In an instant, Peng Xingwang became extremely embarrassed that smoke seemed to rise from the top of his head.

He held Jiang Wang’s hand tightly, his face flushed not knowing what to do.

The initiator raised his chin, making the eighteen bodyguards retreat neatly.
Loud noises sounded as their pitch black shoes stepped on the concrete floor.

Some parents who had never seen the wider world had loose expressions.
The faces of their children next to them also couldn’t help but show envious gazes.

——In the end, they were only in a fifth- or sixth-tier small town in 2006.
Many children had to be admitted to university first before they had the opportunity to go to the provincial capital to see such extravagance.

The small town’s elementary school students’ understanding of “celebrities and nobles” were still limited to the popular tyrant-styles on television.
Seeing Peng Xingwang with this kind of treatment, they couldn’t walk normally anymore.
They stretched their necks to look for a long time and refused to go home with their parents.

“It’s amazing… is Peng Xingwang the young master?”

“Oh, my god, why does he have so many people to pick him up?!”

“Hey hey?! Is that classmate in your class???”

Peng Xingwang’s ears heated up as he listened to the discussions of the people around him, then said hurriedly, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Wang saluted energetically like a personal butler, “Young master, please.”

‘What, please! It only takes five minutes to walk home!’

Before the child could react, the sunglassed bodyguard on the left gently took his Mickey Mouse school bag with both hands.
The one on the right took the school uniform blazer, and then led him into the long luxury car under the gaze of everyone.

Jiang Wang helped him close the car door.
He took a deep bow and sat in another car behind Peng Xingwang’s.
The line of honorary guards disappeared.

Sun Rongrong stood not far away and stared at what happened in a daze, then suddenly she turned her head to look at her parents behind her.

“You don’t love me at all, do you?”

The faces of both the man and woman became ugly.

The giant team circled the city for a bit then stopped by the door of a newly opened Western restaurant.
Before disbanding, they took a group photo and kept it as a souvenir for both sides.

Peng Xingwang followed Jiang Wang to eat steak again, wearing an embarrassed expression, he couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly.

“Brother, why are you like this…” He covered his face with both hands, unable to think of words to describe his feelings.
“I don’t even know how I’ll explain it tomorrow.”

“No need.” Jiang Wang tasted the lemon-flavored chocolate parfait, and whispered coolly, “When they ask you, just smile and shake your head.
Don’t admit to anything.”

The child had not yet acquired the advanced fooling skills that he had mastered twenty years later, so he said indifferently, “And…”

“You’re not good at making up stories, right?”

“If you don’t speak, they will definitely make it up for you.”

The next day, Hongshan Elementary School became surrounded by mysterious legends.

It was already the last few days at the end of the semester, but the children’s attention was all attracted by the aristocratic freshmen in the first grade.

Some people said that he was actually a cross-border orphan of the Queen of England, and some people said that he even uses diamond spoons for meals.

Children have limited imagination, but if they take what they’ve seen and heard home to tell their families.
They would definitely get full stories that were more bells and whistles than a TV series.

As a result, Jiang Wang’s identity changed from an ordinary businessman to a mysterious second-generation from the capital.
The child may have even been brought here just to experience life.

——Now, there was also a full explanation for why his martial arts were strong and why he knew fortune-telling.
It was very reasonable, he was from a rich family.

Peng Xingwang’s father had to explain many times.
But no one believed him even if he told the truth, and no one also believed him when he told lies.

The child didn’t expect that one day everyone would look at him like he was Cinderella and Long Aotian at the same time.
He could only learn to pretend that he didn’t know anything.

Children in Class 1 and Class 3 raised their eyebrows inexplicably.
All of them went out to do radio gymnastics with great energy, as if they would gain the face they’ve lost as a result.

Ji Linqiu met Jiang Wang afterwards and expressed his heartfelt thanks.

“Fortunately, you didn’t use… a more intense way to deal with the problem.”

“After all, we’re at school.
It’s not good to make a big ruckus.” Jiang Wang said with a flushed face and a guilty conscience, “It can be regarded as giving him some interesting childhood memories.”

He would not compete with a seven or eight-year-old girl, but he would definitely fully protect the self-esteem of his child.

Even if the means were nonsensical, the effect was good and in place.

The two of them were chatting when the phone rang.

“Brother Jiang! Brother Jiang, this is not good!!”

Ji Linqiu was a little regretful, “Let’s talk again next time.”

“Sure.” Jiang Wang answered the phone quickly and walked out, “What’s the matter? Calm down and speak clearly, how many times have I taught you?”

The men under him were very panicked.

“Our online shop had only been open for two days, but a school from another province called and ordered 5,000 copies of “Senior High Reference Material – Confidential Volumes” in one breath!”

“They have repeatedly emphasized that the goods should be delivered within seven days.
They said it will be used for the joint temporary increase in summer homework of the three schools.
If it comes any later and the students start their vacation, they won’t be able to send it out!”

Jiang Wang sped up and rushed to the parking lot, his tone solemn.

“How much do we have in stock now?”

“We have inventoried all three warehouses, and collectively hoarded 800 copies.
How could we expect that this would sell so well?” The buddy said worriedly, “We may not be able to purchase enough goods if we go to the provincial cities now.
The wholesale markets only have fixed quantities in their inventory.”

“Did they give the deposit?”

“I listened to your previous instructions, based on the 20% internal discount price, the money has been collected and the invoice has been sent.”

The man was originally driving to the warehouse of his bookstore, but purposely changed his direction to the industrial zone, “I will call the publishing house.
I’ll ask them for temporary approval.”

“This–– is this okay?”

“Don’t talk anymore nonsense, hurry up.”

They called the publishing house four times in a row before someone answered.
When they heard that big business was coming, they were all in a daze.
They insisted that they had never dealt with this kind of thing, and would contact them later on working days.

Jiang Wang had to suppress his voice fiercely.

“Do the people above know that you do things like this?”

“Listen, this is my mobile phone number.
It’s turned on 24 hours a day.
Now transfer the call immediately to someone who can handle this situation properly.”

“If you can’t do this as well, I’ll drive down directly to your publishing house and discuss business.
By the way, I will also ask the editor-in-chief himself how he found an idiot to eat dry rice.”

The person on the other side had never been scolded for being an idiot for the many years he had lived.
He couldn’t even scold back after a long time due to his ignorance.
He hurriedly said that he knew what to do and hung up the phone.

Jiang Wang parked the car next to the familiar printing factory.
His forehead leaned against the steering wheel, counting down a minute.

If the publishing house delayed talking to him again, he would directly talk to the school about changing books.
The turnover of this deal nearly amounted to 100,000.
It was also related to long-term cooperation with the schools in other provinces.
It must not be lost.

When the countdown was down to 26 seconds, the call came again.

This time it changed to a slightly old female voice.

“I’m the editor-in-chief of the publishing house, let’s talk.”

It took Jiang Wang 20 minutes to talk about the printing contract.
However, the other party said that the entire book file was very large and had to be sent by a mobile hard disk or in a flash drive.
It was impossible for it to be sent by email.

“Another problem is that the contract takes time.
It would take at least a week for both parties to stamp their official seals.”

“This set of confidential volumes from our publishing house can be regarded as a joint deal by several well-known universities in H province.
It is indeed worth very high in gold.” The editor-in-chief took a sip of tea and said slowly, “So in terms of data transfer and contract signing, we must protect the interests of both parties.”

Jiang Wang took a deep breath and drove the car to the gas station.

“I’m going to get the official seal, I’m driving now to the provincial city.”

The other party was taken aback.

“Are you really going to make this trip?”

“Even if it can be delivered to the southeast within three days by express delivery.
Excluding the roundtrip for the quality review that would take four days.
Is it possible to finish printing 5,000 copies, complete with the packaging?”

“I know.” The man said calmly, “I’m hanging up, see you in three hours.”

He needed four printing plants to start at the same time and then come back with the encrypted hard drives within seven hours.

In 2006 year of the dog, there was not even an electronic official seal yet.

It only took Jiang Wang two hours and ten minutes to drive from City A to the provincial city.
When he saw the editor-in-chief, he didn’t even stop to drink a mouthful of water. 

It took fifteen minutes for the negotiation and both the signing and stamping of the seal onto the contract.
He took the encrypted hard disk and contract, then directly turned around to return to the city.

When he finished negotiating with the four printing plants and the manpower was arranged to start work overnight, it was already four o’clock in the morning.

As he drove home from the suburbs, his mind was so tired that he was in a daze.
He couldn’t even think of anything superfluous.

Earning nearly 100,000 in seven days.
The requirements of each process were terrifyingly precise.

What if he wasn’t successful?

He didn’t dare think about what could’ve happened if the deal was smashed in his hand.

At four o’clock in the morning, the city was empty, and the street lights looked lonely.

Jiang Wang smoked a cigarette and was too sleepy.
As he waited for the traffic light, he saw a few figures near a food stall on the corner of the street.

The man rubbed his eyes and with his excellent eyesight, he found that the two people were trying to carry another person.

In the end, the man was so drunk that he seemed to be unable to stand up.

The two companions couldn’t handle him either, and were stingy about calling a cab to take him back.
They threw the man directly into the bus stop next to a street lamp and let the man collapse on the cold brick floor.

There were three people in front of them beckoning and urging them to go quickly.
The two behind hooked their arms on each other’s shoulders and walked away.
Soon, their figures disappeared.

…A bunch of grandsons.

Jiang Wang was so sleepy that he could sleep right now in the car.
He hesitated for a few seconds before driving the car towards the person.

Although it was midsummer, the ground was cool at night.
Sleeping here at night, the man would be covered with mosquito packs at most, but Jiang Wang was still afraid of accidents that could happen.

There was an alcoholic in his family, so he paid extra attention to these kinds of things.

The car stopped slowly by the bus stop, the man’s gaze paused, his chest felt blocked and painful.

Peng Jiahui held a black briefcase tightly in both hands, sleeping in the bushes covered with dust, and grass leaves were stuck on his neck and trousers.

He drank so much that his cheeks had turned purple, but his body had already lost self-control.
It was difficult to even vomit out the alcohol.

Jiang Wang had experienced too many liquor incidents since he was in his twenties, he knew what role he had to play.

——Both public institutions and foreign companies had such a person.
He was the one responsible for toasting beside them when talking about business, in order to satisfy the subtle desire for control of various bosses and managers.

Even if one could drink or not they would toast to him diligently.
It seems that as long as a few bottles of red and white were brought out, the sincerity of the two sides could only be honest.

As for good health, was their liver and spleen normal?

That had no relations with the interests of the group.

Simply throw it away when it was no longer useful… they were all f*cking bastards.


I’m back! Sorry ’bout that everyone ㅠㅠ 
Will update regularly again, Thank you for waiting (⌒_⌒;)

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