C27: A Strange Person

After Seo-yoon left the academy, Sword Saint remained there immersed in his thoughts.


Then he burst into laughter because Seo-yoon wasn’t at the appropriate age to rebel.
However, for Sword Saint, who is almost 100 years old, Seo-yoon was only his delicate granddaughter, a poor child who lost his parents shortly after she was born.

After a while he also left the academy and headed home.
There he immediately found Seo Moon-cheol and instructed him.

“I need you to find out more about a guy named Kim Seo-joon.”

“All right.”

Seo Moon-cheol followed the instructions of the Sword Saint without any questions.

After decades of being with Sword Saint he knew that there was always a good reason for his instructions.

Seo Moon-chul immediately launched an investigation into Kim Seo-joon.
Of course, it was too much for an individual to do, but Sword Saint was not just an individual, he had a power faction under him.

In the first place, there were few people in Korea who could ignore the name of the Sword Saint.
Therefore, it was not very difficult to find information about Kim Seo-joon.

However, that is why Seo Moon-chul had no choice but to think about whether to report this or not.

Seo Moon-chul shook his head quickly.
It was up to the Sword Saint not him.

“Here, it’s about Kim Seo-joon.”

Sword Saint read the report and what he found was….

“Is this all?”

There was nothing!

He could see two things exactly.

He was a natural awakener and the other was that he recently obtained a temporary license.

There were two things, but if it weren’t for this, it would have meant that Kim Seo-joon didn’t even have any information worth reporting.

In a word, it meant that he was an unimportant person.

However, that was not the case when Sword Saint saw it, he thought that he was hiding something considering the words that Seo-yoon said.

That’s why

“Why are you standing so far away?”

He decided to find out about the guy named Seo-joon himself.

“Are you going to hit me again?”

From what he experienced yesterday, he could roughly see that he was not a bad person.

“Was it not enough that you hit me yesterday?”

But Sword Saint buried his thoughts in his heart.

I didn’t come to do that today and you make it sound like I was beating people out of the blue.”

“You did.”

Seo-joon answered confidently and Sword Saint had nothing to say.

“If not, why are you here?”

“It is an academy run by Seo-yoon.
What’s the point of not being able to come here?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

This time Seo-joon had nothing to say.

“I want to ask you something.
Come and sit down.”

Seo-joon thought about what to do for a while and just walked in front of Sword Saint and sat down.
In fact, it was not necessary to do so, but Seo-joon’s change in perception played a role.

For Seo-joon, Sword Saint was a person he didn’t care about at first, but now he was just a grandfather who worried about his granddaughter.

Sword Saint stared at him so Seo-joon opened his mouth first.

“What is it?”

“Why are you in this academy?”

Sword Saint asked directly.
It was because there was nothing to hide and he had no reason to do so.

“Is that all?”



Sword Saint looked up at Seo-joon.
He was a dim-looking fellow and it didn’t seem like he was the lying type.
However his doubts only got deeper.

Especially the fact that he was in the academy and he was not being taught anything.
So the Sword Saint was silent for a long time.

“If you have nothing more to say, can I go now?”

“Where are you going?”

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere, but I’m going to do some training.”


Sword Saint’s eyes glowed for a moment because this was the most suspicious point about Seo-joon.

Furthermore, from what he saw yesterday, he couldn’t be considered a student so he thought he would be able to roughly understand what he is hiding by watching him practice.

“Do as you please.”

Sword Saint decided to watch Seo-joon train without asking any other questions.


He was out of his mind.

The guy who said he’d train stood up out of the blue.
He first looked around then dragged some strange metal fittings and stuck them on his body.



His actions might look bizarre but it wasn’t a bad way to train the body therefore Sword Saint kept watching in silence even though he believed Seo-joon was out of his mind.

But the decisive reason why Sword Saint thought he was crazy was when he started looking at his smartphone screen blankly for hours.

In the end, Sword Saint asked Seo-joon.

“Are you meditating?”

“……Oh, what? What did you just say?”

He was still acting like before.

“I asked if you were meditating now.”

“Oh, well, it’s similar.”

Seo-joon turned his eyes back to the black screen of his smartphone and Sword Saint spoke without realizing.

“Meditation is definitely a good training exercise but isn’t that too much.
Keep in mind that meditation is the exercise of the heart.”

Seo-joon turned to the Sword Saint again and nodded.

“Oh, yes.”

Then turned his head to the smartphone again as if he understood what he was saying.


He didn’t seem interested in what he said at all and Sword Saint pride was hurt a little so he added just in case.

“I can teach you if you want.”


At that moment, Seo-joon asked back, surprised because he knew that it was rare for Sword Saint to do such a thing.

However, Seo-joon shook his head firmly.

Teaching is not good ··· I’m fine.
The flow keeps getting cut off, so if you have something to say, could you tell me later?”

Seo-joon then looked at his smartphone with a gesture not to talk to him anymore…

The Sword Saint was sure that he was out of his mind.

“What, grandfather?”

And it was at this time that Seo-yoon came to the academy.

Seo-yoon looked very surprised by the appearance of her grandfather in the academy and once again she was embarrassed that he was sticking next to Seo-joon.

“Why are you here again?”

Seo-yoon calmed down her trembling heart and asked because she thought the Sword Saint would do something about Seo-joon.
She knew her grandfather’s character since it was imprinted in Seo-yoon’s mind for 31 years and didn’t think he would change overnight.

As she was thinking Sword Saint approached her and said,

“He’s out of his mind.”


Seo-yoon was confused for a while at her grandfather’s words.

“I’m suspicious of his actions.
No, it’s right to think that he’s crazy.”

Sword Saint looked at Seo-joon with a strange expression and said,

Seo-yoon naturally turned her head following the gaze of the Sword Saint and she could see Seo-joon staring blankly at the black screen of his smartphone.

“What’s wrong with him?”


Sword Saint was embarrassed by Seo-yoon’s question.
He couldn’t remember the last time he was embarrassed but Seo-yoon managed to embarrass him.

Sword Saint looked at Seo-yoon quietly.
However, Seo-yoon was fine as if she was facing something common.

“Don’t you think that?”

“It’s not that different from usual…”

Seo-yoon did that and suddenly…

“Oh, that’s what grandfather could think.
Come to think of it, so did I.”

Seo-yoon smiled softly.

Sword Saint frowned a little because he did not understand Seo-yoon’s words, but Seo-yoon approached Seo-joon, leaving him behind.

“Seo-joon, I’m here.”

“……Oh, Seo-yoon.
When did you come?”

Then he suddenly came to his senses and greeted Seo-yoon but the atmosphere was different from when he talked with Sword Saint.

“Just now.
Are you really feeling better?”

“Yes, of course.
Take a look.”

“Really… You say that but why didn’t you go to the hospital?”

“I know I’m fine, so why go?”

Looking at Seo-joon smiling and talking, Seo-yoon was filled with complex and subtle emotions that could not be explained.

“Once again, I’m really…I’m sorry.”

“Seo-yoon, what are you sorry for?”


“If so, could you pay for the hospital bill? I didn’t go to the hospital, but the payment was…”

Seo-joon hurriedly waved his hands at Seo-yoon, who was really thinking of giving him money.

“No, no.
I was joking.
It’s all right.”

“What? But to pass it like this…”

“Then think of it as the price of this expensive weapon you gave me.
You bought this for me, so what’s the big deal about the hospital bill?”

Seo-joon and Seo-yoon are talking about this and that.

Looking at the two of them from afar.


Sword Saint realized that he was an obvious uninvited guest here.

“I didn’t mean to give it to you like this…”

“So be careful.
You don’t know when or how I’ll eat Seo-yoon.”

Is that how it works?”

Seo-yoon couldn’t stop smiling and Sword Saint wondered if it was so fun for her to talk with Seo-joon.
Then suddenly Sword Saint recalled that he had never seen Seo-yoon smile like that.

He didn’t remember exactly when it started but her face was always expressionless or gloomy enough to be considered cold.
She never had such a lively expression.

“Then finish your training.
I’ll see if there’s a good dungeon.”

“Yes, thank you always Seo-yoon.”

Perhaps that’s why Sword Saint hated seeing them.
To be exact, he didn’t like how Seo-yoon made that expression at that dumb ass.

To be a little more honest, he didn’t want to see Seo-yoon laughing and chatting with Seo-joon.

Then, just as the Sword Saint drew his last conclusion, the academy door suddenly opened and someone came inside.
He was none other than Seo Moon-cheol, a man of old age with one arm.

Seo-joon and Seo-yoon’s were also on him due to his sudden appearance and Seo-yoon was slightly surprised.

However, Seo Moon-cheol headed straight to the Sword Saint without looking at Seo-yoon.

“What’s the matter?”

In fact Sword Saint did not inform anyone that he was coming to Seo-yoon’s academy because there was nothing good for Seo-yoon if it was known that he was going in and out of this place.

Nevertheless, Sword Saint only informed Seo Moon-chul, which was proof that he trusted him that much.

“I came here to tell you something urgently.”

When Sword Saint nodded, Seo Moon-chul immediately continued.

“The Order of Truth has contacted me saying they want to meet Sword Saint.”

“The Order of Truth guys?”

When Seo Moon-chul nodded, the Sword Saint continued as if there was nothing to worry about.

“Tell him to come in person if he has something to say.”

Then the sword turned its head as if he were not interested.


Although Sword Saint’s words were firm, Seo Moon-cheol did not step down.
Usually he would nod once and go away, but this time he didn’t.

“Sir Calia herself requested it.”

“What? Calia?”

Seo Moon-chul nodded softly to the surprised Sword Saint response.

“Are you saying that Calia is in Korea right now?”

“I guess so.”


Sword Saint was troubled by Calia however Seo Moon-cheol words were not over yet.

“Lord Calia added one request at the same time.”

“Say it.”

Seo Moon-cheol continued.

“He asked to see Kim Seo-joon along with you.”

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