r you? 

The room was arranged very elegantly, and the incense burner had smoke rising out of it in spirals.
It is precisely the mysterious moon scent of the Zhao Kingdom.
Sure enough, Nan Huaijin is also in the room with Ji Yu standing beside him, smiling as if he had met an old friend, and said to Nan Huaijun: “The person is already here, so I won’t bother you anymore.” After saying this, he clasped his hand2greet by raising clasped hand, and went out of the room. 

Nan Huaijun nodded at me, and said: “Young lady, please sit.” 

I bowed my head and saluted: “This maid does not dare to.” 

He laughed bluntly: “The young lady is speaking too seriously.
Young lady has saved my wife’s life, and is my benefactor.
How can you not dare? Please sit.” 

With this, I stopped refusing, and sat in front of Nan Huaijun. 

I asked: “One does not know if Madam is feeling any better?” 

He forced a smile, and said lightly: “She is better now, but it’s just that her mood is still not good.” 

I lowered my eyes, and did not speak.
The destruction of the Han Kingdom is not much better than the Qi Kingdom.
Practically all the nobles and aristocrats were slaughtered.
It can be seen that Princess Chang Ni’s family was not spared, and recently, it was also heard that her first child died prematurely. 

After several heavy blows, Princess Chang Ni can probably not take it anymore. 

I said faintly: “I have seen a lot of the world’s rises and falls, Madam will naturally let it go.” 

He was stunned, and then laughed: “It seems that the maid of the Seventh Princess is indeed not a common chord3“Not a common chord” = outstanding/brilliant.”

“…Which seventh princess?” 

“Now when it comes to mentioning the seventh princess, who else could it be other than the Seventh Princess of the Qi Kingdom?” 

I was silent.
If he just wanted to thank me, with my current identity as a maid, he could have just sent some coins4This was considered money in the ancient times, and these coins were usually made out of copper, silver, or gold.
However, he spent a lot of effort to meet me through Ji Yu, and it can be seen that there must be something else.
After this, we will probably enter into the main point of this meeting. 

“Have…you ever seen the Ninth Princess?” He was silent for a while, and finally spoke faintly. 

I was stunned as I did not expect him to want to inquire about me.
He had a guilty expression, and it seems that the things that happened five years ago, he did not let go of it as easily as I did.

“Naturally I have seen her before.
The Seventh Princess and Ninth Princess have been inseparable since childhood.
I am the maid of the Seventh Princess, meaning I am also the maid of the Ninth Princess.” 

He hesitated for a moment before speaking: “She…How is she now?”

“She’s dead.” I spoke as if it was not a big deal: “She died at the wedding banquet of the Song Kingdom along with the Seventh Princess.” 

He was clearly stunned, and there was some sadness on his face.
He opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he could only sigh: “In the end, I still feel sorry towards her.” 

“This maid does not know why you feel sorry towards the Ninth Princess?” 

He was stunned again.
He probably thought that as a person from the Qi Kingdom, I would definitely know the Ninth Princess, and it would only make sense that I should hate him, and criticize him. 

“I backed out of the marriage agreement between me and her.” 

I looked at the man who had a guilty expression on in front of me.
I could not help, but want to laugh: “You are mistaken.
What you have turned your back against is the agreement with the Qi Kingdom.
It is the agreement with King Qi.
There is no agreement between you and the Ninth Princess, so who you are actually sorry for, is the Qi Kingdom and King Qi, not the Ninth Princess.”  

He seemed a little at a loss.
I paused, then spoke again: “The Ninth Princess does not hate you.
Marrying you or someone else is the same to her as none of it is what she chooses herself.
Besides, now you have a wife so if you had married the Ninth Princess, wouldn’t it be that you would have never met your wife?” 

His eyebrows gradually loosened, and he asked: “Really?” 

I laughed: “This maid swears with the life of oneself and one’s family.” 

As a result, he also laughed and seemed to be more relieved: “It seems that I overestimated my influence on the Ninth Princess.
People around the world highly praise the beauty of the Seventh Princess, and listening to what you just said, I think the Ninth Princess is also a very outstanding person.
It’s just a pity…” 

I picked up my teacup, and took a sip of tea.
There was a light drizzle outside the window, and the wind was also moist and warm.
It reminded me of a certain light drizzle day many years ago.
Qiqi pulled me to go to the side of the rockery5Rockery = is a raised part of a garden which is built of rocks and soil, with small plants growing between the rocks in the palace, pointing to a boy who walked by far away: “Jiu Jiu, he is your future husband.” He flashed by and at the time, he was only fourteen or fifthteen years old, wearing purple clothes.
He did not have an umbrella, and his figure was very young and tender. 

At that time, I did not attentively look at him.
Instead, a boy in goose-yellow clothing appeared in my mind, smiling innocently.
Now that I think about it, the reason why I can be so at ease is maybe because before him, I had already put another person in my heart.  

Hi! Hope everyone is enjoying the story so far!

1cornelian = a reddish gemstone2greet by raising clasped hand3“Not a common chord” = outstanding/brilliant4This was considered money in the ancient times, and these coins were usually made out of copper, silver, or gold5Rockery = is a raised part of a garden which is built of rocks and soil, with small plants growing between the rocks

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