Stepping outside the scent of morning dew hits my nose. Rays of sunlight shine from my right as a sign of the dawn of a new day. The heavenly-like mist dulling the orange glow of the light as it hits the ground.

”Yinger, Ill see you soon. It shouldn take too long for me to take that disciple around. Remember, I helped build this place. Besides, if I, the sects master, don know where Im going, who else would? ”

”Im not scared about that, Im scared about you falling for this new disciple! Shes young after all, what if you suddenly want to leave me for her? ”

”W-what! I would never! Tell me how long have I been with you? If I were to willingly leave such a person who has been there to support me all this time, what kind of person would I be! ”

”Fufu~♥ I was just kidding! I know you wouldn do that! Ill meet you in the grand hall then. Oh one more thing! ”

She grabbed onto the collar of my robes before pulling me down. Her lips softly pressed onto mine for a moment.

”Fufu~♥ For now this simple kiss will do as your final parting gift to me. ”

She tidied me up and patted me a few times before turning me around and pushing me out.

”Now go quickly! Ill see you soon Darling! ”

A smile formed on my face as I headed out, slowly descending the steps of our mountain peak. I took my time going to that building, the atmosphere and serene surroundings were something quite nice to behold.

As one of the top cultivators of the world I could easily appear in front of the house in a blink of an eye, but I chose not to. I couldve easily decided not to sleep for months at a time, but chose not to. So easily just evade those steps a mortal would consider a required part of their life, especially if I have just a few nourishing pills to keep me sated or liveliness pills to keep me energized both possibly lasting years at a time.

But I won , how could I enjoy life by skipping most of it? Sure sometimes it feels monotonous, but aren cultivators the same at times? In fact they might be even more so at times, especially with the generic path of just cultivating Qi. All they do is sit in a room doing their lotus positions and possibly wait for decades at a time for boosts in power.

Those light novels I read seemed like action was at every corner with occasional little breaks for cultivating. Perhaps it was merely the plot steering them into trouble at every turn.

Oh would you look at that! Those bandits we killed were actually men from the Wang family or (insert random chinese last name here) family. They just happened to be one of the most prominent families out there and once mc deals with them their ancestors arrive. When they die a man from the upper world just happens to arrive or something and has a long time relationship with those people so they make you wanted in the upper realm. The cycle just repeats until god arrives or something.

Man, Im glad Im not a protagonist or something like that. They usually don end up as sect masters, right? Theyve always just been disciples in sects. Hmm, what would happen if I happen to get a MC disciple, maybe I already have and I just have to figure out which out of my 10 disciples they are. That would explain why I barely see any of them anymore, all those adventures theyve probably gone on. Maybe some of them have already ascended to the upper realm, not that Im really eager to go.

Before long I arrived at the secluded hut. Walking up to the front door I gave it 3 firm knocks.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

”Disciple! Ive arrived! ”

”… ” Silence, after 5 minutes I decided to knock again only this time a little louder.

*Knock!* *Knock!* *Knock!*

”… ”

With an odd feeling arising I sensed the whole building to see if anyone was inside. On the second floor I felt her heartbeat. The beat was slow and seemed to be in a state similar to when a person was sleeping. Realizing that at least the first floor had no one I tried entering. The front door was surprisingly unlocked and so I walked up the stairs right in front of the room which emitted the heartbeats.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

”Hey! Wake up already! Its time to go to class! I got your sect robes with me! ” Holding out my hands two sets of clothing appeared. One was for her and the other was for me since I had to blend in. It was nice being low-key since it meant that I wouldn cause a commotion everywhere I went, at least because of my status. And if need be I could just show my sect master token if I really needed to, not that Ive ever had to but it is a backup plan.

I was about to knock again, but thought that I might as well change before she did. I made sure to monitor her heartbeat as I was going into an adjacent room to undress. It was at that exact moment that Xue Jinzi happened to wake up.

”Hah! Big Brother are you here?! ” It had to be one of the most inopportune times for me to change. My clothing had already hit the floor so I might as well change into the other set.

”Im here in the room next to you- ” But I didn even get to finish my sentence as she immediately jumped out of bed and started moving towards me.

”Big Brother Im coming! Just you wait! ” As soon as she said that I started having a little panic attack and rushed to put on those disciple robes.

”N-no!! S-stop! Don come here! You don want to see whats happening here! ” Yet my words seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Her advance was quick and she had reached the door before I could even get the robe on.


The door opened just like that and she jumped onto me.

”Big Brother! *Gasp* ” When she jumped she fell short and instead of sitting atop my chest like shows would always show she managed to just sit atop my thighs. With that simple gasp I knew exactly what she saw.

Immediately I waved my hand and sent her out of the room. Picking myself up I quickly put on the robes and made sure nothing was off about it. With a sigh I opened the door to see the girl standing directly in front of the door. She looked directly down as she fiddled with her fingers. She wasn wearing dozens of clothes on top of each other this time though.

”Im sorry! Im sorry! I-I s-saw y-your p-p-p-… i-it was- ”

”Please, stop. Youve said enough. Your robes are on the table. Ill be outside. Call me when you
e done. ” I closed my eyes and did agitated motions with my hand as I exited the room. Such as pinching the bridge of my nose and squeezing my face with my hand.

There goes my sect masters image I guess, though not in the way I thought it could have even possibly gone. I was accounting for my own actions when I should have been accounting for hers too. If I knew this would happen I would have just changed at home, actually why didn I? It doesn matter now that its already happened. At least now with all that embarrassment I feel like I should be leaving her on her own as soon as possible!

”Big Brother! Come in, I need to ask you something! ” She stuck her head out the door.

It was the first time I saw more than just her eyes. Her face had an innocent charm to it which her sapphire colored eyes only added to. Long chestnut colored hair spilled out from the doorway as well.

”Are you wearing the robes I gave you? ”

”Y-yes ”

”Alright, whats the problem? ”

”Well, its… ” Instead of finishing her sentence she opened the door all the way.

The robe was tight on her, especially upon her chest. The mounds she had could be classified as mountains from how big they were. It was completely disproportionate to her body size. In fact it wasn just her mounds that had such a size, her peaches were quite extraordinary as well. If she wore this size of robes it would attract way too much unnecessary attention. It looked like if she made any excessive movements her entire outfit would burst apart.

For a moment I was agape before regaining a more indifferent look. Searching through my storage rings I found a bigger set of robes and with a flash it appeared out of nowhere on top of my hands.

”Here, wear these. ”

”Oh, thank you Big Brother! ” Yet she didn take the robes out of my hands, instead she immediately started stripping!

”Hey! Stop!! ”

Hearing me yell right in front of her seemed to freeze her instantaneously.

”B-big Brother? W-whats wrong? ”

Is she this clumsy? Shes pretty naive too, huh? Does she not know how the current decorum works?

”You can just strip naked in front of me! ”

”Why not? ” She asked with a tilt of her head.

”Well first, we don know each other that well since we only met yesterday. Second, you should only show yourself to others that you ”like ” a lot. ” I lectured her as I placed down the robes.

”Well I like you a lot! ”

”No, I mean like really, really like! ”

”I do! I really, really like you! ”

”How? We just met yesterday. ”

”Well, you showed me your thing earlier! So its only fair if I show you what I have right? ”

”What?! No, of course not! That was an accident earlier, which could have been avoided if you actually listened to me! Theres no way Im gonna look at you! ”

”I knew it, its because of how my body looks isn it? Its horrible to look at isn it? I bet you must think I look like some sort of pig, that was why I covered myself up so much before. Is it okay if you let me use both of these robe sets so I could cover myself up more? ”

What? I mean shes partially right with the body being a huge part, but its definitely not the bad looking part.

”No, no thats not why, in fact I think your body looks wonderful. I just feel you attract too much attention, thats all. Besides, Im a married man so I shouldn be looking at another woman with such intentions. ”

”R-really? ”

”Yes, of course. Now come on, youll be late for your first day if you don get ready. ”

Walking out the room I waited for a bit as she got ready. In a few minutes she came out wearing just the big sect robes. Luckily this time they fit well enough for her and we set off immediately.

”Big Brother, what did you mean earlier by intentions? What kind? ”

”Its not something you should think about, just worry about class today okay? Make sure you learn a lot alright? ”

Leading her far down the mountain we finally reached one of the outer disciple lectures. I would just drop her off here and later she should be able to keep going here by herself.

”Alright, we
e here Ill see you later. ”

”Goodbye Big Brother! ” I was about to reprimand her before remembering my disguise and heading off.

What a bad start to the day! This disciple is too much trouble! Wifey is right, but for different reasons entirely! If the first day is this bad I can imagine how much worse our relationship would go if this continued. Shes a bit of a temptation too! I gotta resist this though, else what kind of husband would I be?

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