C26: Sword Saint Visit (3)

Seo-yoon was quite embarrassed now.
There were several reasons for that, but the biggest reason was none other than the presence of her grandfather.

Seo-yoon was thinking that he would come someday.
Therefore, today, Seo-yoon first intended to reveal Seo-joon’s existence and negotiate but she didn’t expect that her grandfather would come to the academy.

“Seo-joon, are you okay?”

Seo-yoon, who managed to stop the two from fighting, approached Seo-joon.
To be more honest, it was more of a one-sided beating, but anyway.

When Seo-yoon anxiously examined Seo-joon’s physical condition, Seo-joon’s skin, which was slightly reflected, was full of bruises.

Fortunately, his body seemed to move without difficulty, so it did not look like his bones were broken.
It seemed that the Sword Saint didn’t go overboard.

“There isn’t much of an issue… Ugh! It hurts!”

Seo-joon trudged up as if to prove the fact.

Seo-yoon closed her mouth because she felt sorry, and Seo-joon asked while looking at Seo-yoon.

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

“I’m so sorry.
I’ll explain everything.
I’m really, really sorry.”

This was all Seo-yoon could say to Seo-joon now.

“A guy can’t do anything with that much.”

The Sword Saint uttered with a displeased expression and Seo-joon spoke back.

“You beated me but don’t exaggerate.”

“What? You punk!”

“Huh? You’re going to hit me again?”

Seo-joon hurriedly hid behind Seo-yoon because he didn’t think he would do it again in front of his granddaughter as he sensed that the grip on his sword weakened.


Sword Saint only screams, but doesn’t come any closer.
However, Seo-yoon, who did not know that, was embarrassed because she was caught between Seo-joon and her grandfather

“Oh that···”

Seo-yoon looked nervous and didn’t know what to do.
In fact, the reason why Seo-yoon was so flustered was more because of her grandfather rather than Seo-joon.

He is Seo-yoon’s grandfather, but a black star to others.
A hero to the general public as well as the hunters.

The image of Seo-yoon’s grandfather over the years of his life was respected and idolized but now,

“Even if it’s you, you can’t act like that.”

Seo-yoon has never seen anyone come up against her grandfather like that.
Of course, as Seo-joon said, it was quite rude to hit a person suddenly even if he was the Sword Saint.

Seo-yoon knew the reason to some extent, and this situation was bound to be embarrassing.
Above all, Seo-yoon had difficulties approaching her grandfather.

However, there was nothing more foolish than just staying still.

The current situation is only because of her and Seo-yoon soon came to her senses and said, looking at her grandfather.

“Stop it, grandpa.”

Despite Seo-yoon’s words, the Sword Saint did not stop its momentum.
However, he looked quietly at Seo-yoon’s appearance, which did not back down even after time passed.
Then, he kicked his tongue once and scattered his momentum.

Seo-yoon sighed a little inside when she saw him, then turned around and said to Seo-joon.

“Seo-joon, go to the hospital first.”

“It looks like this, but it’s a simple bruise.”

“I’m sorry, Seo-joon.
I’m so sorry.”

“Why did you apologize all of a sudden?”

“I’ll tell you everything later.
I’m so sorry.”

Despite Seo-joon’s words that he was okay, Seo-yoon kept bowing and apologizing.

Seo-joon looked at Seo-yoon’s face quietly since he had never seen her like this before then he turned his eyes slightly and looked at the Sword Saint that was looking at them.
However, unlike Seo-yoon, his eyes were calm.

Seo-joon realized what he had to do now.
To be honest, Seo-joon thought that the Sword Saint’s behavior was caused by a pure misunderstanding.
Therefore, when Seo-yoon came, he was thinking of resolving the misunderstanding and receiving some apologies but knowing the Sword Saint reputation, it wouldn’t be a simple apology.

It was true that what Sword Saint did to Seo-joon was rude but looking at the atmosphere now, he thought he’ll have to bring it up later.

“Come to think of it, I think I need to do a test once.
Then I’ll go to the hospital right away.”

“Yes… Don’t worry about the treatment fee and contact me.
I’m so sorry.”

Seo-joon left the academy without hesitation when Seo-yoon looked down once again.

The Sword Saint did not do anything or say anything while Seo-joon left the academy.

Even though Seo-joon disappeared from view for a long time, the two did not open their mouths.

“He’s a suspicious fellow.
Keep away from him.”

It was none other than Sword Saint that broke the quiet atmosphere.
In fact he could vaguely feel that Seo-joon wasn’t a bad person.

After reaching his age, he was able to distinguish the dogs from humans.
In that sense, Seo-joon looked more like a slug, but he was a person with more momentum.

Therefore, despite Seo-joon’s attitude toward Seo-yoon, Sword Saint closed his eyes a little.
Nevertheless, the reason why Sword Saint said this was because Seo-joon had so much to hide.

In particular, there were few things that were difficult to grasp even for the Sword Saint himself, and the Sword Saint could not allow such a man to be close to Seo-yoon.

“…not a suspicious man.”

“What do you know?”

Seo-yoon closed her mouth at the words of the Sword Saint, who sounded as if he didn’t want to hear them.

Her conversations with her grandfather were always like this.

‘What do you know? You don’t know anything, so just follow what I said.’

This was what Seo-yoon had been hearing from Sword Saint for the past 31 years.

Seo-yoon’s opinion was always ignored and she also got used to it so she rarely contradicted her grandfather.

For Seo-yoon, her grandfather was a scary person that always said the right things.
He was a person whom so many people respected and regarded as a hero but,

“So, get it sorted out tomorrow….”

“I don’t want to.”

Seo-yoon did not want to hear her grandfather’s words this time.
In fact, it wasn’t the first time she heard this from her grandfather.

In the meantime, there have been several students brought by Seo-yoon, and each time, her grandfather came like this.

Each time, he attacked the students in this way and the students couldn’t hold out and left, and those who held out silently left according to their grandfather’s advice while Seo-yoon couldn’t do anything.

She also vaguely knew what was wrong with her grandfather, and in fact their purpose was elsewhere.

“What? Seo-yoon, right now…”

“I won’t.”

But Seo-joon was different.

Seo-yoon didn’t know how to explain this feeling now but she just didn’t want to let Seo-joon go.

Of course, the time I met Seo-joon was short, less than a month ago.
They didn’t make any special memories, nor did she feel any special feelings for Seo-joon.
However, when she looked at Seo-joon, she felt strange for some reason.

When she first saw Seo-joon, she thought he was a really crazy person.
His actions were unique but as time went by she learned about Seo-joon and above all, the academy competition that took place a few days ago.

Seo-yoon suddenly realized that she wanted to be with Seo-joon a little more.

When asked why, Seo-yoon could not answer.

She also knew that they couldn’t be together forever.
If the day came when Seo-joon wanted to leave she would let him go without hesitation.

But it wasn’t like this.

“No! I don’t want to! Why should I obey grandfather? This is my academy, not grandfather’s academy!”

She didn’t want Seo-joon to be sent away by someone other than her.

“It’s not a matter of being so fussy! Seo-yoon, you don’t know about him, but that guy…”

“Yes! I don’t know! But what’s wrong with that? I want to know because I don’t know!”

Seo-yoon shouted again and again.

“I can’t live under my grandfather’s shadow forever! I don’t want to! Even now… Even now…!”

Then, suddenly Seo-yoon opened her eyes wide in surprise.
This was because Seo-yoon belatedly realized what she had done and who she was shouting at now.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you but I won’t listen to my grandfather this time.”

However, Seo-yoon did not take back what she said and left.


The Sword Saint silently looked at Seo-yoon’s back without saying anything.
If he wanted to go after her, he could go after her right now.
No matter how far away he was, he couldn’t get out of his senses but he didn’t.

Sword Saint lowered his gaze quietly and looked back at what Seo-yoon had just said.

‘I don’t want to! I don’t want to! Why should I obey grandfather? This is my academy, not grandfather’s academy!’

It was the first time that Seo-yoon shouted so loudly and expressed her intention.

Sword Saint knew that his granddaughter wasn’t interested in becoming a hunter at first.
He also knew that she wanted to live a normal life as an educator but 30 years ago he ignored it all.

It was because of the thoughts he made when he saw his son and his wife, who died in a sudden dungeon break accident, and Seo-yoon, who became an orphan.

Seo-yoon should at least be able to protect herself, therefore he taught her strictly.

Although he knew that Seo-yoon did not like it very much, Sword Saint forced her, and Seo-yoon faithfully followed the teachings of Sword Saint.

The emotional distance continued to deepen, but Sword Saint ignored it.

A few years ago Seo-yoon came to him and said she wanted to become an academy instructor but Sword Saint was against it until the end.

However, due to the dissuasion around him, he eventually allowed Seo-yoon to try.
Thus, Seo-yoon gave up the path of a hunter and walked the path of an academy instructor.

However, it didn’t go as well as expected, and Seo-yoon was distressed by the fact.

The Sword Saint tried to sit on the sidelines, but there were people who tried to take advantage of Seo-yoon so he couldn’t ignore that.

In the end, every time that happened, the Sword Saint personally stepped up as he did now.


Sword Saint looked at the door where Seo-yoon ran out without a word.

The next day Seo-joon, who woke up early in the morning, headed to Dream Academy again.

Now that the competition was over, Seo-joon has two things to do.

It was either making money by doing dungeon raids or taking lectures.

Both were necessary for the current Seo-joon, and he had to go to the academy for either of them, so now Seo-joon’s daily routine always started at Dream Academy.

Seo-joon checked his physical condition once on his way to Dream Academy.

Fortunately, most of the wounds caused by Sword Saint yesterday have recovered.
Well, they were just bruises in the first place, and it’s natural considering the resilience of a natural awakener and the improvement of his natural healing power after the lectures.

Seo-joon went home right away without going to the hospital yesterday because of that, he was embarrassed by the Seo-yoon phone call asking at what hospital he was but Seo-joon shrugged his shoulders and Seo-yoon explained her situation to him.

‘I didn’t know there was such a situation…’

Of course, Seo-yoon would not have told Seo-joon all the circumstances.

However, there were some things that could be understood from the circumstances he heard, so Seo-joon could understand Seo-yoon’s feelings and why the Sword Saint was like that to him.
But understanding was understanding while forgiving Sword Saint was another matter.
Therefore, Seo-joon intended to receive an apology from the Sword Saint.

‘Well… I don’t think it’d be bad to keep being rude.’

Seo-joon smirked and laughed by himself.
That’s because the progress rate of the lectures increased significantly in the competition with Sword Saint.

Merlin lecture progress increased by 7% when he just started it.

Seo-joon was curious why Chiron and Xiang Yu’s lectures progress didn’t increase but it was still a very lucrative business since he only received a few hits.

Whatever the problem was between the two, it wasn’t something Seo-joon could settle.
If Seo-joon intervened, he would be crossing the line.

Seo-joon erased the problem from his head and opened the door to the academy but Sword Saint was waiting there.

“Why are you standing so far away?”

Seo-joon had no choice but to think about the problem he had erased.

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