Standing at the doorway she stared deeply into my eyes. I could almost see my own reflection within her cerulean eyes. The hints of purple only added a mystical wonder to her charm. For just a few moments it seemed like she was the only other person in the entire world.

Snapping out of it I was just about to say my goodbyes when her hands flew past my head and pulled me forward. My lips felt a soft sensation enveloping it as a foreign object parted them before invading my mouth.

First contact was made between our tongues and then a twisting and chaotic fight broke out. She might have surprised me with this sudden deep kiss, but that didn mean I was just going to sit back and let her attain an easy victory. Our tongues turned and rotated around in fluid motions as I guided her body against the door.

All this while I noticed that someone was watching us. That girl barely even seemed to try and hide her existence. Her entire head poked out from behind a wall and I even saw part of her lower robes. But it didn matter to me, why pay attention to her when I have a little wifey who clearly needs to be spoiled a little?

With a surprise attack I began sucking on her tongue, completely halting her assault. Her eyes widened as she realized what I was doing.


A small popping sound occurred as I released my hold on her tongue. Audible huffs and puffs of warm breaths came from her agape mouth. There she stood almost like she was frozen in time as we continued to stare into each others eyes. Gently brushing away some of the white hair on her forehead I planted a light kiss which seemed to wake her up.

”A-ah! I-Its time for me to go home, Ill see you there darling! Good night!~♥ ”

”Good night, I love you Yinger. ” Giving her an affectionate wave and long gaze I finally shut the door on her leaving back.

Turning around I half expected that nosy girl to still be there, but fortunately she left. Ill just pretend that I never saw her there in the first place. If I bring it up itll surely just make her embarrassed. But it might not even matter since what Ill be discussing with her might also embarrass her.

As I entered the room I saw as she sat down in a prim and proper way. Her legs were closed and her hands atop each other on her lap. Her head was lowered and I could see a faint blush on her cheeks, but I ignored all of this and sat in front of her like I didn notice a thing.

When she looked up there was still a hint of redness, but overall it seemed more natural. After giving her a bit of time to recover I began my questioning with a gentle smile.

”Now, Miss Xue- ”

”No! Call me by my first name! ”

I thought for a moment before deciding to indulge her. She is one of my saviors descendants, though by the fourth generations

”Alright, Jinzi, well Id like to know what you did to get those cracks? ”

”W-what cracks? ”

Without changing my expression I lifted my hand and moved my index and middle finger in a slight beckoning motion. The front of her robe vibrated a bit before the clearly cracked red teardrop jade levitated over to the palm of my hand.

”How did you get these cracks? ”

”H-how did you do that? Is that a cultivation thing? ” She made a face like a child seeing their parents discover something she tried hiding from them.

”Well, yes and no. Its mostly because I was the person who created these two pieces using a special technique. I guess I do use a bit of Qi to move it over to me though. Now answer my question. ”

”I-its… ”

”What is it? Don worry about it, it already happened anyway so just tell me. ”

”T-the first one was when you accepted me as a disciple… ”

”Oh? I suppose I wouldn have normally done that, but that decision was based on both pity and also a bit of consideration for your skills. That tracking ability you have is quite incredible, abnormal even especially considering the fact that you
e still a mortal. ”

”Ah, I see. ” Hearing my comment about her skills she began to blush once more.

”Now, I can tell that you used it twice. What happened that other time? ”

Confusingly she started blushing even harder. After a moment of thought I could only think of that time this morning when she somehow managed to get to me before I could even react.

”It was…this morning. ” As she spoke her final two words became barely audible.

”*Sigh* So it was. ”

”I-I wasn trying to do that on purpose! I-I just wanted to surprise you thats all! P-please don kick me out of here! I-Ill do anything you want! Just let me stay here! I have nowhere else to go and you
e the first person to treat me like a normal person in years! I-Ill do anything to stay here with you! H-here you can have your items back just let me be with you! ” Frantically she tried to explain herself before it quickly became a plea for her to stay.

She rushed to take out the jade pendant from her robe before getting up to kneel before me. Raising up the pendant with her shaky hands she looked at me truly like an abandoned puppy this time.

Seeing this display I was quite honestly shocked.

Isn this a bit of an overreaction? Where did she even get the thought that I was going to kick her out of the sect?

Standing up I looked at the red teardrop jade once more before internally sighing. Gently grabbing onto her wrist with one hand I placed the teardrop jade into her palm before making her close it.

With my other now free hand I grabbed onto her other wrist before gently pulling her up.

”Come, up now. Get off the floor, its dirty. Jinzi, Im not getting rid of you, where did you hear that from? ”

”B-but y-your tone of voice! You sounded so disappointed. ”

”Oh its okay, in fact Im even a little disappointed in myself. Perhaps lately Ive lived life too easily, so easily in fact that I could even forget to lock a door. Don worry you won have to see such a sight again, Ill make sure next time. ”

”…A-ah o-okay. ” She blushed once again dyeing her cheeks a deep shade of red.

”Well, I think youve answered the questions I had, would you like to know anything? ”

”Hmm… Oh I know! Whats your story about how you made it to my grandmothers village? ”

Standing up she sat herself down beside me to make herself comfortable.

”That, huh? Alright, I guess I could tell you. It was actually the last time I saw my fourth disciple. He was a fairly cold person to others, but towards those he trusted he showed his true self. Id never thought he would betray me though.

At the time it was only me and him, we were in a secluded location since I was going to train him personally for a while. Id done this multiple times before with all ten of my disciples at this point. But for some reason he was acting especially suspicious that day. I had only put it off as him not feeling too well, but I guess I was wrong.

Later as I slept he came and ambushed me. Luckily, I could feel his murderous intent which quickly woke me up, but his sneak attack wasn all in vain as he managed to wound me before I could completely avoid it. I tried speaking with him, but he didn respond. Instead all I got was his high level of murderous intent. Normally he wouldn be my match, but it was like he was a different person or something at that point. I don know what he did, but his cultivation realm soared and at that point although it still didn match mine it was close.

We had a battle for hours and at the end I was seriously wounded, but it seems that his power was running out as well. Once it did he fell to his knees and looked towards me. His body was twitching as he struggled to stand, but once he did he turned and ran away into the forest. I haven seen that wicked disciple of mine since. ”

”Thats awful! How could he do that to you? How could a disciple betray the very one who taught them?! ” At this point she began using my shoulder as a pillow.

”That was a long time ago, before I even met my wife. Now back to the story. As you might remember I was seriously wounded by him. The extent of the damage was severe and without help I would surely die or at the very least take months to recover. I walked through the forest hoping I would find someone, someone who would be kind enough to save a dying man.

And my hopes were answered, I was walking for around 5 days straight at that point and just before I fell unconscious I saw a figure of a woman approaching. To be honest I was happy to see anybody even though I knew that probably 90% or even more of the worlds population would probably just see me as a dead man and loot my belongings.

When I woke up I saw both your grandmother and great grandmother. Your grandmother was just a small child at that point. I saw the extent of effort in which your great grandmother seemed to put in so I poured out medicinal items to help them treat me. In fact that medicine was supposed to help save me and still have some left, but It seems like my injuries were a little more severe then I thought since I actually used the entire supply.

For two whole painstaking weeks your ancestors nursed me back to health. I didn want to forget this act of kindness from them so I built up your families wealth, which you seemed to enjoy, and left those two items behind in case one of their descendants fell into trouble. I would be there to save and shelter them. ”

As I finished I looked over at Xue Jinzi, she had one of the pieces in each hand and gazed deeply into them.

”I want you to know that when you are using that red gem you shouldn get too crazy with your commands. If Im really opposed to the idea it won work, but itll still crack the teardrop and the crack won be small either. Also the gems effects had a range so you can be too far when you try to use it, just think of it being your general vicinity. Once the teardrop jade splits into two your commands won work anymore no matter how hard you try. ”

”Big Brother, why did you create such an item thats so disadvantageous to yourself? ”

”Perhaps I was a little crazy back then or irrational, but Id like to believe that since that woman saved my life it was only right if I gave at least a tiny sliver of it back to her. Thats why, in a way, you could even control my life with this teardrop jade. Well it seems like its time for me to go. Ill see you tomorrow. ”

As I stood up and walked toward the door, she came with me.

”Big Brother, I of course have to send you off. ”

”Jinzi, thats so sweet of you. ” I put my hand on her head and gave it a good few gentle pats before I left the premises.

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