C2: Crazy Advertising (1)

“Be careful!”

Seo-joon hurriedly turned his head to an urgent cry from somewhere and he could see something huge leaning toward him.


Seo-joon was startled and moved his body, but the monster corpse strapped to his back entangled him.

In the end, Seo-joon was not able to avoid it and was crushed.


Seo-joon couldn’t breathe under the pressure of weighing on his body.

“Hey! Are you okay?”

“Here! There’s a man here!”

Aware of the accident, the people around me hurriedly came over asking if everyone was okay.
However, Seo-joon hoped that someone would lift the weight that was suffocating him.

“Don’t stand still, everyone get out of the way! I have to lift the body.”

Fortunately, thanks to someone’s quick action, Seo-joon was able to free himself from the pressure.

“Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!!”

However, as the pressure that was weighing on the body disappeared, terrible pain came.
Seo-joon slowly moved his legs in pain and fortunately, he managed to feel his limbs little by little.

“What? What’s going on?”

Kim Tae-soo, the head of the work team and a man in his late 40s with half a bald head asked in a nervous voice.

Although he couldn’t move his body properly due to the terrible pain, Seo-joon could tell who he was just by hearing his voice.

“What are you doing not working right now?”

Kim Tae-soo strode up and looked at Seo-joon, who was in pain and the people around him and asked.

“Why is he lying there?”

“Leader, that…”

Heavy equipment is used for moving large monsters since it was impossible to move them using human power.
However, the heavy equipment missed the body due to a malfunction, and it happened to fall on Seo-joon.

Although it was an accident Kim Tae-soo then sighed with a disapproving look.


Then, he looked around at the dead body in the heavy equipment and continued.

“There’s nothing wrong with the body, right?”

“Fortunately, there is no problem.
But this friend seems to have been seriously injured.”

At that moment, Kim Tae-soo frowned and shouted.

“What nonsense is that? Who gets hurt?”

“What? This friend here…”

“Ugh! What does this person say?”

Kim Tae-soo twitched his eyebrows once and said,

“He didn’t get hurt, he fell.”


Kim Tae-soo continued calmly, ignoring the people’s dumbfounded expressions.

“Do you know what kind of monster that is? It is a 5-star monster! 5-star! That body costs tens of millions of won.
It means that if you drop it the fee is that high.”


“However, do you think there are only one or two companies that rush to carry them? Winning a deal is a war, too.
I got this because my niece is a C-level professional hunter and she’s part of the Reid team.
You all know, right? Lee Jung-min, the golden flash.”

“Ah, yes, well.”

“But if our company has an accident how can I face my niece?”

Kim Tae-soo turned his eyes away with a dry cough.

“Well, anyway, you all know what I’m saying, right?”

He turned around and said it, but in the end, it was to cover up the accident.

“But a person got hurt…”

“Uh-huh, this person is fine! If we can’t get the deal, you guys won’t have a job! Do I have to say this much?”



Then people stopped coming forward and shut their mouths.
Most of the people who carried monster carcasses here now were people who lived from day to day.

Kim Tae-soo shouted, nodding his head satisfactorily at the expressions of those people.

“Just move a few people over and let everyone do what they were doing.”

Seo-joon lay on the bed inside a container box made on site and moved his body slightly.
Every time he moved, he felt a tingling pain, but it was clearly better than before.

“Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any major problems.”

At this rate, he didn’t think he needed to go to the hospital.

If he was going to get better after a little rest, there was no need to go and spend money.
It was just when Seo-joon breathed a sigh of relief.

“Seo-joon, are you inside?”

The door of the container box opened and a warm-looking man came inside.  He had a hard shaggy beard and was in his mid to late 40s.

The man’s name was Seok Man-cheol and his nickname was Hairy Boy(Teol-bo).

He was a person who Seo-joon became close to while transporting monster bodies.

“Mister Man-cheol? What are you doing here?”

In fact, he wasn’t close to him, but he was someone Seo-joon thought of as family.

“What’s the matter with you? I came because I was worried, you jerk.”

Man-cheol grumbled once and sat on the bed where Seo-joon was lying.
Then, he glanced over Seo-joon and opened his mouth again.

“What did the team leader say?”


Instead of answering, Seo-joon handed a small envelope in his arms.
Man-cheol accepted the envelope without saying anything and checked inside.

“Two million won? I can’t even pay for alcohol.”

“What kind of alcohol are you drinking so that 2 million won is not enough?”

“Boy this is a world only for grown-ups that you don’t know much about.”

Man-cheol folded the envelope he received and returned it to Seo-joon.

“Why don’t you file a complaint instead? You almost died this time.
I’m sorry, I’m not good enough to apologize, but only 2 million won for treatment is not enough.”

“No, sir.”

Seo-joon interrupted Man-cheol and opened his mouth.

“You don’t have to make things big because of me.
I’m not seriously injured and you know I have no place to work except here.”

“…Why don’t you have a place to work? There are jobs all over the world.”

“Ha ha.”

Seo-joon smiled lightly, but Man-cheol knew the meaning of the smile.

Man-cheol knew Seo-joon’s difficult situation roughly.
The transportation of monster carcasses was quite exhausting for non-regular workers, but the income was not bad.

Of course, it wasn’t good compared to professional jobs, but there was nothing like this for those who couldn’t learn and didn’t know how to do anything.

More than anyone else, Seo-joon himself would not want to go overboard like this.
However, Seo-joon was unable to say anything at Kim Tae-soo’s threat to move on quietly.

Man-cheol didn’t know that, so he didn’t bring it up anymore.

“Anyway, Kim Tae-soo, that bastard.
The day will come when he will get what he deserves.”

Man-cheol took a cigarette out of his arms then, he looked at Seo-joon for a while and took out another cigarette and handed it to Seo-joon.

“Do you feel like you’re going to do it?”

“No, you know I don’t smoke.”

“I know, but you looked like crap, so I suggested it.”

Seo-joon raised his hand and touched his face.
However, realizing that he couldn’t recognize his expression just because he touched it with his hand, he quickly lowered his hand.

“More than that, old man.
We’re indoors.”

“It’s nothing.”

Man-cheol lights the cigarette near his mouth.

“Are you all right?”

“I feel much better after a little break.
I don’t think it’s anything serious.”

“Go to the hospital anyway.
If something goes wrong while trying to save money only you will suffer.”

“It’s okay.
I’ll get better after a little rest.
You know, I’m an awakened.”

Man-cheol looked at Seo-joon with a ridiculous expression.

“Do awakeners have bones made of iron?”

“It’s not that, but I’m stronger than ordinary people.
If I were an ordinary person, I would have broken something”

“Bragging about being a natural awakened.”

Thick cigarette smoke came out of Man-cheol’s mouth.

“How much did you save for that damn thing?”

“I’m almost done.”

“Are you really going to try to become a Hunter?”


Man-cheol stared at Seo-joon’s face, who answered without hesitation.
Seo-joon was smiling whenever he talked about Hunters, no matter how depressed he was.

He had a lot to say when he saw that.

Do you know what the competition rate for the Hunter test is these days?

What do you want to get a job where you risk your life to make money in the first place?

Above all, isn’t it a waste to pin down the money you’ve saved so far to the academy?

However, Man-cheol soon shook off his thoughts.

‘Did I get older, too?’

Seo-joon was infinitely young compared to him.
His situation was not good, but it is still too early to push these realistic standards.

‘Maybe it’s an excuse I made up to run away.’

It may not be necessary to put such a standard in the first place.
That’s what dreams are about.

Man-cheol just smiled.

“Tell me if you need my help.
I’m a man with a big belly, but I can buy you a drink.”

“Really? Then…That 2 million won worth of alcohol?”

Huhu, Man-cheol once again exhaled thick cigarette smoke.

“Okay, I’ll teach you the world of adults worth 2 million won, so work hard.
How can a man who wants to be a hunter throw himself away like this? And can’t you pretend you don’t know me even if you become famous later.”

“Of course.
Ah! Do you want to take care of the bodies of the monsters I will catch?”

“Oh…that’s good.
Then can I touch dragons?”

“Is it only dragons? I’ll let you play football with a lich skull.”

Seo-joon and Man-cheol giggled for a while.

Seo-joon, who returned home, simply washed up and lied down.
Although it was only a single small room it was no less comfortable than a 100-pyeong house.


At that moment, the pain pushed toward his leg as if electricity had penetrated it.

“Ugh! Not this again.
I should have gone to the hospital as uncle said.”

However, Seo-joon shook his head quickly.
When you go to the hospital, they say they have to test this and that, but the cost of the test alone is hundreds of thousands of won.

He didn’t want to spend money for nothing at a time when a penny or two was lacking.

“It’ll be alright.”

Above all, Seo-joon was an awakened person.
The natural healing power of an awakened person was about four to five times that of the general public, so unless it was a big problem, it would have recovered quickly.

“How much do I have left?”

Seo-joon picked up his smartphone and checked his account.

[Account balance: 35,560,000 won]

“If I add 200,000 won and the 2 million I received today, there is really not much left until 40 million won!”

Seo-joon grabbed his trembling heart as he looked at the numbers reflected on the screen.

The academy fee is 40 million won.
Of course, even for a one-year tuition fee, the academy Seo-joon was going to go to was very expensive.

But it wasn’t that expensive considering the annual tuition fees for famous academies start at 100 million won.
Instead, the level of care is different, but it was an amount that ordinary people like Seo-joon can’t even afford.

Not to mention the academy where former S-class and A-class hunters are instructors.

So, Seo-joon chose Arc Academy.

The instructor’s evaluation was good and the student’s management and the annual discharge rate of successful applicants were quite good.

“I can go to school in a month, so considering the opening date of the school, I can go register right after work tomorrow!”

Seo-joon couldn’t hide his excitement since it took him nine years to save money for the academy tuition.

Of course, he didn’t have to attend an academy to become a Hunter.

Sometimes there were people who passed the professional hunter test on their own without attending an academy but those were just the circumstances of a very talented few not the case for most people, including Seo-joon.


In fact, he wanted to save a little more money and go to a better academy but Seo-joon is 27 years old.
He was still young, but it was time to start something.

“Lastly, let’s see if there’s a better academy.”

Nevertheless, the beginning is always exciting.

Seo-joon checked every single post related to Hunter Academies.

[In November, let’s get ready to pass with Hunter Mill in advance!]

[The potential of being ranked #1 in the shortest period of time, Ale Academy proves it as the final successful student.]

[Passing solution only for you.
Gaon Academy will turn your dreams into reality.

Most of them were academies that Seo-joon couldn’t go to, but he still felt a kind of vicarious satisfaction just by watching them.


“My eyes are dry.
I should go to bed now.”

Looking at the time, it was past 11 o’clock.
It was time to go to bed since he had work tomorrow but just when he was about to turn off his smartphone.

[Transcendent Academy]

The name of an academy that he saw for the first time appeared.

“Academy for transcendents?”

Was there even a Hunter Academy like this?

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