o the creator of the pendant though, also it notified the wearer if the creator was close by or seen, even more so as you got closer. It would only stop once the wearer touched the creator.

Throughout those 4 years not once had I felt anything from the pendent. I had to force myself to learn hunting and tracking to survive the first year. The second year I started resorting to crime for things. At first it was only small things like a single bun or so, but later on perhaps my morals warped and I started stealing even unnecessary things. By the fourth year I had given up on finding that cultivator, but I was still unwilling to sell my heirlooms. They were the only things that I had left of my family. By the fourth I had almost practically become one with the streets and wilderness.

My body being oddly developed seemed to always gain attention and there were numerous times in which that attention gave way to situations in which they tried to prey upon me. Even the thought of being forced to be deflowered horrified me. Luckily they never seemed to be able to catch me, especially in the wilderness where I thrived in hiding my tracks and leading them away from me.

It was only yesterday I stole a bit too much for me to run away with that something extraordinary occurred. I was being beaten, pain radiated from different parts of my body, but I knew that taking any action could just make it worse. It was a two versus one, but after a minute of being it suddenly stopped.

”Wha-whats happening?! ”

”I-I can move?! ”

My eyes widened at the sight I was currently looking at the two shop guards floating a few feet away. It was the doing of a cultivator and not just any cultivator either, they had to be especially strong to this. Or at least they are seldom seen by the common folk like me. A small exchange occurred between the guards and this cultivator before he appeared right before me.

As soon as our eyes made contact I felt something in my pocket. It was the pendant that I almost forgot the use of. It was almost like everything about the heirlooms came back to me all at once.

He offered me a hand, but I was still a little skeptical about the whole situation or perhaps it was just from the lack of trust I had in people from the experiences Ive had during these four years. Either way I chose to stand up on my own.

When I stood up I finally got a good look at his face.

*Gasp!* H-hes so handsome. Its just like grandmother described him. He really fits as the handsomest man of her lifetime.

Taking out a bag of money he handed it to me. When I heard the amount within I faltered a bit. T-this much for someone he doesn know? Just this much alone could have covered my costs of living for 3 years!

Taking the bag he started to leave but I followed. When he stopped and looked at me I was surprised he noticed me following him. I thought my steps were as quiet as they could be.

Thats right he could be the pendents creator! I need to keep following him to find out. Maybe his hearing was just extremely good and heard me.

He gave a light warning, but I just ignored it. After another 20 steps he turned back and yelled at me. Hearing his shout I involuntarily trembled and took a step back.

I need a new plan, Ill just follow him from farther away and see if that works. Hes my only clue right now and considering that feeling earlier it should be him!.

Following him out of the city, across the plains, and through a forest I thought I would finally catch him as he exited the forest. Yet once I was out there was no one there except a vast emptiness.

T-that was my chance… and… and I ruined it! P-please!! Come back for me! Tears welled up at the corners of my eyes until I couldn take it anymore.

I dropped the coin bag which could easily make my life better and dropped to my knees bawling my eyes out.


A sound appeared in my mind for a moment before I heard a soft and calm voice call out to me. Opening my eyes was the man from before and I couldn be any happier, it could well possibly be the happiest Ive been in the last four years.

We finally exchanged names, his name was Ip Jiang, but perhaps I could tease him and his age by calling him Big Brother. It wouldn look wrong anyway if we were together and I called him that, he still looked really young!


After he left the house hed given me I immediately took off multiple layers of clothing until I was left with just one. Pulling out a small red teardrop shaped gem a crack had appeared on it.

When grandma spoke about the red jade she was always really vague with the description of the effects, but she seemed really adamant about there being limited uses to it. It only had around 3 uses at minimum or 9 at max.


The next day I wanted to surprise my big brother. From my time hunting I learned better ways to control the beating of my heart and now I was going to use it to give him a little scare.

Hehe! Just you wait big brother! You won be able to escape my attack!

I heard him walk into the other room and after a moment I sprang up to rush towards the room he was in.


The sound occurred again, but I was too focused on my task at hand to deal with it.

Ramming open the door I jumped atop his chest, or at least tried. I saw a sight I had seen a few times before, but none were as big as that.

Later he lectured me about doing those things, but I caught something off putting to me for some reason.

The moment he said he was married and has a wife.

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