The started off just like any other day, Davy was busy playing his games as usual and eating food like a gluttony however his body was still fit. Davy is a shut-in who dropped out of school because he found everything there pointless and annoying.

All day long he either sleeps or play games, he doesn even pay attention to his girlfriend, the only person who truly loves him for who he is, sooner or later she will get tired as well. He is 21 years old, above average looks and a nice build, he learned martial arts a long time ago but one would wonder if he even knows the basics anymore.

[buzz, buzz] his phone rings, he hesitates at first but after looking at the caller he picks up, its from his girlfriend.

”Hey Suzy, how are you? ” he happily asks her.

”I am good, how are you Davy? ” she sadly asks.

”I am good but why do you sound sad? ”

”um, Davy, I called you because I don think things will work out between us, you always spend time gaming or sleeping, you never take me out and when I am over at your place you don even pay attention to me, this relationship just isn going anywhere, I am sorry ”

She hangs up, Davy looks at his phone for a while, he is shocked but even he knew this day would come. One would expect him to be sad after he was just dumped but he didn seem to care all that much, its true that he loves her but he doesn feel any strong attachments to her.

His gaming mood is now ruined so he decides to sleep it off, he slowly crawls in his bad, turns on the ac and falls asleep.

After a few hours of sleep he wakes up, he yawns as he sits up like a grandpa. He turns on his computer and opens a game. While the game is loading he turns on his phone and sees a shit tan of messages and missed calls. He tries calling them but none of them pick up, he goes in the messages and sees that all the messages have one thing in common, monsters.

Davy stands up and looks outside, he sees a giant tower reaching into the heavens. He quickly puts on some pants and runs downstairs, he wants to go outside and see what is going on. As soon as he opened the door a giant mouth filled with fang like teeth greets him. He is frozen in fear, he can move an inch as he stares death in the face.

”Move dammit, MOVE ”, he shouts

After some extreme will power he finally moves and attempts to away but it was too late, the monster rips off his arm like its a piece of paper.

”my…my..MY ARM!!! ” he yells as he falls down.

The monster roars as it targets Davy as prey. He stumbles while standing up, he shuts the door and runs upstairs, locks the door and falls down. With tears running down his cheeks he takes one of his shirts, rips it apart and ties whats left of his arm to stop the bleeding.

”what the hell was that thing, I thought when they sent those texts they were just trying to prank me, dammit, I am losing too much blood. Will I seriously die in this pathetic state, a virgin who didn accomplish anything in life? Fucking hell. ”

His eyes start to slowly close, he is losing consciousness, he is feeling dizzy, everything around him appears to be spinning, he lies down and closes his eyes.

[buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz]

”Dammit, can a guy even die in peace? ” he says as he picks up the phone to answer.

”hello? ”

”Help me Davy. ” Says Suzy in a dying voice.

”Suzy, are you there, what happened, SUZY!!, can you hear me? Where are you? DAMMIT, what the ** is going on!! ” he yells in a pissed off voice.

Although she dumped him, Davy felt he owes her for always being there and loving him for who his is. He stands up and stumbles downstairs, he sees that the front door has been destroyed but he doesn see the monster. He slowly walks down and checks every room, he arrives at the kitchen, he didn even need to take a peek, he could already hear the monster breathing, he slowly walks back and thats when a voice appeared in his head.

”DING, system synchronization complete, activating blank system, complete. Hello master ” in a gentle voice.

”what the, am I hallucinating? I guess thats to be expected considering how much blood I lost, not to mention the pain I am feeling. ” He says as he shakes his head.

”DING, pain nullification has been acquired, healing has been learned. ”

The system heals his wound and stops the pain.

”Huh, what the. The voice I heard is actually for real? Ah, hello. ” He says in an awkward voice.

”yes, hello master, I am system and starting today I will be your helper, you need to climb the tower. ”

”helper? Tower? You mean that thing outside, why would I climb that shit, are you **ing with me? ” he says is a pissed off voice.

”I am sorry master, I was out of line. You may choose to climb the tower at your own pace after you learn more about it. ”

They kept talking for a while, Davy still is not convinced about climbing the tower but he learned a lot from system. 1st is that towers appeared all over the world and the towers are all connected. 2nd is that monsters and dungeons also appeared, they are from the towers and the monster that ate Davys arm is the lowest ranked monster, G-rank reaper wolf, and lastly is that a certain % humans all over the world are awakening special abilities to fight of the monsters, however in Davys case…

”WHAT? You are telling me I have to earn all my skills from scratch while other people are being gifted, how is that fair? You are basically useless. ”

”I am sorry for being useless master. ” System replies in a sad tone

”sigh, no, I am the one in the wrong, you did heal me after, I apologize for calling you useless. ”

”apology accepted master. ” System says in a happy voice.

He takes a pick in the kitchen and sees the monster sleeping. He backs away and thinks of how he can kill it. He can easily run away but he is pissed because of his left arm. He remembers how he got the skills, he was in pain and the system deemed it necessary to grant a skill.

”hmm, I got it. ” He whispers as he runs up the stairs.

He goes into his parents room and underneath their bad is a secret safe in the floor. He moves the bed without making too much noise, he unlocks the safe with the passcode and inside is a pistol and bullets. He takes out the gun and bullets and walks back downstairs, he loads the gun and sneaks in the kitchen and aims the gun at the monster.

”Ah master, I am not sure thats a good idea, that weapon you are holding won even scratch the reaper wolf. ”

”I figured as much but my goal is actually to trigger a skill. ”

He shoots one round, the reaper wolf wakes up and it sees him, he runs away while shooting another two rounds. He was expecting a skill to pop up but nothing happened, he runs upstairs and waits for the reaper wolf to reach the stairs. The monster arrives and he shoots his remaining bullets, he runs in his room and barricades the door.

”DING, weapons expert acquired, you can handle any weapon efficiently and you get a 20% boost on attacks. ”

”sweet, I knew it, this system is a complete cheat, seems I was wrong, you are amazing system. ” He says with a smile on his face.

”thank you master, I will do my best. ” System proudly replies.

The wolf arrives at the door and starts breaking through, the mc aims the gun and waits until its broken through completely. When it showed its head, he fired a bullet right in itss head, he fires another in its throat, his precision is scary, he fired the gun like a seasoned soldier, even he was surprised.

”wooow, thats so cool. ” He says as he walks towards the dead monster.

”Thats for my arm you piece of shit. ” He kicks the monster as he says these words.

”DING. You have leveled, you have earned 10 points and a monster core. ” System says.

”I can feel myself getting stronger, nice, its a shame about my arm though, alright lets not waste time, Suzy is waiting.

People everywhere are either killing monsters while risking their lives or are being killed by the monsters, is this the end of the world or is it a new beginning?

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