C8: Growth (2)

Seo-joon was discharged from the hospital that day.
He originally intended to stay another day, but on second thought he decided not to.

His body was strong enough to complete Chiron’s daily tasks, and above all, Seo-joon hated to see the man who told him to give up becoming a Hunter.

He had many reasons to leave the hospital but no reason to stay.

When the discharge procedure was completed, some nurses saw Seo-joon off with great regret.

In the process, Seo Min-ji, a nurse in charge of Seo-joon, asked for his number but Seo-joon didn’t care.

Seo-joon was busy taking care of himself in the past, and he had to prepare to become a professional hunter in the future.

Since this year’s professional hunter exam was over, there was about a year left until next year’s professional hunter exam.

In order to pass the exam a year later, he had to train diligently from now on but above all Seo-joon had to make money since without money he wouldn’t be able to attend lectures so he had no time for a relationship.

On his way home with that in mind.


Nevertheless, Seo-joon was excited.

“Ugh… My house is the best though it looks like a rat hole.”

After returning home, Seo-joon laid down on the bed.
Technically, it was an old bed that was not as good as a bed in a hospital room, but Seo-joon felt more comfortable.

As expected, nothing could beat the comfort of familiarity.

When I was alone in the room like that, he suddenly started thinking.

“I really don’t have anything.”

To be exact, he had a roof over his head for now, but he would be kicked out quickly if he didn’t pay the monthly rent.

He lost everything he earned in the last nine years in a moment.


However, Seo-joon felt like he was at the starting line now.

“Come to think of it, how is uncle?”

Since his visit six days ago, Man-cheol had no longer visited Seo-joon.

He was more worried that something was going on than being upset.
So Seo-joon thought about calling Man-cheol, but quit.

It was not very late, but it was an ambiguous time to make a call.

In the end, Seo-joon only left a text message that he was discharged from the hospital with the thought of calling tomorrow.

After leaving the text message, Seo-joon immediately entered the Transcension Academy.

He completed the daily tasks without spending the entire day for the first time.

“It’s working!”

Seo-joon pressed the course button of the Chiron video, full of excitement and looked at the centaur.




It seems that you have enough stamina to walk now.]


Seo-joon was briefly dumbfounded by Chiron’s words.
However, Chiron continued to talk as if he did not care about Seo-joon’s thoughts.

[There are no students who mistakenly think that they have accomplished something, right? I’m sorry, but I hope there are no students like that.
Because the given task is not even basic, it is just a first step.]

[Anyway, if you’re qualified to walk, you’ll have to walk now.
The first step toward transcendent initiation is sense.]

[The five senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

[These five senses play an absolute role during a fight.
A fight is a battle between you and your opponent]

[This is because we understand and accept things through sight, hear with our ears and so on.]

[But accepting it and processing it are two different issues.]

Chiron continued, looking straight ahead.

[Let’s imagine that a sword is flying at you.
Then, our five senses first perceive the flying sword through sight.
The stimulus has been accepted, and only then a judgment is made.]

[The sword that is flying is sharp.
If you get hit by something sharp, you’ll get a cut.
The cut will cause an injury and when you’re fatally injured your life would be in danger.
Therefore, you must avoid that flying sword.]

[All five senses are linked to the received stimulus and judge the situation.
And all of this is done in a minute.]

Chiron shook his head and opened his mouth again.

[For those of you who have not even stepped on the threshold of the Transcendentalist, you think.]

In the video, Chiron shouted.

[So slow! Slow enough to make you yawn! Why do you think such useless thoughts when you see a flying sword?]

[In the situation where the sword is flying, the ultimate judgment is this.
the sword flies therefore avoid it.
The middle process has no meaning!]

[Of course, the series of processes is information obtained through experience.
Without the experience and calculation of how sharp a sword is, you can’t even make a judgment.
But why do I have to go through that kind of calculation process once again for the information I’ve already experienced!]

Chiron calmed his excitement for a moment before continuing.

[So, in this class, I will teach you how to reduce the gap as much as possible.
And that method is something other than the five senses.]

[The slumbering sixth sense.
We will proceed by awakening the sixth sense or intuition.]




Seo-joon lost track of time and fell in love with Chiron’s lecture.

The next day Seo-joon left home early in the morning.
He was feeling better so it was time to get back to work but the place where he worked for the past 9 years was also the place where he had an accident.

It was an inevitable choice because it was not possible to attack a dungeon unless one was a professional hunter.

Actually, Seo-joon didn’t want to go there again.
So he looked for other companies, but somehow they all rejected him and it was not just Seo-joon but others too.

Rumor has it that because of the Behemoth incident the companies won’t hire new employees.
Therefore, it was an inevitable choice for Seo-joon, who had no money to go back right away.

The lectures were important, but at least he should have money to live on.
Therefore, Seo-joon was worried about how Kim Tae-soo would react but he didn’t give up Seo-joon, only showing a slight displeasure.

Seo Jun was sitting in the waiting room for that reason.
Perhaps because it was still early, Man-cheol was not seen.

Seo-joon had nothing to do while waiting, so he took his smartphone with the thought of taking a lecture.

He saw one notification.

“What’s going on?”

Seo-joon checked it by lowering the notification window.

[Hello, Seo-joon, I’m Seo Min-ji.
Did you get home safely after leaving the hospital?]

It was a message from the nurse Seo-joon exchanged phone numbers with.

“Ah… I guess I didn’t see it because I was listening to Chiron’s lecture yesterday.”

Of course, just by listening to the lectures of the Transcension Academy made him feel like he was practicing.

He was just listening, but when he understood the content, he naturally felt like he was learning it and Seo-joon could tell that it wasn’t just a feeling.

So when Seo-joon took a Lecture, nothing caught his eye.

I hope she didn’t get hurt because I didn’t reply

He said he didn’t care, but… Seo-joon tried to reply.
However, when he tried to do so, he didn’t even know what to write so he thought for a while and kept erasing the text he wrote.

“Hey, I’m here.
What are you doing not saying hello?”

As Seo-joon raised his head he saw Man-cheol, who had fluffy hair, looked at him with disapproving eyes.

“Oh, old man, you’re here.”

“No matter how many times I called you, you didn’t answer.
People will think that you were sucked into the world in your smartphone.
What are you doing?”

In the meantime, Man-cheol leaned his head and looked at Seo-joon’s smartphone.

“Seo Min-ji? That’s a girl’s name.”

“Oh, that’s….”

“You punk…”

Seo-joon blurred his words and Man-cheol shed his eyes.

“At that time you were upset because I talked about getting a girlfriend but you already had one and hid it from me.”

“It’s a misunderstanding, sir.
It wasn’t like that.”

“What about now?”

Seo-joon was speechless for a moment.
Then Man-cheol smiled and said,

“Who is it?”

“A nurse from the hospital.”

“Nurse? Look at you.”

Since then, Man-cheol has made fun of Seo-joon but Seo-joon hurriedly changed the subject because he thought he would not hear the end if he left Man-Cheol alone.

“More than that, old man.
Did something happen?”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“It’s nothing special.
You haven’t said much since you came to see me then.”

Then Man-cheol suddenly made a bitter face.

“Oh, that’s because I fought with my daughter

“With Suyeon? Why?”

“You don’t have to know.”

“Didn’t you just say that we don’t have to hide things between us?”

Man-cheol was speechless and then he said with a panicked look.

“Never mind.
Are you okay now?”

“Yes, I’m no different than before.
The doctor said there was nothing wrong.”

“But don’t overdo it.
A person who will become a professional hunter shouldn’t be rolling around.”

“Of course.”


Contrary to Seo-joon’s energetic answer, Man-cheol muttered bitterly to himself.

‘Even if you pretend to be okay, your insides should be burning.’

“By the way, I think I should send a reply before I start working, so what should I send?”

Seo-joon only looked back at his smartphone with a smile, pretending nothing was wrong.

Man-cheol felt proud of Seo-joon at first glance and was somewhat disappointed, so he slapped him without realizing it but just before he touched Seo-joon on head, Seo-joon lowered his head and avoided it naturally.

Seo-joon was looking at his smartphone, so even though it was an angle that he couldn’t see well, the movement was so smooth as if he had known it in advance.

“How did you avoid it?”


Only then did Seo-joon become suspicious of his actions.
To be exact, it was not until Man-cheol spoke that he realized that he avoided Man-cheol’s hand.

“You’re right?”

How did he avoid it?

Seo-joon looked back on his memory for a moment, but he couldn’t figure it out.
It was just the feeling of something flying and his body moved on its own.

And the strange sensation didn’t stop there.

“Hey, are you alright? Three of them weigh more than 200 kilograms.”

“Yes, I’m fine.
Don’t worry, put it on my back.”

“Looking at you talking, I think you’re okay…”

For Seo-joon it was difficult to carry two, but now he had enough energy to carry three.

“Let’s take a break!”

“Oh, my I’m going to die.”

“The more I do this job, the harder it gets, let alone get used to it.”

“Seo-joon! It’s break time! Take a break!”

“Ah! Yes! I’ll just move this and go!”

“Just do it in moderation.
Don’t waste your energy.”

“Yes, yes!”

Others said they were going to die, but Seo-joon was okay.

‘It’s weird…Why am I so energetic?’

In the end, Seo-joon, who could not control his power, came up with a new idea.

‘Shall we do the daily tasks while transporting the bodies?’

It was to do Chiron daily tasks while carrying the monster bodies.

He is forced to work because of his livelihood, but Seo-joon’s current priority was the Transcension Academy lectures and his time was far too short to do them at the same time.

Carrying bodies usually took about half a day, and on the day of overtime, he had to work until late at night so he would not have time to do Chiron tasks.

Above all, 24 hours were too short for Seo-joon because he had to take Shakyamuni lectures steadily.
However, since he was so energetic, he could combine work with his daily tasks.

So Seo-joon began to carry out Chiron’s tasks with the monster bodies on his back.

– 500 squats.

‘Oh? It counted 3 at the same time?’

Does that mean that weight increases efficiency?

‘Isn’t this a piece of cake?’

Knowing that, Seo-joon began to wander around the scene like a madman.

“Mister! I’ll do that! Give it to me!”

“Huh? You’re carrying three bodies right now.”

“It’s all right, give it to me.”

Seo-joon put four monster bodies on his back.



After doing two squats Seo-joon started running around at full speed to the place where he had to carry the monster bodies on his back.

In the end, Man-cheol stopped Seo-joon.

“Hey! Are you crazy? You’re going to die! Stop it now!”

“It’s okay! This is how I save time!”

“Time? What nonsense are you talking about?”

“There’s something like that!”

However, Seo-joon did not stop but talked about strange things and rumors started going around.

“Wow, is that him?”

“Didn’t he say he had a major surgery a while ago?”

Man-cheol said with a ridiculous look.

“I don’t know, so don’t ask.
Maybe he got cyborg implants at the hospital or something?”

“Cyborg implants?”

People’s eyes then turned to Seo-joon.

“One, two, three! Good! It’s push-ups this time!”

Seo-joon fell on the floor with the monster’s bodies on his back and stood up again.



The people just stared at him in awe.

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