C30: Order of Truth (3)

At the same time as Seo-joon spoke, a strange silence fell inside the room.

Calia looked at Seo-joon and his smartphone alternately with a surprised look.

Seo Jun looked at Calia calmly while the Sword Saint was watching the situation with a puzzled look on his face.

In the subsequent silence only the voice of Shakyamuni from his smartphone rang hollow.

[Some say the definition of existence is soul.
If this is true, then even if the body is different, but if the soul is the same, the existence will be the same.
Therefore, the nature of its existence should not be different even though it is possessed and regressed.]

[Then what is the soul? Thinking consciousness? Or a mere extension of memory? Today, I would like to talk about the definition of soul and existence.]

Seo-joon hurriedly closed his ears because he was about to enter in a trance because of the lecture.
However, realizing that it was a lecture he had to attend anyway, Seo-joon sighed inwardly.

“What are you talking about?”

Calia asked, her expression being a little calmer than before but she was still a little surprised.

Seo-joon came to his senses and said,

“What do you see on this smartphone screen?”

Shakyamuni’s lecture, which is being played now, was only seen and heard by Seo-joon.
To be exact, it would be accurate to say that only Seo-joon could hear and see the Transcension Academy lectures.

If so,

“You’re asking… strange questions.”

What does Calia’s expression mean?

“I don’t think it’s a difficult question.”

“It feels too difficult for me.”

“Can I take that as a sign that you don’t want to answer?”

“What if?”

“Then I can’t help it.”

Seo-joon shrugged his shoulders and Calia kept her mouth shut for a long time and Seo-joon waited silently for Calia.

“Black screen.”

Calia’s mouth slowly opened.

“I can only see a black screen.”

Seo-joon lowered his gaze slightly and looked at the smartphone where Shakyamuni’s lecture was playing normally.

Seo-joon raised his eyes again and asked Calia.

“Is that the truth?”

I swear in the name of truth that there are no lies mixed in.”

Seo-joon shut his mouth at Calia’s definite answer because the oath made under the name of truth was absolute for the members of the Order of Truth.
Even more so since the other party was the successor of the Apostle of Purity.

It was undeniable that Calia could not see Shakyamuni’s lecture.
Therefore, at least Calia didn’t want to meet Seo-joon because of the Transcension Academy.

Seo-joon put his smartphone back in his pocket.

“I don’t know if that was a satisfactory answer.”

“It was.”

“Then will you think positively about sponsorship?”


Seo-joon shrugged his shoulders once, and then,

“I won’t take it.”

He spoke with a smile on his face.




After Seo-joon and Sword Saint left, Calia sat alone in the room and stared silently over the window.

“Knock, knock.”

“Come in.”

At the sudden knock, Calia moved her gaze from the window.
Then a man in a black hood came into the room, and Calia asked the man as if she had been waiting.

“What happened, Kelkus?”

“…there was no distortion.”

Calia closed her mouth when the man called Kelkus answered.
She just tapped her index finger a few times and asked again.

“Are you sure what you saw then?”

“I swear in the name of truth.
I’m pretty sure.”

At Kelkus definite answer, Calia asked no more about it.


However, she couldn’t shake off the lingering discomfort in her heart.

If Kelkus didn’t swear in the name of truth Calia would’ve thought that he was kidding.

She lowered her gaze slightly and repeated the image of Seo-joon she had just met.
To be honest, there was nothing special except for the fact that she was surprised when he pushed his smartphone into her face and asked what she saw.

It was something that Calia had never seen, but it was a matter of possibility.

“It would be better to report to other apostles…”

At Kelkus’ words, Calia thought for a moment and shook her head.

“No, I’ll just wait and see.
For now, the distortion in dungeons is the priority.
What happened to the other heroes?”

“We have contacted everyone except for Dark Star and Spiritual Star.
As you know, I can’t see those two…”

Calia turned her eyes slightly and looked at the empty seat where Seo-joon sat.

‘Can’t see…’

Calia was lost in thought.

After leaving the hotel, Seo-joon and Sword Saint headed back to Dream Academy.

Seo-joon did not know why Sword Saint was going to Dream Academy again, but now he decided to ignore him.

In front of Dream Academy, when Seo-joon was about to enter the building,

“Why did you reject Calia’s offer?”

The Sword Saint asked.

When Seo-joon stopped walking and looked at the Sword Saint, the Sword Saint was looking at Seo-joon with a dutiful expression.

It’s not the doubtful expression that the Sword Saint has been showing to Seo-joon all the time, but really pure curiosity.

Seo-joon replied with a smile.

“I’m worried.”


Seo-joon nodded.

In fact, Seo-joon thought Calia would be related to the Transcension Academy.
However, when he checked, Calia was not related to the Transcension Academy.
He didn’t know what the Order of Truth would be like, but at least he knew Calia wasn’t.

If Calia had said she could see Shakyamuni’s lecture, Seo-joon would have gladly accepted the support of the Order of Truth.

However Calia did not see Shakyamuni’s lecture and that meant that she didn’t know about the Transcension Academy.

Nevertheless, from her attitude she seemed to know that Seo-joon had something and Seo-joon did not want to accept the good will of an opponent who did not show his cards.

However, the Sword Saint, who did not know this situation, just tilted his head and asked back.

“So you’re saying that Seo-yoon’s academy isn’t anything to worry about?”

Where else can I find a woman as honest as Seo-yoon?”

Seo-joon answered with a smile.

Somehow, it seemed like he saw the shaking hands of Sword Saint, but Seo-joon did not pay much attention.

Sword Saint stared blankly at Seo-joon and then bit his tongue.

“By the way, Mr.
Sword Saint.
May I ask you a question?”

Seo-joon said and Sword Saint answered indifferently.

“Say it.”

“What is the dungeon distortion?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“It’s just that the Sword Saint and Sir Calia had a serious conversation, but I didn’t understand anything.”

The Sword Saint answered calmly.

“It means the mana is twisted.
If the dungeon is distorted, it means that the magic wave inside the dungeon is distorted.”

“The magic wave inside the dungeon is distorted? What’s that?”

Seo-joon, who could not understand, asked again.

“It means that mana value is different from when it was measured when the dungeon appeared.
This distortion has several ripple effects, but it is most often the case that the grade of the dungeon rises suddenly, or the dungeon explodes even though it is not time yet.”

“What? Is that possible?”

Seo-joon was surprised and asked back because Seo-joon knew that there had never been such a case so far.

“It’s a phenomenon that you can’t see now but in the days of the cataclysm, it happened all the time.”


It was only then that Seo-joon could understand why Sword Saint and Calia had such a serious conversation.


Then suddenly, Seo-joon was able to think of another thing that Calia said.

“Is that why Lord Calia said it is not over?”

“Never mind, that’s just Calia’s illusion.
The cataclysm is over.”

The Sword Saint shook his head firmly and said.
His attitude was so determined that Seo-joon stopped asking questions.

At that moment, the Sword Saint suddenly turned its back and left.

“Where are you going?”

“You don’t have to know.”

“You must be busy.”

“Then you thought I had nothing to do?”

“Didn’t you?”

For a moment, the Sword Saint was at a loss for words.
This was because the behavior of the Sword Saint has been like that.

The Sword Saint said to Seo-joon with a displeased look on his face.

“You punk.
If you make a strange move on Seo-yoon, I will not let you go.
Do you understand?”

“That means you approve of me now, right?”

“It means I’ll wait and see.”

“You’re being dishonest.
Aren’t you getting away from Seo-yoon because you keep doing that?”

The atmosphere was getting tense again.

“Huh? You’re going to hit me again!?”

However, Seo-joon rushed into the academy building quickly.

“Anyway, if I do anything, I’ll try to solve it only with my strength.
I should grow up quickly and then we’ll face each other.

Seo-joon, who entered the academy, grumbled and walked away.

He knew that Sword Saint acted that way because he was worried about his granddaughter but that didn’t meant he was happy with his actions.

“But I’m not saying I’m good.”

Seo-joon opened the academy with a smirk and greeted Seo-yoon.

“Seo-yoon, I’m here.”

“Huh? Seo-joon? You came earlier than I thought.”

Seo-joon approached Seo-yoon and said,

“Because it ended early.
I still have time so I’m going to finish my training.”

“Really? I thought you wouldn’t come today.”

“This is how it happened.”

Seo-yoon smiled and asked at Seo-joon’s calm words.

“But what did Lord Calia say?”

“Well, she didn’t say anything.”

Seo-joon said so, but he briefly explained to Seo-yoon about what happened with Calia.

“Well, it’s very strange in many ways.”

Seo-yoon, who heard the story, also tilted her head, wondering.
Then suddenly, Seo-yoon asked as if she had realized.

“Come to think of it… What about my grandfather? He went with you.”

“Oh, he suddenly left because he had something busy to do.
He came all the way here, but he just left.”

Seo-yoon asked Seo-joon carefully.

“Did he say anything else?”

“There is nothing to worry about.”

Seo-yoon breathed a sigh of relief and then spoke to Seo-joon with a very apologetic look on her face.

“My grandfather’s interference is severe.
I’m really sorry.
I should have told you beforehand…”

Seo-yoon felt so sorry that she couldn’t raise her head to face Seo-joon.

“It’s a little too much, but… haha, this is nothing.
It’s all right, don’t worry too much.”

Nevertheless, Seo-yoon was only grateful to Seo-joon for saying that.

Seo-yoon bowed her head and murmured.

“When will…my grandfather’s interference end?”

Seo-joon stared at Seo-yoon.
In fact, Seo-joon could not fully understand Seo-yoon’s feelings.

Seo-joon, who lost his parents in an accident when he was a student and lived alone, had not experienced this kind of family interference a lot.

“I have nothing to say.”

Therefore, Seo-joon was careful when he spoke with Seo-yoon and Seo-yoon understood Seo-joon’s words because she also knew about Seo-joon’s situation.

She knew it was a bad idea but Seo-yoon sometimes thought that if she didn’t have any family she would have been lonely and had a hard time, but at least she could have lived her own way.

Seo-joon talked as if he was looking into Seo-yoon’s mind.

“You wish you were alone, right?”

“Honestly, sometimes I think like that.”

“From Seo-yoon’s point of view, that could be the case.
But…I know how it feels.”

Seo-joon paused for a moment before continuing.

“The end of interference is the beginning of longing.”

Seo-yoon gently raised her head and looked at Seo-joon.
And in Seo-joon’s eyes reflected in Seo-yoon’s eyes, there was an indescribable emotion.

Seo-joon quickly changed his expression and opened his mouth again as if he had noticed Seo-yoon’s feelings.

“The way Sword Saint is expressing his feeling is wrong but he’s not doing it with a bad heart.
You can still change it but it won’t be easy.
Whatever you do, I’ll give you a few hints, of course not for free.”

Seo-joon scratches the back of his head and a smile leaked from Seo-yoon unconsciously at his embarrassed expression.

“… Thank you.

When Seo-yoon was looking at Seo-joon, she felt her heart warm somewhere.

The two did not talk to each other, and only looked at each other’s faces in an awkward atmosphere.

What broke the atmosphere was Seo-yoon’s clap after a while.

“Oh, by the way! Seo-joon, you said you needed money, right?”

“What? Oh, yes.
That’s true, but… how did you know?”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t know when you say it every day.”

“When did I do that…?”

Seo-joon nodded softly at her words.

It was true that what he needed the most was money.

He is a long way off considering that the free pass period will expire soon, weapons will have to be bought, and individual lectures will be taken later.

In fact, he went to see Calia today because of the 100 millions.

Of course, despite refusing the sponsorship, Calia gave 100 million as promised, but the causal rate raised the price to 200 million.
So Seo-joon used the 100 million won to repay the debt that he had.

Thanks to this, he was able to pay off the debt, so it was not a losing business.

Seo-yoon smiled and said,

“So while Seo-joon was away, I looked for a little bit, and there was one suitable one.”

“There was?”
To Seo-joon’s question, Seo-yoon manipulated her smartphone instead of answering.

After a while, Seo-yoon turned her smartphone around and showed it to Seo-joon.

The words on the screen were like this.

< The 24th Dungeon Sweeping Contest will start soon>

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