The Yandere’s Sect Master

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Bending down I scooped up the child using both my arms to carry them. I made sure it was a comfortable position for them since they were still mortal. Wouldn want to hurt my sects brand new disciple before they could even start after all.

While I carried them they were oddly heavy for what I believed to be a homeless child. Of course their weight was insignificant compared to the strength I could exert, but it was still something for me to think about. Coming to a conclusion I believed it was only the added weight of all those additional layers of clothing they had put on.

”Are you ready? Im going to quicken my steps now. Why don you take a look around at the scenery while Im doing so? Its especially captivating when I begin to fly around, youll be able to see so much from above. ”

”En, Ill do as you say Big Brother! ” I smiled at their response.

I think this persons a girl, right?. I wouldn want one of those easily avoidable misunderstandings to occur after all. As a dignified sect master, how could I intrude upon my sects own female disciples changing clothes.

Wait! What am I thinking about?! Knocking! Ill just knock on her door to figure out if they
e ready or not… Did I just forget basic interactions with people for a moment? Is this perhaps a sign for me to be a more active sect master? Maybe…

”Big Brother! Look over there! ” The girl pointed downwards since at this point I had already started flying around. What I flew on was the same sword which used to scare those two men beforehand. The weapon doubled as a rideable sword due to my efforts and multitude of attempts to create such a weapon.

Taking a quick glance I saw the sight she pointed at. It was a small section of the mountain range which had a relaxing and peaceful feeling to it. A small wooden hut stood by a lake surrounded by a small bamboo forest. The place was personally built by me a long while ago to escape the bustling nature of my sect along with having a small place to just relax for a few days.

”Nice find, actually I built that little place to relax at. Maybe one day Ill take you to see it. ”

”Big Brother? ”

”Yes? ”

”Whats your sect called? ”

”Its the Azure Sky sect, I named it together with my original 10 disciples. It was supposed to symbolize our clear reflections of character without any facade, just as the sky is a clear reflection of our oceans color. Youll join as an Outer Disciple, letting you directly join without being there for any of the tests is already a huge favor so don count on there being other advantages, alright? This is your test to see if you even have the ability to continue following me. ”

”Big Brother, I understand. ”

”Also don call me that anymore, Im the master of the sect and besides Im not as young as I look you know? Just call me Sect Master around others. ”

”So I can call you Big Brother when we
e alone? ”

”…Uh sure. ”

”So how old are you Big Brother? ”

”Um…very old, don worry about it. ”

”If you can tell me your age how can I acknowledge you as my elder? ”

”What?! Im like a whole foot taller than you! What do you mean?! Tch! Is this how you repay me for accepting you into my sect? ”

”N-no! Big Brother Im sorry! ”

”Its fine, we
e here. ”

As I hopped off the flying sword 3 young figures from different parts of the sect appeared in front of me while cupping their fists.

”Greetings, Master! ” Spoke a loose robed man who bit onto a piece of straw.

”Master, Welcome back. ” Said a woman with perfect posture and neat clothing.

”Master! ” Shouted a bulky man who exposed most of his upper body.

The three figures being my disciples speaking in order of seniority.

”Hey there 3rd, 5th, and 8th hows the sect doing? ”

”Well the sect has been doing well, but it seems like some kind of event might be occurring soon. ” Spoke the woman.

”Hey Master, whats with the bundle of clothing you got there? ” While still keeping the straw in his mouth, 3rd asked me.

”Is it some sort of new training device? ” 8th looked over curiously.

”Big Brother, who are these people? ”

”Did you already forget what I just told you? *Sigh* Nevermind, these 3 are my 3rd, 5th, and 8th disciples and they are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd core elders of our sect, respectively. ”

”Huh?! Master, did you personally bring someone back to the sect?! Is this perhaps our 11th junior sister or brother?! ” My 3rd disciple leaned forward with his eyebrows raised.

”Welcome to our sect junior! ” My 5th gave a polite greeting with a bow.

”Theres someone in there? ” My 8th stood with his back while staring confused toward me.

I gently placed Xue Jinzi onto her feet while I spoke with my disciples.

”No, this won be your 11th junior. But she will be joining our sect, as only an outer member though. Make sure you give her no advantages, not that any of you even would right? ”

”Of course not! Why should I? ” 3rd leaned back as he chewed on his straw.

”Understood, Master! ” 5th elegantly bowed again.

”Yes, Master! ” 8th stood with his arrow-like posture.

”Good, you can all go now. Even though you
e all my disciples, you all chose to stay with me as my group of core elders. That means you all have responsibilities at times, 5th I know you and your hard work ethic so I have a reward for you later. ”

”What?! Master! I worked hard too! Don I get a reward? ” 3rd abruptly stopped in his tracks and turned around.

I eyed him down with a slight tilt of my head and his body shrunk back a bit.

”S-sometimes… alright Ill go now. ” Seeing that 3rd disciple of mine fly away gave me a little chuckle.

”Alright, lets take you to your housing for now. Look, Ill even pick a nice house for you that I made a long while ago. It was originally supposed to be destroyed, but I felt quite nostalgic about it so I kept it. But it is quite secluded and a little bit away from the other parts of the sect. Would you like that? ” Taking the lead I began to walk her down a long staircase which traversed the mountains.

”En, Big Brother, could you live with me? ”

”Me? Im sorry, Im an important person, remember? I can spend all my time with you. Why don you enjoy this scenic walk with me? It may not be as enchanting as the views of the mountain, but its still a sight to behold in my opinion. ”

”Hmm, Okay. ” Suddenly she grasped onto my left arm with both of hers hugging that arm thoroughly.

Though caught off guard I didn take away my arm since I still thought of the person attached to me as a child. But there was something odd about what my hand was close to. The layers upon layers of clothing must have really been heating up since I felt a warm feeling near my wrist.


Arriving at the building it was just like I said beforehand. The trip here took 5 minutes of walking after being split off from a path. The building itself was a little hidden, but it was a fairly good sized building with two floors. It had an entirely stone platform while the walls were made of a mix between the two.

Seeing the building she instantly became excited leaving me behind. She pushed open the doors before exclaiming from the inside.

”Big Brother come check this out! ” I thought for a moment before deciding I still had plenty of time to help her settle in.

”Wow! This house is so big! This is all for me!? ”

”Yeah, its all for you. Im sorry its quite dusty though, I haven used this place in a long time. ”

”Thats ok! Since this is Big Brothers first gift to me Ill make sure to take care of it! You don have to worry! ”

”I guess I could help you too at times after all this was my mess in the first place. ”

She toured the building almost exclaiming at every room she came across. The living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom, a small bathroom, the closet, and a pantry. Finally, we met back in a living room the first floor had.

”Alright, I think I have to go back now. Its getting late, but here are a few meat buns to keep you fed while Im gone. Don worry Ill be back tomorrow. ”

”N-no! Big Brother, Im scared! Don leave me alone! ” Almost immediately she dropped them, but luckily they were all wrapped up in cloths so none of them got dirty.

She hugged me getting tighter and tighter until her arms no longer had more strength. I patted her head through the multiple layers of clothes she had. Feeling my hand she looked up and I saw her teary round eyes.

Shes using her magic against me!! Noo!! I guess Ill have to compromise.

”Xue Jinzi, look at me. I have to go eventually, but how about I stay for dinner, huh? I can stay any longer than that alright? ”

”*Sniff* *Sniff* O-ok, I understand. Im sorry for doing this to you Big Brother. ”

Picking up the meat buns I placed them on a small tray and lit a fire to get some heat started. It wouldn take long before the buns warmed up enough. For the time being we sat at the dining table to chat a bit. The dining table wasn that large, but could fit around 8 guests and of all the places to sit she sat next to me.

”Itll get really warm soon so why don you take off a few of those layers, surely youve been cooking in those clothes the entire day. ”

”Okay, if thats what you want, Big Brother. ”

Thats what I want? What?

”I just thought youd be really hot, thats all. ”

”I understand, don worry! ”

”Hmm, as long as you understand, I suppose. Do you know how old you are? ”

”Of course I know! Im 21 years old! Now you evaded the question before! So you should tell me now that I told you! Its only fair if you tell me, after all, this was supposed to be a womans secret! ” At this point she removed enough clothing for me to see the entirety of her face.

Wait, what?! S-shes been an adult this entire time?! Oh my god I did all of those things to an adult?! Everything is so much more embarrassing now then! No, just act normal! Pretend that I knew the entire time. Shell never know.

”Ah, I see! ”

”Yep! Im 21 years old! Wait a minute.. Hehe ” She looked at me with this knowing smile as she squinted her eyes a little.

Seeing that look on her face made me nervous for some reason and at the moment I realized that the buns were near perfect.

”Ah, Ill be back. ” As I went to pick up the buns I heard her giggles from behind. ”Hehehe ”

”Here you go! ” Giving her one of the buns we ate them quietly surprisingly enough.

”Alright Big Brother Ive kept you for long enough. Ill see you tomorrow, you promised afterall! ”

”O-okay goodbye. ”

As I left the place I kept thinking about her age. Shes an adult! How is she an adult? She is literally a whole foot shorter than me! I guess she must have been malnourished as a child which could have stunted her growth. How did she even end up in such a situation, living life on the streets?

As I kept thinking about those thoughts I finally reached my house.

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