C3: Crazy Advertising (2)

When Seo-joon clicked on it out of curiosity, the screen blinked once, and soon a black screen appeared.
Seeing that there was a ▷ mark in the center, it seemed to be a video.

“Is it a commercial video?”

Seo-joon tried pressing ▷.


The paradigm of transcendents is changing! The transcendent craze is sweeping the entire universe!

These days, everyone is a transcendent, but how are transcendents training?

Everyone wants to be one but in order to do so they have to change their lives until the uncertain future that may or may not be possible.

There were many people who hesitated to become transcendents because of that, right?

But with our Transcension academy, you don’t have to worry about that!

Become a transcendent easily with the experience and know-how of professional transcendents!

From fighter transcendents to production transcendents and various other transcendents! The best people in each field will teach you how to do it!

Oh, no! You don’t have any talent?

You’re frustrated by the fact that you can’t do it no matter how hard you try?

Don’t worry! Our professional transcendent instructors have made such students transcendents countless times!

Summarizing the experience and know-how of the instructors who have been enriched for tens of thousands of years we created personalized assignments for each student!

If you follow them, you too can become a transcendent!

Are you still hesitating? You still can’t trust me?

Let’s take a look at the students’ vivid experiences!

{[Student who passed the 5th grade Sage Ascension exam]: I reached the realm immediately beyond the peak of transcendence, but I was engulfed in worldly anguish and I kept failing.

I was thinking of going back to the mundane world, but every time instructor Jang Sam-bong told me not to give up and that I can do it.
I’m here all thanks to instructor Jang Sam-bong and the Transcension Academy.
Thank you so much!}

{[Student who passed the 9th grade Sword Master exam]: I was a dull person who couldn’t even become a sword expert for the past 30 years.
However, I accidentally found out about the Transcension Academy, and I registered for it, pretending to be deceived but I didn’t know it would be the best choice of my life.
I’m preparing to become a Grade 7 Grand Sword Master!}

{[Adamantium smelting license holder]: I failed every time I studied on my own for 200 years, but I went to the Transcension Academy for just 5 years and got my license.
Hephaestus-sama’s know-how was really helpful.”

After going to the Transcension Academy ~♬ My life has changed~!

After going to the Transcension Academy ~♬ My life has changed~!

The legend of the Transcension Academy continues!

You want to be a transcendent! Register now!

You can be a transcendent too.




“What kind of crazy advertisement is this?”

Seo-joon was absent-minded for a moment as the video ended with a snap.

As the times change rapidly, bottling advertisements are popular these days, but this is not right.

“Grade 5 Sage Ascension? Grade 9 Sword Master? Hahaha.”

Seo-joon burst out laughing without realizing it.

Anyone can see that it was an agro advertisement.
However, Seo-joon could not contain his curiosity.
Maybe this alone proved the effectiveness of this ad, Seo-joon thought.

“Let’s see···”

When he clicked the link attached to the video, the screen blinked once and the site was accessed.

It wasn’t very different from any Hunter Academy website but,

[You can see the world when you learn Mana.
(Instructor: Merlin the Great Wizard)]

[Anyone who does this exercise can lift 500 tons.
(Instructor: Hercules)]

[The basics of staf and spear.
< Ran Na Chal > (Instructor: Monkey King)]

“Oh, my.”

Seo-joon burst out laughing.
At the same time, he thought that it was a really good concept.

Instructors who use nicknames to be remembered by people have been widely spread, but he has never seen such nicknames used.

“This makes me even more curious.”

He rummaged a little more with constant curiosity and soon after he realized that there was an orientation video.

Like any other academy, he could see it without having to sign up for a separate membership.

“Let’s watch one.”

A monkey with a huge staf appeared on the screen.
It wasn’t very different from the image of the Monkey King that Seo-joon knows.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.
They didn’t just use the nicknames but also the appearance.”
Seo-joon burst into laughter and pressed the playback button of the video, and the monkey on the screen began to move.

[Nice to meet you, students! First of all, it’s an orientation, so I should briefly introduce myself, right? I am Monkey King.
My real name is Sun Wukong.]

The monkey in the video, Sun Wukong, laughed and continued.

[As you can see, this is my weapon, the Ruyi Bang.
Wait! Are there students that want to learn the spear while using the staf as their main weapon? But I don’t know that!]

Sun Wukong spoke as if he were explaining to someone in front of him.

[Basically, the staf isn’t very different from the spear? Are you serious? A spearman who became a transcendent not too long ago was my disciple so don’t lie to me.
Should I call him?]

At that moment, Sun Wukong raised his hand toward the air.
There was a moment of silence but nothing happened.

[He must be busy.
Anyway! Those who are preparing to learn the spear can listen to my lecture!]

Sun Wukong continued, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

[What you will learn in this lecture is the basics of staf and spear skills, Ran Na Chal.
As you can see from the title, it’s a basic course, so students with a certain level of experience should take an in-depth course instead of this one.
Of course, students who don’t know anything should watch carefully.]

[First of all… Ran Na Chal is the three basic forms of spear mastery and staf mastery.
Everything starts from here.]

[Hmm, just talking about it doesn’t make sense, right? I’ll show you.]

As Sun Wukong turned around, he looked at a huge mountain behind him.
Compared to the huge mountain, Sun Wukong was as big as a small dot.
Then, he tightly wrapped his fist around something that looked like a staf.

[First, it’s Ran.
It is a motion that bounces outward as an external force.]

Sun Wukong slowly swung the staf from inside to outside in a slow motion but the result was not simple.


With a tremendous roar, the huge mountain that existed in the background burst at once.

“What is this…?”

[The second is Na.
The action of pulling the bounced staf as if winding it inside.]

With Sun Wukong’s words, the staf which had been swung came back.
At the same time, heaven and earth turned upside down, and fragments of the scattered earth soared into the sky.


Even though it was only a screen, it seemed that the enormous wind pressure was vividly felt beyond it.

[Finally Chan, which means piercing a single dot.]

The landscapes raged like a storm.
Soon after, the huge mountain that existed in the background disappeared from the screen.

It was as if the mountain never existed there from the beginning.

Sun Wukong patted his hand as if it was not a big deal and said.

[This is the basics of the staf and spear, Ran Na Chal.
You have to master them if you want to learn the Heavenly Meteor Staf which I’ll be teaching in the advanced course.]

[That’s all for orientation! See you in the next lecture!]

After the video ended a message appeared.


Seo-joon was briefly absent-minded by the overwhelming sight that could not be explained.
Even an S-class hunter couldn’t do that.

Seo-joon pressed the ‘School’ button as if he was possessed by something.




“It costs money just to register as a member?”

And if it is a membership fee, what else does it mean to calculate the causal rate of membership fee?

As Seo-joon stared at the screen with an absurd expression, the screen flickered and a new window popped up.

(We would like to inform you that the tuition fee after joining the membership may vary depending on your situation and causality.)

“You scammers.”

Seo-joon turned off his smartphone.

The next day, when Seo-joon woke up early in the morning, his steps were somewhat light.
Perhaps because of this, a smile appeared on Seo-joon’s face the whole time he was working but that didn’t last.

“Ugh! I think it’s gotten a bit worse.”

If it wasn’t for the pain in his leg that had been going on since yesterday, today would be the best day for Seo-joon.

“Hey, why do you look so handsome today?”

“Oh, Mr.

Perhaps because of his expression, Seo-joon smiled slightly at Man-cheol’s voice, which he was dissatisfied with.

Seo-joon loaded the body he was carrying into the truck, and Man-cheol approached Seo-joon and asked.

“Are your legs still like that?”

“No, just a little.”

“I told you to go to the hospital.”

“It’s okay.
It’s much better than yesterday.”

“That stubbornness…”

Man-cheol shook his head.
Then, he took a look at Seo-joon’s face and said,

“You’re going to go today, aren’t you?”

As expected, I can’t fool you.”

Seo-joon smiled lightly and Man-cheol said with a sad expression.

“Then we can’t see each other anymore?”

“No, I have some time until the semester starts.
I will continue to work for about a month.”

“Just take a good rest for a month.
You’re going to have to train after that so take care of your legs.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Life is full of excitement.”

Man-cheol said so and smacked his lips.

“So did you decide where to register?”

It’s called Arc Academy and the instructors there are good.
But in fact, the most important thing rather than instructors is student care.
If you look at the evaluation of the successful students…”

Afterwards, Seo-joon started talking about the facilities and the learning atmosphere.

“Stop it.
I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

In the end, Seo-joon stopped talking only after Man-cheol waved his hand as if he didn’t want to hear it.


Seo-joon smiled awkwardly at his excited appearance.
Then suddenly Seo-joon thought about yesterday and asked Man-cheol.

“Ah! Mister, have you heard of the Transcension Academy?”

“Transcension Academy? Is that Hunter Academy, too? What a grand name.”

Man-cheol said he didn’t hear of it and Seo-joon was lost in thought for a moment.

’What the hell is this place?’

In fact, this morning, Seo-joon searched the Transcension Academy out of curiosity.
However, there was no information about it anywhere, only saying that search terms could not be found.

He even tried to look up the advertisement video he saw yesterday, but he strangely couldn’t see it.

Was there a Hunter Academy that he didn’t know about?

“This is the end of today’s work! Thank you all for your hard work!”

Then a cry was heard that the work was over.


Seo-joon quickly came to his senses and shook off the rushing thoughts.
Anyway, that wasn’t the point right now.

“Mister, I’m going to go now!”

Seo-joon ran out without waiting for Man-cheol’s answer.

“You’re a jerk.
How nice is that?”

Man-cheol burst into laughter as he looked at Seo-joon’s running back.

“Do your best.”

And it was just when Man-cheol turned around and walked away.


Suddenly, an ominous sound came from the direction where Seo-joon ran.
Man-cheol slowly turned his head with a feeling of disbelief and at the same time, his body rushed forward.


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