The design of the online store was taking some time, changes were still being made over and over again.

Jiang Wang was having a meeting with the newly hired artist to talk about ideas, when suddenly Ji Linqiu called.

The tone was very bad.

Jiang, Peng Xingwang had a fight at school.
Please come over as soon as possible.”

When Ji Linqiu wasn’t angry, there was a warm and soft sticky sound in his voice, which secretly was particularly useful to Jiang Wang.

Usually, he would be called “Brother Jiang” with a somewhat friendly tone, as well as a doting “Xingwang” or “Xingxing” for the spoiled child.

The tone of this call was a rare tough tone, which made people directly think of his frowning brows and slightly cold eyes.

Jiang Wang motioned to the artist to unplug the flash drive and change the main page first.
Then he went downstairs to drive and clarified the situation with Teacher Ji through the phone.

“Has something happened to the child?”

“He scratched a female classmate with a triangle ruler.” Ji Linqiu’s tone was tired.
“The girl insisted that he was going to cut her face.
The parents are now here to make trouble and want an explanation.”

“You have worked hard,” Jiang Wang said clearly, “I will come right away, at least ten minutes.

After speaking, he took a shortcut and drove all the way to the school.

He felt something was wrong while stepping on the accelerator.

Peng Xingwang was himself.
There was no one who could understand him better.
When he was a child, he would rarely be provoked.
He simply cried when he was scared, then he was usually used by his father to take out his anger.
Where would he find the time to fight with school classmates?

On the other hand, the child had good business acumen and would not offend his classmates easily.

He was most probably stimulated or poked at a sore spot.

What painful spots can other seven or eight-year-old children poke? It was very likely that they scolded his own father, an alcoholic, and his mother for running away, and then added some unpleasant words that they heard from their broken-mouthed parents.

Well, very likely.

When the man thought of this, his eyes darkened and the air pressure around him became lower unconsciously.

‘Dare to scold me?!’

The little girl didn’t know the magical situation of the synchronization between the eldest brother and the younger brother.
She was still crying her heart out in the office.

“He… he actually… hiccup, it’s too much!”

The two parents next to the little girl also looked ugly.

“Is he coming or not? Isn’t Boss Jiang’s bookstore right next to here? How come it takes so long?”

“People, they shouldn’t just float away after making a little money.
Could it be that the upper beam was not right so the lower beam became crooked?”

A tall man pushed the door in, and his clothes swayed in the wind as he walked.

“Sorry, I’m late.” He shook hands neatly with the two parents, and then greeted the head teacher, Old Lady Xu.
“You have worked hard.”

The old lady was so angry that she was trembling.
She kept patting the table with her palms, speechless for a long time.

Huh, were the two children even this angry when they fought?

“Where’s Xingwang?”

“He was acting very emotional, so I asked him to sit in the office next door and take a break.” Teacher Ji, who was helping to calm the parents’ emotions next to him explained.
“I will bring him here now.”

“You also calm down, don’t feel too bad for the child.” Jiang Wang looked around at the surrounding situation, and coaxed the old lady perfunctorily.
“He must take responsibility for making mistakes.
Let’s talk about it first.
What happened?”

Before the old lady could speak, the beautifully dressed woman sneered.

“What happened? Your child dared to incite the whole class to beat my daughter!”

“That’s not necessarily true.” The old lady said with an annoyed expression, “Keep your voice down, I’m not deaf.”

Old Lady Xu was getting older, she was annoyed to see everyone, and she always spoke directly.

During physical education class in the afternoon, Peng Xingwang and Sun Rongrong had yet to explain why, but they were only quarreling at first then it escalated to a full-blown fight.

Although it was normal for a child to fight and not win, who would have thought that Peng Xingwang would open his mouth and ask others to help him fight.
The girl naturally screamed out and called for her little sisters to come and help as well.

——Then the whole class of children scuffled together.

The physical education teacher who went to the toilet for a while, came back to find that the whole class of children were fighting in full swing.
Even he was kicked and scratched, it took all the boss’s strength to separate them.

Then the little girl directly ran to the phone booth to summon her parents with her IC card.  She rushed over crying to the old lady who was drinking tea.

Sun Rongrong’s parents looked very ugly.

“It’s shameful enough for a boy to beat a girl, but he actually called a bunch of people?”

“What are you talking about?” Jiang Wang smiled and said without a hint of kindness in his tone, “Little girls love to scratch their faces with the tips of their nails.
If their parents are shoddy, they even dare to kick the chickens and pinch their eggs.
Now we’re not necessarily sure who is deceiving others.”

“You— what do you mean!!!” The woman immediately raised her eyebrows and said, “Let me tell you surnamed Jiang, don’t think you’re so great when you have that stinky money!!!”

While this was being spoken, Teacher Ji had arrived with Peng Xingwang.

The little boy stubbornly didn’t cry, but there were nail marks on his face, and one of the big ones was about to bleed.

Jiang Wang glanced over and his voice cooled down.

“Xingwang, brother is here.”

“Don’t have any worries, just say whatever you encounter.
If you made a mistake, we will admit it.
But if you did nothing wrong, we don’t have to carry it.”

The little boy bit his mouth and looked at him, his nose was red.

“Sober up.” Jiang Wang increased his voice, “What’s the matter?”

Peng Xingwang looked at the others, then his eyes fell on Sun Rongrong’s parents.

“Did you say it all?”

The girl who was sobbing and crying just now suddenly screamed.

“You are a stinky gangster!”

“Teacher, he is a liar, don’t believe what he says!!!”

“I’m not a liar.” Peng Xingwang took a deep breath, “We were in physical education class and you were wearing old sneakers.”

“Your friends made fun of you.”

“They laughed at your dirty school uniform and rotten shoes.
They said that the previous king of rags was me, but now it’s you.”

“You didn’t get angry with them, instead, you scolded me for being shameless when you saw me right next to you.”

“You scolded my father for always getting drunk and ending up on the side of the road.
And you scolded my brother for being a gambler.
You said the money in my family is all dirty money.”

“Sun Rongrong, I reminded you many times.
‘You’d better stop talking’.”

“But then,” he took a deep breath and said ferociously in front of all the teachers.
“You called my mother a bitch.”

“You said that she sold everything in my family and ran away with the money.”

Sun Rongrong stubbornly did not bow her head, “It’s true! Not only did my mother say that, but the aunts in the neighborhood also said you were a bastard!”

The woman behind her changed her face and cursed angrily, “F*ck! Is that what my mother taught you?!!”

Turning her head and without waiting for others to make trouble, she opened her mouth and scolded her husband.
“You have the money to raise a daughter outside but you don’t have the money to buy a pair of decent shoes for your daughter.
Are you even a man if your child is beaten and you don’t say a word?!”

Jiang Wang felt it was so noisy that his temples jumped suddenly.
Before he could get justice for the child, the girl screamed again.

“I’m not the king of rags– I’m not– He is!!!”

“Why, why does he have new shoes to wear, he was obviously just picked up!!!”

For fear that she wasn’t innocent enough, she ignored the fact that many classmates outside the door and window were watching the excitement.
She kept wiping away her tears and crying, wanting to yell out for everyone to hear.

“Peng Xingwang was picked up! He is a wild child! I’m not, I have parents, I’m not the king of rags!!!”

A child’s self-esteem was really a terrible thing.

It couldn’t be said to be meaningless, but it was difficult to protect like a bubble.
It could easily be popped if they don’t pay attention.

Sun Rongrong cried and howled, making several teachers in the office who wanted to help calm her down frown.

Her mother was obviously using this to vent her emotions with her husband.
She didn’t care at all about Peng Xingwang’s grievances.

Ji Linqiu had been in another class during the altercation, so he didn’t understand the specific situation.
His face looked very bad at this moment.

“Please quiet down.” He suppressed his emotions and said, “Let’s solve the problem first.”

Jiang Wang squatted down and wiped Peng Xingwang’s tears with his knuckles.

“You are very strong,” the man said softly.
“You were just trying to do the right thing, right?”

Peng Xingwang bit his mouth and nodded, as if he couldn’t hold back his tears from falling if he said anymore.

He didn’t want to cry so often, nor did he want to cause trouble for his brother.

“What are you looking at? Everyone go back!”

Old Lady Xu got up and blew away all the children peeking in with a face full of annoyance.

“Apologize to each other, and the children will be re-evaluated.”

“The two little ones were ignorant, so the adults shouldn’t bear grudges.”

Jiang Wang smiled and took out his mobile phone in front of them.

“Wait a minute, I haven’t finished explaining something.”

“What are you going to do?!” The man was holding his head and pretending to be confused just now, but he immediately became vigilant when he saw Jiang Wang’s movements.
“You dare to call someone?!”

“Let me tell you, what you do is no different from the ways of the underworld.
If you dare to call someone to make trouble at the school, I will call the police right now!”

Jiang Wang glanced at him contemptuously, and went out to make a very short phone call.

The expressions of both men and women became flustered and angry.

“You can’t make this a big deal!” He roared, “Originally, it was you who didn’t properly take care of this bastard.
How can a man beat a woman?!”

“He also wanted to scratch my daughter’s face—” Sun Rongrong’s mother scolded, “Can a girl’s face be touched casually?! Rogue! Shameless!!!”

Both children opened their eyes wide and waited for Jiang Wang’s reaction.

“They are right.”

Jiang Wang slowly took Peng Xingwang’s hand, his voice calm.

“We can’t solve the problem by force, and we shouldn’t involve other students in this matter.”

“Xingwang, let’s say sorry.”

He actually softened so quickly that everyone present changed expressions.

Ji Linqiu’s expression changed slightly, he wanted to stop him but Jiang Wang repeated his words in an even more irrefutable tone.

“Xingwang, tell them, I’m sorry.”

The boy repeated blankly.

“……I’m sorry.

Old lady Xu was eager to let things go, “Okay, your family belittled other people’s children like this.
If you understand it well, you can accept it and apologize.
Don’t make any more noise.”

The woman reluctantly complained to her husband a few more words.

“If you had taken care of your daughter, would she have been embarrassed today!”

“Well now the whole school knows that she has a useless father, and she is so poor that she can only wear rags!”

Jiang Wang looked at the woman’s shaking gemstone earrings without saying a word.

“Hurry up,” the woman said impatiently, “Say sorry!”

“But…” The little girl’s eyes showed resentment, “He…”

“Hurry up!”

“I’m sorry.”

They’ve been tossing at each other for a while now that it was almost time for school to be over.

Jiang Wang would never let anyone else touch the child again.
He led Peng Xingwang back to class to pick up his school bag.

The child did not tremble when he was wronged, but his lips trembled as he returned the gaze of the whole class.

He knew that everyone had heard her call him a wild child, a child who had been picked up.

The after-school broadcast resounded across the campus, and everyone was walking towards the door.

The child at the front exclaimed.

“Oh my god—–”


Peng Xingwang hadn’t clearly seen what was going on in front of him.
He was led by Jiang Wang in a daze, his face full of grievances.

At the entrance of the campus four wedding-tier Cadillac limousines were parked.
And lined up were eighteen bodyguards in suits and sunglasses.

The very second Peng Xingwang appeared, they knelt down on one knee in a neat manner.
Their momentum was like private guards undergoing inspection.

“Welcome Young Master! Let us return home!”

All the children’s and parents’ faces were dumbfounded.

“Young master! Madam called from London and asked if you wanted to bring the dalmatian over to raise here?!”

“Young master! The Boston lobster has arrived by plane.
Would you like it braised, steamed, or baked with cheese tonight?”

“Young master! Ruifuxiang’s tailors are waiting for you.
Will you still use celestial silk to make new school uniforms this year?”

Jiang Wang frowned and shook his head, “The greeting just now wasn’t good enough.”

The eighteen bodyguards in sunglasses closed their mouths, then got up in unison and saluted at the same time.

“Everyone is obedient only to the young master!!!”

“Please speak your orders young master!!!”

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