you heard of it?”

The young man lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes a little curled.

He seemed to be completely unaware of the danger, and reached out for the sharp knife in Brother Gong’s hand.

“What are you going to do?!”

“I’m warning you!!!”

“Teacher, don’t mess around!!!”

Jiang Wang wanted to stop him but didn’t make a sound, only watching silently with his fingers folded.

Ji Linqiu opened his right hand and flattened it on the table.
The bones of the hand used to write chalk characters were distinct, and the edges of the nails were beautifully trimmed.

He snorted in embarrassment, and the sharp knife in his left hand turned neatly.

Without waiting for anyone to react, in the next second, the tip of the knife turned upside down like a falling star.
It quickly passed through the gaps between the five fingers and stabbed immediately.
The action was so fast that only afterimages were left!

Ji Linqiu glanced at the students, turning the knife in his left hand again like playing with a ballpoint pen.
He turned the sharp-edged knife upside down, stabbing all the way from the right side of the pinky finger to the left side of the thumb!

The time that passed before and after the movement were only a few seconds.
An entire finger could be destroyed on the spot if he was careless!

Jiang Wang raised the corners of his lips and blew a whistle.

Ji Linqiu stared at Brother Gong and said slowly, “You are their leader.”

“I ask you, do you dare.”

Ji Linqiu’s biting words carried a clear sense of professionalism, so that people in their twenties would feel repentant and trained in front of him.

It was difficult for a person to have two contradictory rays of light at the same time.

Both gentle and pure, but also sharp and arrogant.

Brother Gong’s face turned pale, he wanted to do something but remembered that the knife was in the opponent’s hand, so he instinctively took a step back.

“Don’t retreat.” Jiang Wang said lazily, “The doors are locked, what are you backing up for?”

“You–” Brother Gong motioned to his subordinates to take out both their knives and batons.
He thought that if these two people didn’t shed some blood today, they would not be able to maintain the face of the gang.

The students present did not expect him to give such an order, the guys who had some prestige did not dare to point at the teacher.

——If it was only the outsider that came today, they would not hesitate for even a second, and they would be extremely eager to try.

“What are you doing in a daze? Go on!!” Brother Gong roared, “Are you discouraged? Did this Master raise you to simply eat rice?!!”

Jiang Wang raised his hand to signal a pause.

“That… wait a minute.”

Everyone turned their heads together.

The man took out the hand-cranked foldable chainsaw from his mountaineering bag.
He unfolded it to nearly a meter and a half long, and pulled it twice with a kind expression.

The sound of a crazy motor that could cut through the skull rang throughout Aunt Hu’s noodle shop.

Brother Gong’s  eyes shook as he looked at the chainsaw, and before the others could react, he rushed to the door and hammered it desperately.

“Unlock it, unlock it!!! I won’t fight anymore! Let me out, crap!”

“Open the door! Anyone!”

Ji Linqiu sat next to him and watched Jiang Wang play with the chainsaw.
He commented as he took a sip of the tea, “You came early and prepared?”

“The crystallization of wisdom in the industrial age.” Jiang Wang sincerely admired, “Who would want to fight hand-to-hand with this thing?”

Several junior high school students and their classmates had already hidden in the corner with their knives.
They couldn’t run away or beat them, so they sat holding back their tears with a miserable face.

The eldest brother of the gang was still smashing the door with his fists.
Many people outside had become curious and started pointing their fingers.

“Just a few them?”

“Yeah, I heard that they haven’t even finished junior high school.
Yet they dare hold a knife against the teacher?”

“Tsk tsk tsk, the children now really.
The authorities have to take care of them…”

Jiang Wang acted as if he was playing with a big motor.
The entire noodle restaurant was shrouded in the classic sound effects of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Brother Gong screamed directly, “I won’t fight anymore, I won’t fight anymore!! I’ll surrender! I’ll turn myself in!”

“Help! Ahhh!!! Save me!”

Jiang Wang reached out and turned off the chainsaw.
He knocked on the table and said, “Stand in twos and line up neatly.

“The one at the door, come here and stand in line.”

The eldest brother of the gang was almost scared into peeing.
He shivered by the door and was unable to stand up.

Ji Linqiu picked up the chainsaw curiously.

Brother Gong scrambled as he crawled closer and stood up.
He kept whining and crying while awaiting punishment.
He had never suffered such grievances.

“All right, Uncle Chen, you used to torture people, right?” Jiang Wang turned his head and said.

The old man in the corner of the noodle shop who hadn’t finished eating the noodles yet, wiped his mouth and opened the canvas bag in front of everyone.

It was full of bright silver handcuffs.

More than a dozen people lined up in handcuffs and received police education at the same time.
Jiang Wang stood by the door, squinted his eyes and took out a smoke.

“It’s almost time,” Ji Linqiu tucked his scattered hair behind his ears, “I’ll go back to Xingwang for class.”

“Did he tell you about this today?” Jiang Wang smiled dumbfounded, “Children really know how to make up ideas.”

“No, I just happened to be around and wanted to join in on the fun.” Ji Linqiu smiled softly, turned around and went to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

Jiang Wang stopped him and made a gesture of the knife game.

“This thing, even I, dare not do it easily.
How can you do this?”

Ji Linqiu let out a sigh.
He put one hand in his pocket and laughed, the white jade pendant on his wrist flickered.

“While I was in the mountains teaching, there weren’t even any magazines.
It was very boring.”


OMG I’m in love.
Teacher Ji you’re so cool!!!
The knife game should be purely done by professionals!!! Please do not try at home! 

Splitting some chapters since chapter length has become irregular (In this particular chapter the author marks the 1st and 2nd part.
For future chaps it’s all me splitting them.).
I try to limit chapters to 3k characters, cause when I see the document is too long I lose all motivation…
(〃ー〃) Anyway, thank you for reading!



↑1 Begonia flowers growing in Mount Tai.
↑2 社会哥; I’m not sure what to put..
It translates to Gangster brother but it sounds weird so I’ll just put Brother Gangster.
He will be named later anyway.
↑3 The author really knows their cigarettes.
I think this is the 4th brand?
↑4 completely intact

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