C1: Hunter Academy

It was about 100 years ago that the concept of dungeons appeared on Earth.

Suddenly, the sky split and dungeons appeared along with monsters the world has never seen before.
At the same time, people awakened and beings called awakeners appeared.

When the dungeon first appeared, it seemed like the world would be broken and the countries would collapse.

Many people died and thought the world would finally end in the process.
However, the world gradually began to stabilize as the Awakeners joined forces and fought.

With the new civilization of monsters and mana taking root, the Earth has entered another age.

The Age of the Great Hunters.

Characters that were only seen in cartoons and movies appeared in reality.

People went crazy for their heroic appearance but about 50 years ago as the mechanism of awakening was revealed, even dogs and cows could become awakeners.

To be exact, people can become an awakened with money in the new era.

A job that can only be obtained with great talent and luck that consisted of catching monsters, making equipment with various materials obtained from monsters and training yourself.

Even though it was a high-risk job with a high mortality rate because of the big money and honor that could be obtained, there were countless people who wanted to become hunters.

In the past, it was possible to become a hunter only by awakening, but now there are so many awakening people that it was necessary to pass a government-organiz

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