>Yuria looked around discreetly.
But no matter how much she glanced sideways, there was no one to help her in this situation.


‘I did ask him last time to keep it a secret that I make cosmetics.’

Not even the servants who guided her here in the first place were around, in case they would hear about it.
There were no maids and no escort knights.
There was only Yuria and Princess Vivian in the garden of the spacious princess’ palace.

‘Ah, it’s really uncomfortable.
Why did my brother make me meet a lady who is called a villainess? I don’t know what she’s thinking.’

And the fact that this moment was awkward was the same for Princess Vivian.

‘Did he say Duchess Primrose’s skin improved because of her daughter? How am I supposed to believe that? I’ve never heard of Lady Primrose being smart, even though I’ve often heard of her being stupid.’

In fact, Vivian had a prejudice towards Primrose.
When she was younger than now, during a time when her skin hadn’t deteriorated so much.
Although Yuria said it was the first time, the two had actually met before.
It was a memory of her childhood, something Yuria couldn’t even remember.

Just then, Vivian had been away from social gatherings for a while and then came back.
Vivian, who was younger than Yuria, couldn’t help but clearly remember that day.

“Honestly, Princess Vivian’s skin… It’s a bit awful.
Isn’t that right, Lady Lilika?”
“Don’t say that in front of a pitiful person like Her Highness… How upsetting it must be.”

It seemed that Lilika was trying to look good for Princess Vivian in her own way.
Consequently, Vivian was rather hurt and ended up shutting herself in the princess’ palace.

“To be honest, I don’t think I would be able to come out if I had skin like that of Her Highness Princess Vivian.
She’s younger than us, so how commendable is that?”
“Lady Primrose, you have beautiful skin, and you seem to have an even more beautiful heart!”

A soft, resonating voice, and a bright face that is revealed when she sweeps away her hair with a kind attitude.
As if she was understanding of Vivian.
A patronizing attitude, as if looking down from the top.
Words that were even more hurtful and made her even more sensitive than openly cursing her…

When Vivian was standing there, trembling, unable to even say that she had returned,

Who are you to say that Her Highness is pitiful and commendable?”
“The only way you can say that is when you’re better than Her Highness.
Do you perhaps think you are better than her?”

The faces of the ladies who had been chatting about Princess Vivian’s skin with Lilika turned red.
Although she was criticizing Lilika, what she said could be directed at the other ladies as well.

“I can’t tolerate this anymore.”

And Yuria stormed out of there, saying that she didn’t want to look at Lilika’s face.

At some point, the subject of the conversation became Yuria, not Princess Vivian.
Everyone patted the crying Lilika and cursed Yuria.

“Sister, really… How did her personality become like this?”
“Why is she twisting what Lady Lilika said so nicely? She’s the one openly humiliating her younger sister in a place like this!”

They said she didn’t say anything wrong, and pretended to be close to Lilika, who they didn’t even like.

Then, those things gradually came together, and Yuria became a villainess.

‘But… what her sister, Lady Primrose, did that day helped me as a result.’

Of course, it was confusing as to whether she was really thinking about Vivian or simply saying that to attack Lilika.
Her younger sister Lilika, who was rumored to be such a nice person, was also someone she found uncomfortable.

Although their first meeting worked out somehow, Yuria, who is called a villainess, may hurt her even more.

Although she didn’t want to lean on the hope that her skin would get better, she didn’t think her brother would bring this person here for no reason.

“How did the Lady and my brother know each other?”

So, she just wanted to ask her that.

“His Highness helped me the last time I was in trouble.
I ran into my ex-fiancé in the boutique.”

Yuria welcomed the words Vivian said first.
It was easier to answer questions about common acquaintances.
Princess Vivian also wondered how the crown prince came to meet a villainess like Yuria.
How big was the gap between the crown prince, whom the whole empire loved, and Yuria, who was wrapped in turbulent rumors?

“Your ex-fiancé…”
“Sir Vieira.
He suddenly appeared and pulled my wrist hard.
I didn’t even have my own escort knight in the boutique, so I was almost hurt.”


Immersed in Yuria’s words, Vivian’s voice strengthened.
Fortunately, the story of Sir Vieira was something that even Yuria, who had no talent for speaking, could make more exciting.

“Sir Vieira said everything was my fault.
I thought I would get hit at least once, but fortunately, His Highness showed up at that moment.
He asked him if I had threatened him into liking my sister.”

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