In the year 2150 mysterious towers appeared all over the world, no one knows where they came from or why they are here. Along with the towers came monsters and dungeons, the monsters are ranked from G-rank -???, the reason for ??? is because the only monsters seen so far are the reaper wolves.

People all around the world awakened strong abilities and those abilities vary from person to person. The protagonist of this Story however fell behind, Davy didn receive any powerful abilities but instead received a system, is this a blessing in disguise or a curse?

Davy is walking towards Suzys location and on his way he killed a lot of reaper wolves and he leveled up by 2 levels, he is now level 3.

”System, how are people ranked, I know I am not the only one who awakened powers. ” Says Davy while he is picking up a monster core.

”people are mainly ranked by levels, example master is level 3 so you are stronger than those below you but that is only if you look at the levels. There is also combat ability [CA], masters combat ability is 130, so even if someone is level 4 but their combat ability is lower than yours then you have a chance to win but thats not including raw fighting skills and experience. ”

”Hmm, sounds complicated, and what about the points I received and the monster cores? ”

”you can used points to increase your stats, its essentially a free power buff and the monster cores can be used to make weapons or exchange for weapons in the ”store ” but you don have that yet ” says system.

”my head hurts just listening to all this, lets forget it for now ”

Davy is holding his head in pain because of all the thinking. He looks around and sees no one at all.

”anyways, where is everyone, I haven seen a single person since I came out here ”

”My bad master, I forgot to mention that 40% of the entire population has been sent into the tower but they are only going through the trial so many should come out ”

”You sure know a lot about whats going on, mind telling me why this is happening? ” says Davy while looking at system.

”I am not permitted to tell you restricted information master ” says system in a gentle voice.

”sigh, how very annoying ”

Davy keeps walking while also killing monsters, he now has 150 points and 15 monster cores. He takes out a chocolate bar and water from his backpack, as he eats he arrives at a school bus and just in front is a man raping a women in front of her children.

”what the actual hell am I seeing right now? ” Davy says in a really pissed off tone.

He uses intimidation one of the skills he got from killing reaper wolves and slowly walks towards them.


Davys voice is so intimidating that a shadow like monster envelops the area around him, the man, the women and even the kids all get affected by intimidation since Davy can control his skills properly yet.

The kids and women pass out, the man tries running away but Davy shoots him in the leg, arm and shoulder.

”where do you think you are running of to, I hate annoying things the most but I hate scumbags like you just as much. ”

”please forgive me, I made a mistake ” the man asks for forgiveness while crying and pissing himself.

”forgive you? Do you have any idea what you just did and in front of kids even, I am no saint, I have always had killing intent building up inside me for many years but now that the world has turned to shit I don have to take annoying bullshit from anyone again ”

Davy shoots a bullet right through the mans head, he walks towards the women and kids. He puts the womens clothes back and he carries them one by one into the bus behind him. He locks them inside and walks away.

”Its up to you guys if you want to live or not, I have no obligation to take care of you just because I stepped in ”. says Davy in a cold voice.

”DING you have gained 5 points ”

”huh, I can get points by killing human? ”

”yes master and points vary depending on the person or monster, the stronger they are the more points you will get.

”awesome, I have delayed it too much, lets assign these points real quick. ”

Davy puts 20 into strength, 20 into agility, 50 into wisdom and the remaining 65 into magic. Davy has not awakened any magic yet but he is preparing in advance, you never know what might happen.

After hours of walking he finally arrives at Suzys location, there are monsters around the entrance but he kills them all with ease thanks to his new stats.

”sheesh, I am awesome, isn that right system? ” Davy says with a smug smile on his face.

”yes master, you truly are amazing ”

”hehe, I like you already, lets go in ”

He goes inside and looks in all the rooms until he arrives at the melted door.

”why is this door melted shut, there is no way she is in there right?

Davy looked in all the other rooms so this is the only room remaining, he kicks open the door. On the floor covered in blood is Suzy, she is not in a good state at all.

Davy runs towards her and using his one arm carries her and takes her into one of the rooms he passed that has a bed. He gently puts her on the bed and looks at her wounds.

”what happened to you for you to get all this claw marks. Luckily I gained the healing skill or things would have been really bad but my healing is only F-rank but it should be enough to save your life at least. ”

Davy heals her wounds but only half way, he takes her clothes off and goes to fetch water, he cleans her thoroughly and dresses her with new clothes he picked out when he went to fetch water.

”sigh, can believe I am going through all this trouble for the girl that dumped me, perhaps its because she was my first girlfriend? ” Davy says these words while looking at Suzy sleeping.

”umm, sorry to disturb you master but a F-rank monster appeared outside ”

”Did you say F-rank? Can I take it with my current stats? ”

”yes master, F-rank monsters are nothing to the current you ”

”HEHE, very well, lets go hunting.

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