The Yandere’s Sect Master

First Day of School

At the top of the tallest peak stood a large pagoda-styled building. Its appearance filled with a sense of grandeur, added onto the fact was the heavenly-like mist that flowed just above the ground. Each step I took the mist parted for me almost as if it was untouchable. The place felt serene and tranquil, on my right dusk was beginning to end. As the orange glow from the sun slowly disappeared beyond the horizon, the illuminated building took over as the central source of light.

Walking towards it I passed a small pavilion in front of a pond on my right and a stream coming from that pond which flowed across to the left side down the mountain. To cross the stream I had a miniature bridge built to walk over it, keeping the aesthetics of the mountain top.

As I approached I brought back out that bag of groceries. Taking a few steps up onto my porch the mist didn reach me anymore.

Pushing the door in I couldn even get a step in before someone shouted my name.

”Husband! You
e back!! ”

A moment later a woman appeared around a corner followed by the sound of metal clanging together. Her long white hair flew about as she rushed to me. Her eyes are a vivid cerulean with hints of purple mixed in. For a second it reminded me of that new disciple I picked up, but the slightly mystical purple mixed in drew the line between the two.

What caught my attention was her current attire, she only wore a plain black apron. Every step she took jiggled her mounds. They extended from the sides, but most importantly they gave a clear view of the valley from above. A slight shift downwards in eyesight and I saw her hips extending out giving her that heavily desired hourglass figure. The thin cloth that hovered in front of her cove could be easily moved with a breeze.

Finally she reached me jumping onto me with a hug. Quickly, I put away that bag of groceries just before she touched me.

Her arms wrapped around my neck as she suddenly pulled me in the building. Shutting the door She pushed me against the wall while pressing herself against me.

”Now my dear husband I have 3 choices for you!~♥ Would you like dinner, a bath, or me?~♥ ”

Oh my god! Where did you learn these… these sacred texts? I thought Id never hear them again!

”Im just kidding, I won make you choose. Cause I already chose for you and that choice is me! Fufu~♥ ”

She took a few steps back and leaned forward, her mounds moving accordingly. The glory of her valleys depth was on full display.

”How could I refuse, you
e the best of the 3 options. ” Grabbing onto my arm she ushered me to our dining room.

”But of course! I will always be the best option for my dear husband, isn that right? Come on, lets go eat! I made one of your favorites, Siu Yuk(crispy pork)! I even used some of our high quality meat to make it, Im sure its perfect. Give me those groceries you had earlier, Ill put them away. ”

”Whats the occasion? ”

”Can I just throw a little surprise for my husband every now and then? You can eat while I stow this away, Ill be right back!~ ”

As she disappeared into another room I eyed our dining table. 3 different dishes were displayed while there were already two bowls of steaming rice placed next to each other. One of the dishes was of course tha siu yuk she spoke of earlier. The golden brown hue of the skin alone made my mouth water a bit. The other two dishes consisted of wontons and Gai Lan(Chinese Broccoli).

Of course these dishes weren made of ordinary supplies, they were made using Spiritual versions. The Siu Yuk came from a high grade spiritual pig-like creature while the spiritual vegetables were grown in our garden. The only difference between these and the original was the Spiritual Qi which is greatly beneficial to cultivators especially.

Picking up the chopsticks from one of the bowls I clamped a piece of the Siu Yuk and stuffed it into my mouth. The tender and juicy flesh followed by the bubbly and crispy skin really sold its flavor.

Suddenly a pair of arms came from either side of my stomach and tightly hugged me. Her head appeared atop my right shoulder.

”I see you couldn hold yourself back, huh? What did I tell you? Isn its flavor perfect? ”

Swallowing the bite I had I responded, ”If you made it everythings great. ”

”Come! Lets sit and eat. I wanna hear what youve done today. The bath should be ready when we finish. ”


Everything was normal until we got to the part where I was in the alley.

”Scaring off some bad guys to save someone? What a hero you are. ”

”Yeah, but then when I tried to leave she followed me! I basically made her go through little trials to even follow me. At the end though she started sobbing when she realized I disappeared. Out of pity I brought her back and decided to make her one of our sects disciples. ”

”Oh? You brought back an unknown girl? So what do you think your relationship with them is exactly? You can just help them out all the time right? You shouldn find them all the time, after all itll just stunt her growth if you do, right? ”

”Yeah, to be honest I didn plan to really know them too well. But after I showed her to her home she didn want me to go. She looked so pitiful soo I decided to eat a little over there with them. Ill just meet up with her a few more times before making up an excuse or something to never see her again. ”

”Good, good you shouldn get attached to these kinds of people who leech off of you by using pity. ”

”Aren you a bit harsh? She was homeless just this afternoon. When I first met her I thought she was a child, I only realized earlier she was 21 years old. ”

”Im sorry dear, I just don want you to be taken advantage of! ”

”Come on, we
e wise and old! How easy do you think it is to take advantage of us? ”

”Hey! We
e not old! Just look at us! And if you don believe me I could easily show you.~♥ ” She placed her hand atop my groin where my dragon slept.

I put my hand onto her shoulder and pulled her towards me with our eyes making direct contact. Kissing her on her forehead she instantly had a light blush appear on her cheeks.

”Yinger Im sorry but I don think I can do it tonight, having to deal with our sects new disciple was quite tiring for me. Besides, I have to go to find that new disciple and show them around. I don want to be too tired for tomorrow, lets do it another day. ”

”What about cuddles and kisses? ”

”Theres never a no for that! ”

”Fufu~♥ Lets go to the bath already! We
e done with the food after all!~ ”


Wrapping a towel around my waist I went into the bathroom. The place was a little steamy with a large tub built into the floor for ease of use. Seeing no one in the room I went in and sat within the tub myself.

The heat of the water seemed to release any stress build up within my body. I felt relaxed just by sitting there then the sound of the bathrooms sliding door opened.

Oddly enough when she came in she actually covered herself more than before. The apron only covered her front, but now she wore a towel around her entire body.

Coming up and sitting beside me she leaned her head on my shoulder.

”Are you sure you don want to do it?~ Not even just a little?~♥ ”

”Im sure I- ” I turned to her only to see her reveal one of her mounds pink peaks. A seductive smile plastered on her face.

Such a sight to see was bound to cause some kind of reaction, blood flowed causing minor commotions to the sleeping dragon. I really wanted to do it, but I had to resist the temptation for now.

”Come on~ Lets just do it this way: Well just lend each other our bodies as we pleasure ourselves~♥ We won be having sex, its just…masterbation, thats all~ ”

Uh huh, masterbation with extra steps, right?

”Im sorry Yinger, I promise well do it another time ok? ”

”Humph~ You promise? ”

”I promise! Now come on, lets go to bed. ”


Pulling up the covers for me to enter Yinger was already there waiting for me. Almost as soon as I laid down on my back her head appeared on my chest followed by an arm. One of her legs went above mine and her other arm slithered behind my head to reconnect with the other. As she tightened her hold on me I placed an arm over her waist. We just stared into each others eyes for a moment, neither of us making a sound.

”Good night dear husband. ”

”Good night, Yinger. ”

This is my wife, Jing XiuYing. I remember the first time we met was just a little after when I acquired my 10th and final disciple. At the time I had many women come to try for my hand in marriage. I remember there was this one little tsundere-like woman who appeared at my mountain quite often. She had come numerous times acting coy and when I attempted to speak to her about it she would hit or kick me. A few times she even pulled out her weapon to fight me because of her ”Embarrassment ” or something like that.

One day I met Jing XiuYing while on a walk and we just clicked. It was like I found my perfect match, we had so many things in common and we could always have a conversation. She was there for me when taught my disciples and there when I created the sect, supporting me all the way. Nothing got in our way and those women who came after me seemed to have vanished. The last time that I saw that tsundere girl was when she kicked me in the shin before storming off. I remember XiuYing was in the room at the time when it happened and her concerned face as she looked at me.

I think that was the day which most if not all of the women who normally came to see me just suddenly stopped. They didn send any farewells or anything at all, they just stopped coming like a hose whose water source was suddenly cut off.

I think it was a mix between them finding someone else, realizing I was falling for XiuYing and not them, and just losing interest in me. Seeing the majority of them stop coming suddenly was odd since for the past few years or so at that point they came to see me quite a number of times, but as they trickled away I forgot about them focusing on the love of my life.

Opening my eyes the bed I slept on was empty, but just as I was about to get up the door opened. Jing XiuYing came in holding a tray with what I believe as my breakfast.

”Good morning Darling! I made breakfast for you! Its congee with bits of chicken and scallions! ”

Arriving in front of me the tray unfolded into a little table for me. Only 3 things were atop of it some cloth to wipe myself with, the congee bowl, and soup spoon.

”Thank you Yinger. ”

Just before I could pick up the spoon to eat her hand touched my cheek and turned my head. She then gave me a light kiss on the lips.

”This is just a little reward Im taking for myself.~ Consider it a little bit of interest Im taking from your debt. ”

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