C29: Order of Truth (2)

TL Note: Calia is a woman not a man.
I’ll fix the previous chapters asap.

The interior of the hotel was so quiet that it seemed desolate.
If there were at least one or two guests staying, noise would’ve been heard but apparently they rented the entire hotel.

“I’ll guide you.
This way, please.”

When Seo-joon and Sword Saint went inside, another believer volunteered to guide them.

They reached a room on the 11th floor, the highest floor of the hotel.
Even though it was a not-so-good hotel, the VIP room was a room with an antique atmosphere.

“If you wait here a little longer, Lord Calia will come.
If you need anything, I’m always waiting at the door, so feel free to call me.”

The follower left the room at the end of the sentence.
However, the expression of the Sword Saint, who was looking at the believer, did not seem good for some reason.

Seo-joon wondered why he was like that, so he looked at him.

“I knew it was going to be like this, waiting for him.”

Sword Saint murmured.

Seo-joon smirked and laughed inside then sat on the couch.

While sitting comfortably he said to Sword Saint.

“You’re acquainted with Lord Calia,”

He realized just by seeing how Sword Saint was talking about Calia.

They might not be very close, but they know each other’s faces and names.

“I’m seeing him for the first time today.”

Sword Saint’s words were completely different from what he expected.

“What? It’s your first time seeing him today?”

This is the first time I’ve seen him in person but we’ve talked a few times before.”

Nevertheless, when Seo-joon tilted his head, Sword Saint kicked his tongue once and said.

“I’ve met apostles, during the period of the cataclysm but and even the Apostle of Purity but I’ve never seen a successor.”


Only then did Seo-joon nod.

Sword Saint was one of the heroes active during the cataclysmic period and he once joined forces with the Order of Truth to end the cataclysm.

Seo-joon couldn’t believe that Sword Saint met the apostles but not their successors.
Still, considering that Sword Saint age was approaching 100 he was part of the older generation of heroes it made sense.

He was born at the same time as the cataclysm and has lived until now so in a way he was a living witness to the cataclysm and could be called a living fossil.

As his thoughts reached this point, Seo-joon suddenly had a question.

“And the Great Voice? Have you ever met the Great Voice?”

The Order of Truth was an organization centered around the seven apostles and the Great Voice but only the seven apostles are known and active.

The Great Voice never took an official position or appeared.
Therefore, it was not known whether it was a man or a woman, and their age was also unclear.

There were questions whether it really existed and even in the Order of Truth no one saw a great voice except for the seven apostles.

It is only known once that he or she appeared at the time when the Cataclysm officially ended, and at the same time, when the Great Monster, Berserk, was defeated.

In fact, if it were not for this, the Order of Truth would not have the prestige it has today.

The actions of the 7 apostles were not much different from the heroes of today who save people from monsters and clear dungeons.

In fact, Seo-joon only knows the name Berserk, but doesn’t even know what it looks like.
There are pictures drawn based on the testimonies of the heroes, but there are no photos, videos, or any other records.

It’s just a story, but Berserk’s power was said to be more overwhelming than any monsters ever seen.

It was said that even if all the heroes in the world joined forces, they wouldn’t have been able to defeat Berserk and Seo-joon honestly couldn’t imagine it.

There was even a saying that a second cataclysm would happen because of Berserk but Berserk eventually fell and it was the Great Voice and the seven apostles that defeated the great monster.

This is the reason why it’s said that the Cataclysm wouldn’t have ended without the Order of Truth and it was also the first and last moment when a great voice appeared.

Sword Saint was a person who shared that moment so Seo-joon asked just in case, and Sword Saint spoke indifferently.

“I haven’t met the Great Voice.”

He continued,

“I’ve only watched from distance.”

It was then.

“Nice to meet you.
Is this the first time we’ve actually met in person?”

The door to the room where Seo-joon and Sword Saint were was opened and someone entered.
At the same time, just hearing how clear the voice was made Seo-joon feel like his ears were purified.

Seo-joon turned his head in the direction where the sound came without realizing it.
And what Seo-joon saw was a beauty with platinum hair that came down to her shoulders.

At the same time, her age was difficult to judge from a glance.
Looking at her face she appeared to be the same age as Seo-joon or maybe a little older.

In addition, she was wearing plain armor except for her helmet, which is why Seo-joon’s first impression of her was that of a paladin.

It was not difficult for Seo-joon to know that she was Calia, the successor of the Apostle of Purity.

He didn’t know if it was from her title but Seo-joon could feel a strange atmosphere from Calia.

As he was thinking Sword Saint spoke in an annoyed tone.

“I was wondering why you were late, but you were grooming?”

“I would appreciate it if you could think of it as cleaning my body and mind before delivering God’s words.”

“That damn thing is quite new to hear in person.”

Calia smiled softly at Sword Saint’s sarcastic words then she turned her eyes to Seo-joon and said.

“My introduction is late.
My name is Calia, a member of the Order of Truth who spreads the word of God, and I am walking the path of purity.
Nice to meet you.”

Seo-joon said, while looking into Calia’s eyes.

“Nice to meet you.

“Kim Seo-joon, is that right? Thank you for coming.”

Then, as if she knew everything, Calia answered.

When Seo-joon looked at Calia, she continued.

“It’s not like you don’t know how we can talk…”

Seo-joon kept staring at Calia without saying a word since her appearance was not Korean therefore the language that Calia is speaking now was not Korean either.

Nevertheless, the reason why Seo-joon could understand her was because of the Order of Truth special method of communication.

Their method delivered the will contained in the language and was one of the reasons the Order of Truth could expand worldwide in an instant.

Calia asked again.

“Or are you wondering how I know you?”

“Since you mentioned it, I’ll ask you.
How the hell do you know me?”

When Seo-joon asked her straightforwardly, Calia looked slightly surprised.
She didn’t expect that he would ask her directly.

“I think we need to clear up the misunderstanding before we get to the point.”

Calia continued immediately.

“Not too long ago you participated in the Academy competition.
At that time, one of our believers watched you and was generous in complimenting you so I took the liberty of meeting you because you were so amazing.”

“Is that it?”

Do you need any other reason?”

She asked as if Seo-joon was saying something natural.

“Is that why you know me?”

“Is there any reason why I should know you?”

Calia replied and Seo-joon stared at her because she basically didn’t explain how she knew him.

Nevertheless, he could only think that Calia did not open her mouth on purpose so Seo-joon changed his question.

“Why did you want to see me then?”

Calia replied with a smile.

“I’m going to talk about that from now on… Can we take a seat?”

Seo-joon, Sword Saint and Calia sat down.

“It feels like we just said hello but is it just me who feels exhausted?”

“Isn’t it because of your damn talking style? You brought it on yourself.”

Calia shrugged her shoulders and opened her mouth at the Sword Saint blow.

“Then I don’t mind telling you what’s going on right away.
First of all, Mr.
Sword Saint, I want you to search a dungeon together with me.

“Did you change your strategy from a nasty way of speaking to talking shit?”

“You know better than anyone that it’s not over.”


For a moment, the Sword Saint opened his eyes wide and looked at Calia.
Perhaps he was surprised, but his body was shaking gently.

“… What do you mean?”

“It is reported that a distortion occurred in a dungeon in Korea.
I think the Sword Saint will know better what this means.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.
At that time, I’m sure…”

“It is the judgment of this Truth Council that it is necessary to confirm.”

The Sword Saint stared at Calia for a moment as if he was lost in thought and after a while he opened his mouth.

“…That’s why you came to Korea after 4 years.”

“It’s an internal situation of the Order, but it’s not very unrelated.”

“At the same time, you established your position as a successor for four years.”

Calia pauses for a moment.

“…As expected, I can’t fool you.”

“It’s not even funny to say that it’s a judgment of the Order of Truth.”

Calia said to the snorting Sword Saint.

“Can you help me?”

“It will depend on what those 4 years brought you.”

“I don’t think you should say it in my favor.”

Calia thought for a moment, then she continued.

“I heard that your granddaughter runs a Hunter Academy…”

At that moment a tremendous pressure erupted from the Sword Saint.

“If you come to weave Seo-yoon one more time I will not let you go.”

Seo-joon was only feeling the aftermath but the tremendous pressure made Seo-joon feel like he was numb and he was able to realize once again that Sword Saint was really looking after him at the academy.


However, Calia’s expression was nothing but calm.

In fact, just by looking at her he was able to roughly gauge Calia’s level.

“I made a slip of the tongue.
I apologize.
I’m sorry.”

Only after Calia apologized did the Sword Saint stop.

“Other than that, I don’t have anything to give to the Sword Saint.
·· Then let’s do this.
I will do the same thing for you sometime.”

“Four years?”


The Sword Saint once again snorted and answered.

“That’s funny.
You want me to believe a promise that you could pretend didn’t exist in 4 years.”

“I can swear in the name of truth if you wish.”

In response to Calia’s firm answer, the Sword Saint closed its mouth.

An oath in the name of truth was an oath that the members of the Order of Truth would never break.
Therefore, it was an oath that was rarely done unless it was really important.

“I don’t think this is the only way to determine the position of an apostle.”

“I don’t care what you think, but can’t you just pretend you didn’t see it?”

Sword Saint seemed to think for a moment, then said, tapping his tongue once.

“All right, if you swear on the name of truth, I’ll help you.”

A simple ceremony was then held between the two after the deal.

Seo-joon saw it for the first time, but the two proceeded quickly as if they were familiar.

To be exact, Calia did something by herself and the ceremony ended quickly.


Calia looked at Seo-joon and said,

“I guess you haven’t let go of your doubts yet.”

“I won’t deny it.”

Calia nodded softly and said,

“I don’t know what Seo-joon would think, but the way Seo-joon looked at that time was a real shock to me.”

Calia then explained Seo-joon’s actions in the academy competition, listing them one by one enthusiastically as if she had seen the situation firsthand.

The problem was that he didn’t seem to see the end of it, so Seo-joon cut off Calia’s words.

“So what do you want to say?”

“Our Order of Truth would like to support Seo-joon.”


Calia nodded.

The Order of Truth was a group with a strong religious color, and of course, its activities were also strongly inclined.

A representative of those activities was the sponsorship that Calia just said.

They sponsored not only academies but also individual students.
People who are talented but unable to fulfill their dreams because they are blocked by the walls of reality.

The Order of Truth was working to find such people and help them financially and materially.

If it was the Seo-joon of two months ago he would’ve accepted but now.

“I already have an academy to which I belong.”

“I didn’t mean to leave the academy.
It’s just that while Kim Seo-joon is active, we want you to support the Order activities.”

“Then what should I give if I accept the sponsorship?”

“It is not a sponsorship expecting anything in return.
If there is anything I wish for, the relationship between the Order and Seo-joon is enough.”

Seo-joon laughed inwardly.
It was because I knew well that it could not be regarded as a charity.

A person or group who helped you in times of hardship remains a burden on the mind and becomes a debt in a sense.
They’ll get it back in some way later.

Seo-joon was well aware that large companies are not donating scholarships to schools for no reason.
Well, that didn’t mean that the Order of Truth didn’t do something good.

“What if I refuse?”

“Then there’s nothing we can do.”

Seo-joon gently raised his eyes and looked at Calia.
She is a beauty with white skin like drawing paper and gorgeous platinum hair.

When their eyes met, Calia stared at Seo-joon like a noble paladin.
Clearly, Calia knew something about Seo-joon, something different from what he showed in the academy competition but she seemed to have no intention of saying anything.

“Frankly, it’s not a very attractive offer.”

Seo-joon immediately continued.

“But if you can be honest with one question I ask, I’ll consider it.”

“What is it? Go ahead.”

Calia nods her head calmly.

“Could you…”

Seo-joon closed his mouth for a moment.
It was literally a sudden thought, but Seo-joon felt like he shouldn’t ask this question.

Calia may answer honestly or she could also avoid the answer but Seo-joon had no way to figure it out.
However, it was a worse choice to step down in the current situation.

Calia’s behavior now was too suspicious to just pass it on.

After a long thought, Seo-joon got up from his seat, took out his smartphone, went straight to the Transcension Academy to play Shakyamuni’s lecture then moved the screen in front of Calia.

Calia was panicked while Seo-joon asked her,

“What do you see on this smartphone screen?”

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