C14: Strange Student (2)

Seo-yoon is very confused now.
No, the word “confused” cannot express this feeling.

Seo-yoon thought over and over again and felt a headache.
Nevertheless, Seo-yoon could not find a word to fully express this feeling.

In the end, Seo-yoon had no choice but to be satisfied with the expression “a chestnut seems to be rolling in my head.”

Seo-yoon then remembered how things got to this point.
And that was for one reason and two details that were derived from it.

The reason was none other than a man named Seo-joon.

In fact, yesterday, Seo-yoon conducted an investigation into Seo-joon while issuing him a temporary certificate.
It could be called a background investigation, but Seo-yoon couldn’t resist the question of what kind of person Seo-joon was but she didn’t find anything out.
It can be said that there was nothing to uncover except for the fact that he was in debt.

But that wasn’t a good enough reason for why he could beat a kobold like this with a crude iron bar that was commonly seen on construction sites.

Seo-yoon repeated what happened earlier for a while.

The kobold did a fierce surprise behind Seo-joon.
It was an exquisite surprise that Seo-yoon could only notice just before he was aiming at her from the beginning and Seo-joon certainly wasn’t aware of it.

Although it was only a two-star Kobold, a monster is a monster.

The human body is infinitely fragile and defenseless, and if it is properly attacked, it will suffer a lot.
Of course, that’s only when it’s properly attacked.
And Seo-joon was only a student, not a swordsman.


So Seo-yoon shouted and took out her sword but Seo-joon avoided the kobold’s surprise attack as if he knew about it and smashed the kobold that attacked him with an iron bar.

“As expected, it’s going up.”

That’s what he said after dealing with the kobold.

‘What are you talking about?’

Seo-yoon began to get a little confused at this moment because she was questioning herself whether or not she could copy Seo-joon’s move.

“I’ll speed up a little.”

However, Seo-joon began to slaughter kobolds, not knowing what Seo-yoon was thinking.

Screams kept echoing in the dungeon along with Seo-joon’s massacre.

It didn’t take long for Seo-joon to clean up the kobold dungeon.

“I grabbed everything, but it’s not going up as much as I thought…”

And what has been going up since earlier?

Seo-yoon was patient but in the end, she had no choice but to open her mouth.

“What the hell is it?”

“What are you talking about?”

Seo Jun tilted his head and asked back so Seo-yoon said with a ridiculous expression.

“Didn’t you say it was your first time doing a raid?”

“That’s true.”

“But how…”

“Oh! Come to think of it, it’s not the first time.”

‘Of course.’

Seo-yoon nodded to herself…

“I did catch a manticore yesterday.”

‘You crazy.’

Seo-yoon felt like hitting him.

Of course, the kobold was just a two-star monster.
However, Seo-joon was not a professional hunter, but just a student who encountered monsters for the first time without receiving proper education.

It was normal for most of the first-time students to be hit here and there because they were inexperienced and the instructor who couldn’t watch it would come forward but Seo-joon slaughtered the kobolds like a skilled hunter who had 10 years of experience.

‘I heard that my grandfather was like this when he was young.’

Until here, it was not enough for Seo-yoon to feel like she had chestnuts rolling around in her head.
It was because of the two details that unfolded later that Seo-yoon ultimately felt like that.

And the first detail.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m moving the body.”

Seo-joon suddenly picked up the body of a kobold and put it on his shoulder.

One, two, three… Seo-joon nodded after placing as many as five dead bodies.

“So why do you move them?”

“Then do I leave them behind?”

Seo-yoon was lost for a moment when Seo-joon replied as if he were saying something natural.

“No, I mean, why is Seo-joon moving it? You can call a carrier.”

“Why pay an expensive fee when I can do it alone? I have to save what I can.
Oh, do you have a carrier that has an exclusive contract?”

Hunter Academies, where temporary certificates can be issued, often had students doing raids.
Naturally, it was cumbersome to call a carrier every time, so it was customary to entrust the job through an exclusive contractor.

“No, it’s not like that…”

However, no company would sign a contract with an academy that had no students.

“That’s great.”

Seo-joon once again nodded and his appearance made Seo-yoon realize that Seo-joon had to rent a truck before coming here.

“Was this what you were going to do from the beginning?”

“You can’t do that?”


Seo-yoon had no choice but to seriously think about how to answer this.

“Hmm, but it’s hard to move the bodies alone and dismantle them.”

Suddenly, Seo-joon turned his head and looked at Seo-yoon.

“If you don’t have anything to do, let’s move them together.”


Seo-yoon suddenly groaned under the weight she felt.

The average weight of a kobold was about 50 kilograms, which wasn’t that heavy for Seo-yoon, a B-class hunter.
However, unlike Seo-joon, she had to use mana to carry five bodies.

“Let’s move quickly.”

However, Seo-joon walked casually.
No, rather than taking a step forward.





Seo-joon was moving away fast.

‘Who the hell is he?’

Seo-yoon’s troubles did not end there.
The second detail started rolling around in Seo Yoon’s head.

It was what happened at Dream Academy, after finishing the raid, and returning from disposing of the dead bodies.

“I want to use Dream Academy’s training center to train.” said Seo-joon.

But the training was a total disaster since Seo-joon was just looking at his smartphone.

“What are you doing?”

Seo-yoon asked while looking at Seo-joon staring blankly at his smartphone.

There could be various reasons, such as spacing out or thinking for a while.
Seo-yoon herself has experienced that a lot.

“Do you know how many hours you’ve been looking at your smartphone?”

But if over four hours pass, isn’t there a problem?

At Seo-yoon’s words, Seo-joon suddenly came to his senses as if waking up from his thoughts and replied, scratching his back awkwardly.

“Oh, I was listening to the lecture.”


Seo-yoon approached Seo-joon and looked into the smartphone that Seo-joon had been looking at for four hours but Seo-yoon couldn’t see anything.

“What lecture are you talking about?”

To be exact, it only showed a black screen as if it was not turned on.

“Oh? You can’t see this?”

“If you’re talking about the black screen on your smartphone, I can see it well.”


Seo-yoon only told the truth as it was, but Seo-joon seemed very surprised.
Nevertheless, Seo-joon did not stop staring blankly at his smartphone.

Seo-yoon watched Seo-joon’s behavior until the end, wondering what he was doing.

Seo-joon spent hours looking into the black screen of his smartphone.

In fact, Seo-joon was only listening to the lecture quietly.
No, now that he knew Seo-yoon couldn’t see Transcendent Academy lectures he was so comfortable that he could listen to the lectures without looking around.

[Speaking of which, it is said that Hercules died because of an arrow shot by a bastard.
The arrows were coated with hydra poison.
It was so painful that he almost died… No, as a result, he did.]

[Anyway, make sure to avoid Hydra poison.
Well, anyway, the class is over…]

“Avoid the hydra poison unconditionally… memo.”

[One time, I fell into a trap and at that time I heard songs from the Chu county from all directions.]

[But who am I? Without a word I swept everything away! Of course, I lost because there were so many! Hahahaha! It’s all memories now!]

“What, what did you just do? Is this how you do it?”

[Leave me and experience the stillness…]

“If you abandon me, you can see the world…”

Seo-joon listened and copied the lecture more diligently than anyone else.
But to Seo-yoon, all of these things…

‘As expected, you were crazy.’

He looked like a crazy person.

Seo-yoon became nervous at the same time because she didn’t tell Seo-joon that her grandfather, the Sword Saint, would come.

Now that Seo-yoon was thoroughly hiding it, the Sword Saint did not know Seo-joon’s existence but she couldn’t hide it forever.

Before long, it was clear that the Sword Saint would find out about Seo-joon’s existence and would come to test him.

So far, there have been no professional hunters, as well as students who have endured the pressure of the Sword Saint.
In fact, it was just a test, but it was nothing short of a threat to leave the academy.

“Oh my god”.

Seo-joon suddenly stands up.

“Come on! It’s past midnight! I haven’t finished the lecture yet!”


Are you Cinderella or what? Seo-yoon let out a deep sigh without realizing it.

‘Did I make the right choice?’

Seo-yoon felt like a chestnut was rolling around in her head.

After Seo-joon returned home he lied in bed and manipulated his smartphone to check his account.

[Account balance: 9,510,000 won]

Seo-joon rubbed his eyes in case he saw something wrong and yet the account balance remained unchanged.

“Wow, this is what I earned in a day?”

Seo-joon felt proud and somewhat empty.

The profit from one kobold corpse was about 300,000 won and the number of kobolds Seo-joon caught in the dungeon was about 30, so about 7 million won landed in Seo-joon’s hands after deducting various taxes and auction fees.

It was a two-star dungeon raid.
Of course, it was possible because Seo-joon monopolized it alone, and there was no fee taken by the carrier.

Naturally, it could not be denied that much time and effort were spent.

‘Should I suggest working with Man-cheol instead?’

It was a thought that came to his mind suddenly, but it was a pretty good idea.
Man-cheol could be trusted, and above all, Seo-joon did not want to break up ties with Man-cheol like this.

He thought that maybe it wouldn’t be bad for Man-cheol to be his carrier.

‘I’ll call him when I have time.’

Seo-joon once again looked at the account balance.

He made unparalleled profit compared to when he received 200,000 won per day for working all day.

‘But 100 million are still far away.’

However, it was far from enough to purchase Longinus’ spear sold by the Transcension Academy.

Seo-joon was able to realize how much money 100 million was.

Seo-joon didn’t even know when he could take the lecture of the Great Sage, which costs 27 billion won.

‘But if I go forward like this step by step…’

Seo-joon once again reinforced his will.
At the same time, he calmly repeated what happened today.

Certainly, the progress rate of the lecture increased as the raid was conducted and as the progress rate of the lecture increased, Seo-joon’s skills also increased.

‘But it didn’t go up as much as I thought.’

When he first caught two kobolds, it rose by 0.6% and 0.4%, but as he continued the raid, the progress began to drop sharply and stopped increasing when he caught the last kobold.

Therefore, in this raid, the lectures of Chiron and Xiang Yu were raised by 4% each.
It seemed that simply doing a raid does not increase the progress rate of the lecture.

Although in a raid he could apply what he learned in the lecture that wasn’t enough as there were things to learn.

‘Maybe it’s because my experience has increased.’

Seo-joon burst into laughter because it was so funny to keep comparing it with a game but it didn’t change the fact that he had to continue taking lectures.

There were three lectures that Seo-joon is currently taking.

[A must-take lecture on the introduction of combat for transcendents.
(Instructor: Chiron)]

[The body is a piece of paper when you lose your mind.
(Instructor: Shakyamuni)]

[This is how you do it.
(Instructor: Xiang Yu)]

And the skills that he could get from taking those lectures were like this.

“It will be hard to do anything beyond this.”

Seo-joon wanted to take all the lectures in the free pass.
However, even now, there were times when he could not finish the lectures in a day.

If I accumulate a little more, I will be able to take more lectures, but three were his limit for now.

‘Is there any way to increase the progress of the lecture faster?’

Seo-joon fell asleep while thinking about this and that.

The next day Seo-joon got up early in the morning and headed for Dream Academy.
Originally, he was going to do a raid, but today all dungeons were closed.
To be exact, all of the dungeons that Seo-joon could go to were closed during.

There were many dungeons generated in a day, but there were also many students and professional hunters all over the country.

Seo-joon, however, was not very disappointed.

It was because he had to take the lecture first so that he could increase his progress during a raid anyway.
So today, Seo-joon headed to Dream Academy with the idea of doing the daily assignments and taking lectures.

The reason why he went to Dream Academy was because it was comfortable and there was a separate training center.

“One, two, three!”

Seo-joon, who was doing his daily assignments at Dream Academy.

“Excuse me… Seo-joon?”

Seo-yoon called Seo-joon carefully like she had something to say.

“What can I do for you?”


Seo-yoon seemed to hesitate for a moment, and soon opened her mouth slowly.

“Have you heard of the academy’s competition?”

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