When arriving in the Fan Kingdom, Bai Yihou of the Fan Kingdom had already properly arranged a banquet to welcome Jiyu.
There is no need to say as the room that Jiyu lives in is obviously very top-notch.
Even for us nine maids, every two have their own rooms.

Zi Kou and I were arranged to be together.
We unloaded the boxes of things we carried all the way along, and arranged everything.
The room was spacious, but made it look like we only brought a few things.
After tidying up, we sat on the bed and chatted. 

I asked Zi Kou: “Who did you originally live with?”

She flattened her mouth: “Bi Ruo, that person is like a mute, and can’t even say two words in three days, really bored me to death.” 

I laughed.
Bi Ruo is the youngest here, and is Xia Wan’s younger sister.
She is usually uncommunicative, and is very calm, not resembling a child at this age.
When compared to Zi Kou, they are the complete opposite.

After resting for half a day, someone knocked on the door.
I opened the door to see that it was Mo Xiao from the next room.
She faintly said: “Sister Wan asked me to come and pass on the message.
The banquet starts at you shi15-7 pm, do not neglect the time.” 

I salutedOur female lead is doing this as a way to show that she acknowledges and will comply with the message as a way of showing respect.
The body is slightly bent and the hands are pinned to the waist, and said: “Have troubled Young Lady Mo Xiao.”2This usually as a way of thanking someone for an inconvenience 

She was just about to leave when she heard this.
She turned around and looked at me with a hint of doubt in her eyes: “How do you know I am Mo Xiao?” 

Nan Su and Mo Xiao are twins and very similar looking ones too.
Just from their outside appearance, there is almost no difference, even their smiles and frowns are the same.
They usually like to wear light blue or light purple clothing, simple and neat like a lotus flower breaking the surface3“Lotus flower breaking the surface” = surpassingly beautiful face of a young lady. 

I lightly smiled: “It’s a secret.” 

In fact, the only difference I could find between them was that Mo Xiao disliked me while Nan Su has no opinion on me.
The disgust in one’s eyes can not be faked, and seeing the eyes of Mo Xiao looking at me, I knew that she was Mo Xiao. 

Sure enough, Mo Xiao laughed, but there was not a hint of a smile in her eyes: “How long do you think your little cleverness can last? I don’t know what you can do, but it’s best that you try not to become a hindrance to us.” 

With the banquet, I understood the meaning of Mo Xiao’s words.
Each of the them has their own musical instruments that they are good at, and not only that, their skills have already reached the point of a stove fire turning bright green4“stove turning bright green” = to the point of perfection, and adding on with their flawless cooperation.
Listening to them perform《Deer’s voice》with Zi Kou singing the lyrics, it was like calmly listening to the sounds of nature.

I smiled, and stood silently in the darkness behind Ji Yu.
I have always been clumsy when it comes to calligraphy and music.
Even if I made my best effort to play the song, it can only be considered as an embarrassment.
My appearance is also average so I can’t complain that Mo Xiao thinks I’m useless. 

Fortunately I have already been disliked for twenty years, and have long been used to it. 

The old gentleman, Xiang Shaoya, was dressed in black clothes, looked no more than twenty seven or twenty eight, upright and bright, heroic and formidable-looking.
From the looks of him, he seems to be a very straightforward person.
He smiled and said to Ji Yu: “Everyone in the world says that Gentleman Ji is one who knows how to live a happy and prosperous life.
After hearing this《Deer’s voice》song, it is indeed true.
Hoping that I can also get some of Ji Yu’s good fortune.” 

Ji Yu held a cup of wine: “It’s not true5btw this is said in a way to respond to another’s praise, and it is said in a polite way of being humble, I still have to thank Gentleman Xiang for his great kindness and hospitality.”

“With our relation to each other, do we still need to act so estranged?” 

“In that case, Brother Xiang, please6Ji Yu held a cup of wine, so this means that he is inviting Brother Xiang to drink as a form of respect.”

“Brother Ji, please.”7Same for Brother Xiang who is inviting Ji Yu to drink 

Ji Yu was dressed in a purple silk ordinary robe.
A pair of black eyes that are so deep that one cannot see to the bottom.
In the presence of the heroic and dashing figure, there was not a trance of being inferior at all.
His aura is not one who is clearly shallow in knowledge, and instead is one that is secretive, calm, and has hidden prestige.
In this way, it is unexpectedly even more frightening.  

“This young lady is very unfamiliar.” A voice sounded off beside me.
I looked over and saw a seventeen or eighteen year old youth with a smiling expression. 

The youth was dressed in moon-white clothing, and his hair was tied up, beautiful and neat, glowing with health and vigor.
I reckon that he is Xiang Shaoya’s trusted aide, and is also Xiang Shaoya’s deputy general, named Zichen. 

He seemed to be quite awkward with my silence, and explained: “Gentleman Ji is a frequent visitor of my lord.
I have seen the other eight maids before, but have never seen you.” 

As a result, I laughed, and responded: “This maid has only recently followed young master.
The name is A’zhi.” 

Seeing that I responded, the youth’s awkwardness seemed somewhat reduced.
He smiled and said: “Nice to meet Young Lady A’zhi.
I am Gentleman Xiang’s close attendant.
Listening to the young lady’s accent, it seems to be from the east.” 

“Yes, my hometown is the former land of Qi.” 

“Sure enough, it is the Qi Kingdom.
I have seen many young women from the Qi Kingdom, and all are very tall and thin like Young Lady A’zhi.” 

His voice slightly raised, and there was a youthful cheerfulness to him.
Zichen still wanted to continue speaking, but was called away by the housekeeper.
He hurriedly waved at me and said that we will talk another time. 

The steps of the highly-spirited youth walking away were light and quick. 

I looked at the view of his back, and then looked at the hosts at the table.
I don’t know if it is an illusion or not, but I felt that someone was looking this way a second ago. 

After the banquet, Ji Yu called me to his room. 

His room was indeed gorgeous.
The lion incense burner had sandalwood scented mist rising out in spirals like clouds in the sky8“clouds in the sky” = numerous.
The floor was covered with a carpet that was produced by the Liang Kingdom.
The seats of the chairs all had gorgeous embroidery patterns on it.
It is said that the Fan Kingdom advocates luxuries, and it can be seen that this is indeed true. 

He dismissed all the other attendants.
A pair of eyes that contained a trance of a smile looked at me, and it was the smile, but also not a smile that I usually see, brimming with curiosity.
He and General Xiang drank a lot, but he is still very sober.
The alcohol smell on his body is also very faint, not having the appearance of having drank a lot of alcohol.
He probably mixed water in the wine, maybe his alcohol tolerance is not very good or maybe his taste in wine is not very good. 

“The key to sending troops out lies in the Monarch of the Fan Kingdom.” He said unhurriedly. 

“The prime minister advocates not wanting to send troops out while Shaoya advocates for sending troops out.
Both sides have been in dispute for a long time, and the Monarch of the Fan Kingdom has yet to decide on what to do.
If I were able to meet the Monarch of the Fan Kingdom, I’m certain that I could persuade him.
It’s just that the Monarch is in poor health right now, and it is the prime minister who is in charge of the government right now.
The prime minister heard that I was coming, and really put a lot of effort into preventing me from seeing the Monarch.
Even Xiang Shaoya has no way of letting me see the Monarch.” 

Although his eyebrows were creased, there was no hint of distress in his eyes.
This kind of thing should not be difficult to solve with his communicative skills.
As a result, I asked: “Is there anything I need to do?” 

“Hmm, there is one thing.
Shaoya said that he has been living in the camp for a long time, and this time having returned back to his residence, he instinctively felt that there were people under the commands of the prime minister in his residence, but he did not have any idea of who it was.
A spy’s actions are inconvenient, and I hope that you can please help find that spy.” 

I smiled slightly: “I am nothing more than just a maid.
Young master does not need to be so polite.
It is my duty to help young master solve his worries and difficulties.” 

Ji Yu was stunned, but in a twinkle of an eye, he recovered his senses, smiling: “Shaoya has already said that his deputy general, Richen will help assist you in investigating together.
I saw that you two have already met at the banquet.” 

“It was nothing more than a few words.” 

“He is indeed a considerably handsome youth.” 

I looked up at him.
He supported his chin and looked at me with a smile.
I said lightly: “Young master should probably be more worried about Zi Kou, not me.” 

When I returned to my room, Zi Kou was already preparing to go to sleep.
She sat on the bed and looked at me with a bit of surprise: “I thought that you would stay at young master’s place tonight.” I was stunned for a bit, and said exasperatedly: “Young master should only sleep with people who wholeheartedly love him.” 

“You don’t love the young master?” Zi Kou was a little bit bewildered as if not loving the young master was some hard to understand idea. 

“…Do you love the young master?” I asked back. 

Zi Kou replied without taking the time to think: “I do.” 

I looked at her innocent and confident expression, and couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Then why have you been repeatedly staring at Zichen today? I saw that you have looked at him much longer than you have at young master.” 

Zi Kou’s face turned red at a speed visible to a naked eye9doing something that is too obvious or unnatural.

She yelled out and buried her face in the quilt, only leaving me with her jet-black long hair from the view of her back. 

“He is good-looking, so I took a few more glances…” She justified softly, and then whispered: “I have respect and love for young master, but it doesn’t prevent me from liking a handsome youth.”  

“Only handsomeness?” 

“He also speaks very softly and tenderly…What! Sister A’zhi, you are slyly luring me.” When she reacted back, she turned to look at me.
A pair of bright and clear eyes that contrasted against her flushed face.
Her cheeks were puffed up with annoyance.

I smiled and shook my head.
After washing my face, I also climbed into bed.
Zi Kou looked at me and finally looked a bit deflated: “I was only looking, nothing more.
I have been young master’s person since the day I became young master’s maid.
I definitely can’t be together with others.”

I nodded. 

“Sister A’zhi, if you don’t even like someone like the young master, then what type of person do you like? Do you have anyone that you like?” She said aggrievedly. 

The moonlight is beautiful, shining brightly on her hair.
I was silent for a moment before replying: “I have before.” 

There used to be someone that I really really liked, but it’s just that my liking has nothing to do with love. 

It was a very long time ago. 

Zi Kou’s eyes lit up, and then went dark again.
She mumbled: “Except for young master, I have never really liked anyone else.
More so, there has also never really been anyone who really liked me.” 

I laughed and patted her on the back: “Me too, the people I like don’t like me back.” 

In this world, there is probably no one who really likes me.
Even if it’s my father and mother, even if it’s Qiqi, even if it’s the person I like. 

The person I like, I hope that we have the chance to meet one day, allowing me to know that he is living well.
It’s best that he does not recognize me, and we can just brush past each other. 

“I think that this is a good thing.” I looked at Zi Kou, and said slowly: “Since no one likes you, you also don’t need to like anyone.
You may be despised, trampled on, and harmed, but you will never be deeply hurt.”

Zi Kou looked at me with a stunned look for a while.
She then turned her face to look at the ceiling, seemingly annoyed again. 

“Sometimes I’m a little afraid of you, Sister A’zhi.” She said honestly. 

This was precisely the same as what Qiqi said.
She is only sixteen years old this year, and was the same age as I when the Qi Kingdom collapsed. 

I looked at her, at her delicate and pretty face along with her naive eyes.
I once wondered why Ji Yu would accept such a simple and pure girl like Zi Kou as a maid.
Is it just because of her good singing voice? 

Then I roughly understood.
If all eight of his maids were mature and steady, it is inevitable to make people suspicious and on guard.
Zi Kou’s innocence precisely neutralizes this profound mystery, letting people be at ease.
If one wants to find out about any news, then Zi Kou is the breakthrough point.
It is not good to let her know too much and it is necessary to keep an eye on her. 

Although Zi Kou is naive and innocent, her tone of words is very strict.
She also extremely admires Ji Yu, and could not be any better to control. 

It seems that Ji Yu is a very good chess player.
Each chess piece is carefully selected, and even the weak points are carefully designed.

I patted Zi Kou’s back and said quietly: “Sleep.” 

New chapter! Hope everyone enjoys it!

15-7 pm2This usually as a way of thanking someone for an inconvenience3“Lotus flower breaking the surface” = surpassingly beautiful face of a young lady4“stove turning bright green” = to the point of perfection5btw this is said in a way to respond to another’s praise, and it is said in a polite way of being humble6Ji Yu held a cup of wine, so this means that he is inviting Brother Xiang to drink as a form of respect7Same for Brother Xiang who is inviting Ji Yu to drink8“clouds in the sky” = numerous9doing something that is too obvious or unnatural

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