own prince.
I’m just worried that you might be hurt by those words.”

Then, Lilika smiled like a good younger sister again.
She curled her eyes gently, as if she was worried about me.

“I’m upset that you keep twisting my words.
You’ve been misunderstanding a lot so far, Sister.”

Yeah, I was saying that she should not step up for no reason when listening to the villainess.
I didn’t even have the will to speak nicely anymore.


“So, Sister, since it hasn’t been long since your engagement was broken, wouldn’t it be better for you to stay quiet?”


Just as I was about to open my mouth, the knight, who had been listening to my conversation with Lilika from the side, interrupted, as if he couldn’t take it anymore.

“I apologize for interrupting the conversation between the two sisters.
But His Highness has asked me to bring Lady Yuria Primrose, and I’m afraid we will be late if we waste more time here.”
“What… Did you just say His Highness invited Sister?”

Lilika looked astonished.
The knight’s words revealed the inner thoughts she couldn’t believe.
The knight solemnly nodded to Lilika.

So, it is an excessive concern to think that Lady Yuria Primrose, whom His Highness invited, will cause any trouble.”
“Also… it may not have been your intention, but it could sound like you’re saying His Highness has no discernment.”

Lilika immediately shut her mouth.
I could hear my excellent younger sister’s brain working all the way here.

‘Yeah, I’m sure it’s bewildering.’

What had Lilika been saying in front of the knight sent by Crown Prince Enoch? It wasn’t enough that she said she would go instead of me, she even cunningly accused me of being an undignified lady who was aiming for the crown prince…
Of course, there was room to escape, but would the knight who interrupted the conversation really be favorable to Lilika?

“I didn’t know Sister had been invited by His Highness… I don’t know the reason, but have a safe trip.
Don’t forget to tell me what you talked about later, alright?”

Lilika quietly stepped back for now and smiled.
The face that answered back to me with a high-pitched voice earlier was nowhere to be seen.
No matter how you looked at her, she looked like a cute little sister.

Knight, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
I’ve held you for too long because I’m worried about my sister!”

Her attitude was so cute and friendly that it made whoever was watching smile happily without even realizing it.
The stiff expression the knight had until just a moment ago collapsed in an instant.

The scary thing about Lillika was that she knew exactly when to pretend to be weak and when to push hard.
It was clear that even if she showed a fragile appearance like last time, it would not work for the knight.
So, without deviating much from courtesy, she showed a somewhat daring but cute appearance.

‘Instead of pretending that everything was a misunderstanding, she’s going to wrap it up in a slightly immature way and buy the knight’s favor.’

She was not the protagonist in a childcare story for nothing.
How many people’s hearts did Lilika shake to go from an illegitimate child who was hated to a beloved princess?
This loveable attitude was something I couldn’t copy even if I was born again.

This time, I chose to show the appearance of a benevolent older sister as I stepped onto the carriage.
And thanked her as if to conclude the conversation.

“No, Lilika.
Thank you for your concern.
It’s something I will remember.”
“Thank you for underst…”

If I said something like this and she took it unwaveringly, it would give the impression that the sisters were actually close and act in Lilika’s favor.
But I had no intention of letting it go that way.

“According to your worries, I will be careful of my behavior.
It was scary to hear people say that you had seduced your sister’s fiancé even though you didn’t intend to.
As expected, we should not ignore the advice of experienced people.”

As expected, Lilika couldn’t hold back when she heard this, so she let out a shout.

“Sister, how could you say something like that!”
“In the time you take to worry about me, wouldn’t it be better to explain why you and Sir Vieira looked like lovers at the birthday banquet dressed in the same light pink clothes?”

Saying this casually reminded the knight again of what happened between Lilika and me.
I casually glanced sideways.



Sure enough, it seemed to have worked, as the knight, whose stiff expression seemed to have collapsed in an instant at Lilika’s affectionate attitude, hardened his expression again.

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