C6: Transcension Academy (3)

Time passed quickly and it had already been a week since Seo-joon was admitted to the hospital.

Seo-joon has been obsessed with the Transcension Academy these days since he had to lie in bed due to the surgery.

The doctor said that he would have to recuperate for at least two weeks to avoid any aftereffects, so he was frustrated, but Seo-joon couldn’t help it.

So all Seo-joon could do was hold onto the Transcension Academy.

As a result of holding onto the Transcension Academy all day Seo-joon learned some information about it and found a forum for the Transcension Academy students.

[It’s the chatter of beginners (preparing for the early test)]]

It wasn’t much different from a normal forum, but the contents inside weren’t.

[Sympathy for 2,700 years – Please recommend a teacher related to Mana.]

When he pressed the post, the screen changed and a long article appeared.

[I’m currently preparing for the Archmage Transcension Test but I’m not good at understanding, so I need to take a lecture.

Regarding magic, I know that instructor Hecate and instructor Isis are first-class, but their courses are very advanced and I don’t understand them at my level yet.

So I’m thinking about instructor Medea and instructor Merlin to strengthen my basics.
Which one is better?]

As he scrolled down and down, there were several comments.

ㄴ[Kuru Kuru: I’m a also a freshman in the same field, so it doesn’t matter how famous the instructor is if it doesn’t fit you.
It’s hard to choose but personally, I like instructor Merlin.]

ㄴ[I’ll definitely transcend this time!: It’s best if the mentor in charge recommends an instructor, but as the person above said, the best instructor is the one that fits you, so be sure to listen to the orientation and sample lectures!]

ㄴ[Magic is an adventure into the unknown: I also vote for Instructor Merlin.
And although the field is a little different, Satan’s lecture on black magic is worth listening to at least once.
In the end, it has a part related to understanding mana.]

ㄴ[Sympathy for 2,700 years: Thank you everyone ^^7.
Thanks to everyone who responded!]

ㄴ[Succubus: Are you really 2,700 years old virgin?]



It was a crazy conversation.

Even if the quality of the concept is at this level, no one would say anything even if someone called it psychotic.

Ironically, however, Seo-joon vaguely admitted that all of these things were true so Seo-joon also tried to write on the forum.
However, for some reason, it just popped up that he didn’t have an ID so he couldn’t post or comment.

‘Come to think of it, I didn’t make an ID when I signed up.’

Were there other conditions for accessing the forum?

‘I’ll ask my mentor next time we meet.’ thought Seo-joon.

Seo-joon spent his spare time watching the transcendental community after listening to Shakyamuni’s lecture.

A week later.

“Seo-joon, I think you’ve gotten a little brighter.”

As he lay in bed and recalled what had happened over the past week, he heard Man-cheol’s voice.

Seo-joon answered quickly, waking up from his thoughts.

“What? Me?”

You looked like you were going to die soon until a week ago, but now something is…”

Man-cheol looked at Seo-joon’s face and said,

“Just looking at your face makes me feel at ease.
This feels really strange.”

“Haha, is that so?”

Seo-joon smiled awkwardly at Man-cheol’s words.
Man-cheol continued to talk, while observing Seo-joon’s appearance.

“It’s weird.
What happened to you? By any chance, girlfriend?”

“What girlfriend? I don’t have time for a girlfriend.
And who would like a guy like me?”

“What’s wrong with you? Although your life is hard there is no one more responsible than you.
I’ve never seen anyone like you these days.”

Seo-joon smiled at Man-cheol’s joke, which was not a joke.
Then Man-cheol looked at Seo-joon and said,

“There’s definitely something.
Be honest with me, do you have a girl you like?”

“It’s not like that.
But why do you all think that?”

“It’s not like that.
And why do you all think that way?”

“At your age, I lived and died for women.”

“Are you silly because you became older?”

“What? Silly? You punk…”

Seo-joon burst into laughter at Man-cheol’s distorted expression.

‘Shakyamuni lecture is definitely effective.’

In fact, he said that to Man-cheol, but Seo-joon felt it.
After listening to Shakyamuni’s lecture, Seo-joon’s mind was more relaxed than before.

Maybe it was because he felt comfortable, but he felt that his recovery had accelerated.
It may be literally just a feeling, but he didn’t think there would be any problem even if he ran right away.

‘Even though the lecture is only at 1.3%, it’s already this effective…’

Seo-joon could not dare to imagine what would happen if he achieved 100% in the future.
So Seo-joon had no choice but to believe that the Transcension Academy was real.

Of course, he felt like I was going to lose his mind whenever he listened to the Shakyamuni lecture.

“Kim Seo-joon, I’m going to check your surgery now.”

Then a nurse’s sudden voice was heard.


Seo-joon replied vigorously.

“Your recovery speed is amazing.
Even though you are an awakened, how can you…

Seo-joon’s doctor said to Seo-joon with a startled look and Seo-joon just smiled at the doctor’s appearance.

‘It wasn’t just my feeling.
Shakyamuni’s lecture is amazing in many ways.
What will happen when I listen to other lectures?’

Seo-joon felt like his body was fully healed.
However, contrary to Seo-joon’s feelings, the doctor recommended him to stay in the hospital for another week and Seo-joon agreed to it after much consideration.

The Seo-joon of before would have run out immediately, but now he didn’t.
He had no reason to rush because if something went wrong he wouldn’t be able to come back

It may be because of Shakyamuni’s lecture, but Seo-joon suppressed his excitement and thought calmly.

‘I can move my body now.
Should I listen to Chiron lecture?’

Of course, that didn’t mean that he would stay still during that time.

After the examination, Seo-joon returned to his hospital room where Man-cheol said he would wait for him but Seo-joon stopped him because he didn’t know how long it the test would last and he couldn’t neglect his daughter, Suyeon, who was busy preparing for college because of Seo-joon himself.

Although she will become an adult soon, she still needed care and attention so Seo-joon was just grateful that Man-Cheol visited him.

“Are you here, young man? How was it? Are you okay?”

Someone talked to Seo-joon, who returned to the hospital room.
She was none other than the caregiver for a patient next to him, a warm and friendly grandmother.

The reason why there was someone other than Seo-joon in the hospital room was simple.
Seo-joon was moved into a six-person room after a week since Kim Tae-soo promised to pay for a single room for a week.

Seo-joon also wanted to stay in a single room if he could, but the current Seo-joon could not cover the cost of an expensive hospital room.

The recovery speed is better than I thought, so if I don’t overdo it, I can move.”

“Is it because you’re young?” That’s a relief.
As expected, being young is the best.”

The grandmother smiled warmly and nodded, and Seo-joon also smiled once at the grandmother and returned to his bed.

After doing so Seo-joon immediately turned on his smartphone and entered the Transcension Academy.

[Required lecture introducing the basics of battle transcendents.
(Instructor: Chiron)]

“Bones Metamorphosis…”

Although the rating A was quite low compared to SSS, Seo-joon was not disappointed.

Before he left Mentor said that he could become a transcendent with just Immovable Mind.
Although he didn’t know what Transcension was yet there was a reason why Immovable Mind was graded SSS so grade A wouldn’t be considered low.

Above all, Seo-joon experienced only 1.3% of Immovable Mind, and it was just crazy.

Seo-joon picked his earphones, looked around, and pressed the play button of the video without hesitation.




[Nice to meet you.
I am Chiron.]

The character that appeared on the screen was a being with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse.
A creature that looks just like a Centaur.

Introducing himself as Chiron, he continued.

[Hercules, Theseus, Achilles and Jason were all my disciples.]

[There are a lot more people who won’t be mentioned, but since the lecture is going to be long, we’ll move on now]

Seo-joon nodded at Chiron’s confident remarks.
That’s because Chiron has literally “fostered” almost all the heroes in Greek and Roman mythology.

Chiron cleared his throat once and opened his mouth again.

[As you can see from the title of the lecture, this lecture is designed for students who want to transcend in the combat profession.]

[Therefore, the purpose of this lecture is to bring the students in a state where they can become Transcendents.
Combat methods are not dealt with heavily in this lecture, so please refer to them.]

[And I’m telling you in advance that it’s a big mistake if you think it’s just a lecture that contains just the qualifications to become a transcendent.]

[Transcension is something that breaks through your limits so it’s not easy getting there.
Most of the students who are taking this class will be in a state of disrepair.]

[But there is no need to get scared and give up.
I’m Chiron and I made countless students like you into transcendent beings.
If you don’t give up and follow me to the end, I can guarantee you that someday you too will become a transcendent.]

[Now, the first step to becoming a transcendent.]

Chiron glared straight ahead and snarled.

[Get up right now, you punk!!!]

Seo-joon was startled by Chiron’s sudden cry and at that very moment.

[Daily personal assignment has arrived]]

[You will be given a task that matches the current student’s level by calculating the causal rate]

Pop-up windows suddenly flood the screen.

A little while later, a new window appeared on the screen and Seo-joon read it.

“Oh, my.

Seo-joon felt like he was losing his mind.

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