The Yandere’s Sect Master

A Story to Remember

There were two sofas separated by a small table; on one side sat Xue Jinzi and the other sat Yinger and I. When Yinger sat down next to me I noticed her calm and confident expression, almost like she knew our conversation would go a certain way. Though I completely understood, after all I was the one which saved her and its not like she had any leverage over us to negotiate.

Xue Jinzi on the other hand had a sense of anxiousness, for a second looking like someone who knew they were about to be abandoned. She clasped her hands together, mostly looking at me and occasionally taking a glance at Yinger.

Soon the room fell to silence, for just a few moments the atmosphere seemed almost palpable. I didn really want to keep this solemn silence so I was just about to speak, before Xue Jinzi spoke first.

”Would you two like some tea? ” Suddenly she seemed to have gained some additional composure, the anxious feeling she had seemed to have had mostly vanished, but there seemed to still be a sliver remaining.

”No, thats quite alright. My husband and I only need an incense stick of your time; we won be long. ” Yinger responded on our behalf.

”Xue Jinzi, we, my wife and I, have decided that I can come see you too often. I can be giving you an advantage over other disciples, especially when I only just found you yesterday. I haven even tested your talent to see if you would even be qualified to join normally. ”

When she heard me say her full name she seemed to shrink back a little.

”B-big b- ”

”Thats right, Ms. Xue. My husband is also a very important person within the sect as he might have told you. Its not possible for him to always come and see you. Perhaps we could arrange for it once every two weeks, but its uncertain if hell be able to make it everytime. ”

The expression on her face was so easy to interpret, almost like a sad puppy as their ears slowly drooped downwards.

Good job wifey! Things seem like they
e going well so far, but I do feel a little bad f- No! Thats exactly what she wants me to feel! *Sigh* I just need to forget about it, just think about the good times Ill have with wifey in the future! Hehe.

Yesterday she looked so tempting! The moment I walked through that today she assaulted me with her charm. Just wearing an apron I could already see so much of her. When we were in the bath she tempted me once again, but I had to resist! Surprisingly she didn try anything at bed, but that was for the best.

But today… Today there isn really a need to hold back. I could let out all the desires I had yesterday onto her.

For a second the image of Xue Jinzi popped into my head. Most specifically the time earlier just before I gave her the set of robes she wore now. Her bodily proportions, which were larger than Yinger, were accentuated and held a promiscuous feeling. Combined with her height and almost childlike attitude, it gave her a forbidden fruit feeling.

Immediately afterward I banished the thought from my mind.

W-what was that?! H-how could I think about that?! My perfect wife is right next to me, yet I thought of another woman? Damn you random dark thoughts! Ah, it must have been a test of my marital faith! Did I fail? Well I guess Ill just have to make it up to her tonight!

”Big b- S-sect Master, I-I have something to show you. Its very important so I hope that youll take a look. ” Taking me out of my thoughts, Xue Jinzi spoke to me.

”Of course, its the least I could do after the news we just told you. ”


(Xue Jinzi POV)

After he accepted my request I took a glance at his wife only to see her calm expression still remained. Surely she wouldn expect what I would show him, huh? Although on the surface her face remained calm she must have had this feeling like she was in control the entire time.

I thought back to our little encounter at my doors entrance.

”Miss Xue, a pleasure to meet you. Ive heard a bit about you from my Husband. ”

”A pleasure to meet you too. ”

Damn! Shes beautiful! I gotta work extra hard if I want to fulfill grandmothers final wish.

With a wave of her hand a thin layer of mist surrounded us.

”Now I need you to stop relying on my husband. He is not yours to become close with. You are not a person I approve of. ”

”Huh? I- ”

”So you will agree to our proposal in a bit. If not, there are means for you to suddenly disappear. After all, as a mortal its completely natural for you to be mauled by even the lowest level beasts. ”

”I-I- ”

”Whichever you choose I have no complaints with since Its a win win for me. Now lets go, he must be getting worried. ”

*Snap* Snapping her fingers the layer of mist dispersed, popping like a bubble as she calmly walked into the living room. I was left stunned for a moment as I realized what kind of woman I was about to go against.

Looking at the face of this woman currently I could only think of the word sly to describe her. Only now did I realize what that mist was most probably doing. It isolated any noise that would be said within it from the outside world.

He doesn want Big Brother to hear, but why? Is she hiding who she really is from him? If I reveal her behavior, could I take her out of the picture? It won be easy though. What does she mean by not mine to become close with though? Perhaps shes trying to monopolize him, but gaining her approval? Is that a viable option for me? What would that entail? So many questions, yet so few answers.

Looking at Big Brothers expectant gaze I felt like I understood her. With a single look hes already grasped onto my heart without any signs of letting go. With that soft smile of his I felt like I too wanted to keep him all to myself, its a shame she got to him first. It was only all the more reason for me to show these items to him. If I didn then our relationship would basically end here.

Reaching into my robe I pulled out two items, both being the green jade pendant and red jade teardrop covered in cracks respectively.

The woman seemed indifferent to the items while Big Brothers eyes widened. His mouth quickly became agape as he sat there in astonishment. For a moment he didn do anything, but the woman seemed quite confused at his behavior.

At that moment he stood up, ”Um, do you mind if I take a closer look at those items? ”

Hearing this I became scared, would he just take them from me? This was the only leverage I had and I know Im not strong enough to contend for it if he tried to take it from me.

After a few moments of hesitation it was almost like he read my thoughts.

”Don worry I won take it away from you, I just want to make sure of something. ”

It wasn like I had a choice, I needed him to trust me after all. If I couldn even trust him right now, how could I have him trust me? It would be better if I willingly gave it over to him instead of any forceful behavior.

Reluctantly I handed it over to him. He held each item in his hand before closing his eyes.

Taking a glance over at the woman, her calm vestige nowhere to be seen, replaced by confusion and hints of anger directed towards me.

{Hoho, you have a few tricks up your sleeve huh? Fine, lets see what happens.}

The sudden female voice appearing out of nowhere spooked me for a bit, but I very quickly realized where it came from. It was of course that woman. I have no idea how she did such a thing, probably something to do with cultivation, but just by seeing what shes been able to do gave me a drive to actually cultivate.

For a quick moment I really wanted to give her a cheeky smile, but I didn want to antagonize her too much so I resisted the urge.

If I could do so I would be able to defend myself and be able to gather more information while being stealthy. It seems that cultivation would open up many paths for me.

Slowly Big Brother opened his eyes, ”How did you get these items? ”

Now that I knew I had leverage I took my time explaining my story from the beginning. I told him about listening to my grandmothers story and how I became the inheritor of the items. Then I told him about the people who attacked our home and grandmothers last words to find him, of course leaving out the part about making him fall for me.

As I told this story the womans eyes widened as she looked at me.

”That happened and youve been by yourself looking for me for 4 entire years? ”

I simply nodded in response and he looked at me with heavy sympathy.

”I-I see Im sorry, you know actually I think I could come and see you a little more often. Ill make sure to see you at least once everyday for a little while. ”

”Really? I thought you had a lot of work? ”

”Its alright I could just do it later, but that Eastern Lord person. I won deal with them. ”

”Huh? B-but- ”

”I want you to deal with them, once you
e stronger of course. Won it be more satisfying to defeat them with your own hands instead of through others? Ill help you, but I won accept you as a disciple. ” He spoke while handing me back the pendant and teardrop jade.

”Thank you! ”

{So, you are a descendant of someone who saved my darling? I suppose, for that ancestor of yours I will…tolerate you. I won dispose of you, but this doesn mean I approve of you as of yet.}

”We haven really been together today, could you stay with me for the night as compensation? ”

{Don you think you
e going too far already!? To ask a married man to stay with a girl for a night! You Brat, don you dare go overboard!}

”You want me to stay the night? Well you
e right I haven really been with you today, but Im not going to sleep over here. Ill stay for a while to accompany you for a bit, but I will go home later. Is that alright for you? ”

”Yes, of course thats fine! ”

Huh? He accepted my offer and the red jade didn crack further?

”H-husband is this really fine? Look at how late it is! The sun is about to set! ”

”Yes, don worry Yinger Ill be fine. Nothing will happen between me and her, I have you afterall, besides no one will be around when I leave. If anything it would only be my disciples as they see me coming from a branching path onto the main stairs. ”

He put his hand on her forehead and pushed away some hair before giving her a light kiss on the opening. She had a visible blush as they basically ignored me. She looked like she was in pure bliss from that kiss causing a feeling of jealousy to rise within me. Without realizing it I pouted while staring at the scene.They looked directly into each others eyes as they stood up and walked towards the front door before they stopped right in the doorway.

Finish up already!!! Finish and leave me alone with him! Hell be all mine!

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