful manner.
“Of course, our aim is ‘There should be no less than one homework’.”

“Every child should have the appropriate amount of homework to write, and as much as they need.
So that they can make good use of the summer vacation time, right?”

The teacher responded repeatedly, he was so grateful that his speech had become a bit incoherent.
He hoped long-term cooperation would continue.
In the future, they would only order their school’s reference books from them.

“Then of course I will give the best price,” Jiang Wang rubbed his neck and said, “If you have any books that you can’t buy or materials that you can’t purchase, just tell us.
We will definitely help find a way.”

“Well, that’s great! Definitely!”

As soon as the phone hung up, the man breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked back at the child who was tidying up the bedroom.

He hasn’t figured out what to do yet.

If Du Wenjuan really comes back to see the child this month, his identity would inevitably be exposed, and maybe he would be sent to the police station in one phone call.

Jiang Wang was more concerned about Peng Xingwang’s fate than eating in prison.

The birth mother should be the most incapable in letting go of their child.

His father may be eager to get rid of this trouble for a while and start a new life.

But how could the mother who carried the child for almost 10 months do so? It was very likely that she was planning to take the child away and take him to live a new life in another province.

…She had been married for more than a year, and should’ve settled down.
Why did she suddenly want to come back?

Jiang Wang had the same tangled reluctance in his heart as the previous time when he was a child.

He never thought in his life that he would one day adopt himself, let alone spend these days warmly and happily.

It was an instinctive reaction not wanting to let the other person go.

Even if it was too late to fly away with the child now.
There was enough money and a car.
Everything would be fine if he changed his identity and moved somewhere else.

But in any case, Xingwang and Jiang Wang were still two different people.

They may have the same genetic genes and have the same bone profile, but they had very different memories and lives.

The child should be with his mother.
He cannot just decide for himself and make choices for Xingxing.

Jiang Wang felt tormented at the thought of parting, and since he was used to being an iron-blooded man who didn’t express his feelings easily, he could only feel uncomfortable.

Peng Xingwang had just been relieved from the fear that he might be abandoned at any time.
He was very motivated when he tidied up the quilt and sheets, and he deliberately wiped all the desks and lamps with a small rag.

After finishing he ran to Jiang Wang with the rag.
When he saw that his brother seemed to be in a good mood, he waved his hand and said, “Well, the final exam results are out.”

“I scored 95 in Chinese, 98 in mathematics, and 90 in English.
I am the second in the class.”

The child was very honest, even after speaking he was afraid that Jiang Wang would praise him too much, “But there are three second-place students in the class, our total scores are the same.”

Jiang Wang responded after a while when he got out of his thoughts.
He said seriously, “It’s very commendable.”

“Let’s go celebrate,” he stood up and looked around, “How should we celebrate… What do you want to eat? Or do you want to buy a new toy?”

Peng Xingwang felt his scalp tighten, “I just got one yesterday! No need really!”

“And I didn’t even get first place in the exam! There’s no need to celebrate at all!”

“Of course there is.” Jiang Wang readied to go out with the key in his hand.
Seeing the child’s tense face, he knew that he didn’t like to spend too much money on toys.

“Or,” the man thoughtfully said, “we can go buy vegetables and make dumplings.”

“The time is just right.
It’s three o’clock now.
After buying it, it would be half past three.
We can eat it after six o’clock.”

The child was taken aback for a moment, but his smile brightened again.


The kitchen of the rental house was actually very clean, but Jiang Wang has never opened the fire there.

——Indeed, not at all.

He even had to buy the steamer, pots and pans when they went out today.

Since crossing over from twenty years ago, he has been here for more than a month now.
He usually went out to eat at restaurants.
His stomach was not very good at first, now it became even noisier and grumbled from time to time.

At the same time, Peng Xingwang had no experience of cooking with his family at all.

The classmates in his class usually complained that their family let them help make dinner and wash the dishes, which sounded like total sweet show-offs in his ears.

The child floated up as he walked.

He could also wash the dishes at home!

He could also make dumplings with his brother! He would surely go to show off when school starts!

Jiang Wang paid attention to the child so he doesn’t fly out like a balloon, while trying to find some references in his blank brain.

What do you need for dumplings?

Flour? Meat? Vegetables? Yeast, indeed, we should buy yeast… How to use yeast?

Regardless, buy it first, and then use the newly bought computer to find out how to combine them when they get home.

He didn’t show any shyness at all on the surface, and even brazenly put on the tone of being an expert cook for many years.

“What kind of stuffing do you like to eat? Feel free to choose.”

He had even assembled mortars in the barracks, surely he could make dumplings.

The child was also embarrassed to order too complicated stuffing, and only said that he wanted to eat cabbage and pork stuffing.

When Jiang Wang bought the meat, he sent the child to buy candied fruits, and turned his head to quietly ask the aunt who was cutting the meat.

“Auntie, what do I buy for making dumplings?”

The aunt was particularly enthusiastic, ‘chatter chatter’ she spoke quickly and with emphasis.
When Peng Xingwang returned holding two candied fruits, she was still repeating her words.

“Okay, okay, I remembered.” The eldest brother quickly stopped her from talking for fear of being discovered by the child.
“Thank you, I will often come to buy meat in the future.”


Peng Xingwang was very happy to encounter such a simple family activity.
He deliberately tiptoed to feed his brother the candied fruit, and took a bite of it himself, it was so sour that he quickly drew the corners of his mouth.

Jiang Wang’s cramming on the spot was without success, he forgot the instructions of the aunt as he walked to the grocery store.

Was it high-gluten or low-gluten flour? What was the middle tendon for again?

As they finished buying a whole set of things, it was close to four o’clock when they got home.

Jiang Wang taught the child how to type on the keyboard and use Baidu to search for the recipe, then went through the kneading process with him.

“Oh,” Peng Xingwang reacted, “We didn’t buy cabbage!”

“I’m going to buy it! Brother, knead it properly!”

The dough was quite successful, and the stuffing was decent.

One big and one small surrounded the coffee table, they rolled out the dough and cut through it with serious expressions.
Confirming each step three times before doing it.

But the first try was all oddly-shaped.

Peng Xingwang wanted to ask his brother if he had ever wrapped dumplings before, but for fear of his head being cut off by him, he swallowed the words.

Jiang Wang frowned and kept silent.
He was already thinking that they should go out to eat if this didn’t work, so he got up and interrupted the progress of making dumplings.

“Let’s cook a pot first and see.”

……If it really doesn’t work, they could give most of the remaining dough and stuffing to the neighbors.
We shouldn’t waste things.

The two of them really did not pack it tightly enough.
So before the dumplings were boiled, they dipped their hands in flour and took turns to tighten the mouths.
Then put them in the pot and stirred.

After the dumplings floated up, they turned it over three or four times to make sure it was cooked through.

Then a brand new pot of minced meatballs and cabbage soup appeared.

“That’s it.” The man neatly admitted defeat, “I can’t win this kind of thing.
Let’s just go out and eat a lot.”

Peng Xingwang was very sad as he watched from the side.
He watched the dumpling skin in the pot float and sink with the meatballs.
The whole pot of soup had everything, like vomit.

“No, this is the first time we made dumplings together.” The child suddenly said, “Let’s find Teacher Ji to save the scene, Teacher Ji will definitely know!”

Jiang Wang said with a stern face, “Is your brother so shameless?”

The child looked at him reverently, “Go, let’s go.”

Five minutes later, one big and one small knocked on the door holding the stuffing and dough.

“Teacher Ji, can you make dumplings?”


Let me just say that, I also don’t know how to make dumplings…

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