e reluctant to confront the Lady in person, but I will try to persuade her in some way.”
“… What?”

Did he trust me right away? I asked back in surprise even when I was the one who mentioned it.

“Does Your Highness trust me?”

But on the contrary, Crown Prince Enoch strangely asked me the opposite.

“Did I perhaps miss something? Why should I doubt the Lady…”
“To be honest, I don’t think Your Highness would know my reputation.
What do you see in the stupid and vicious me that you want to entrust me with Her Highness’ skin?”

It was too revealing.
However, he continued to be kind to me all the time, so I was rather suspicious.
It was hard to pinpoint exactly when, but from some point on, people have always looked at me with vigilance or ridicule.




My mother pulled my hand under the table and grabbed it.
Feeling the warmth coming from her, I acknowledged that I was being sensitive.
After being spoken ill of several times for being a villainess, his words that he trusted me seemed to have triggered a defense mechanism.
This time, it was my mistake.

“Lady Primrose, as easy as it may seem for me to say… I want to do anything for Vivian.”

“I know you want to do anything, but if you apply something bad on her skin, it can get worse.”

Under the sunlight shining through the window, I could see the clouds of dust floating in the boutique.
A warm spring afternoon that felt like it would melt away.
His green eyes were looking at me with a kind glow.

“But I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Crown Prince Enoch’s eyes curved gently.
His voice touched my ears sweetly and clearly.

“Since you are a young lady who studied cosmetics for a long time because you were worried about your mother, I don’t think you would treat the worries of others who were troubled for similar reasons as if they were nothing.”

I was speechless.
I couldn’t say anything to the trust that was given to me for the first time by someone other than my mother.

“So please, Lady, take care of my sister.”

Crown Prince Enoch bowed his head politely.
To me, who was called a villainess in the social world.


“I may not be able to send an invitation right away.
I am ashamed to ask you, but could you please wait a little while?”
“It won’t be easy… Why are you going this far?”
“Because I am Vivian’s family.”

He was such a kind older brother.
To the point of being overly comparable to someone else.
My brother Jiksen flashed through my mind and disappeared.

“I have to persuade her.
Vivian can’t just keep avoiding people.”

Then, an invitation came to me, making me wonder if he had persuaded her.
Accompanied by a carriage from the imperial family.

“No, Yuria… I mean, the Young Lady? Are you not mistaking her for Lady Lilika…”
“Not at all.
It is correct that I should bring Lady Yuria Primrose.”

I wondered what they had heard as the knights were courteous even to me, who was infamous.
And asked me to go with them to the imperial palace.
It was a respectful attitude that I didn’t even receive from the knights of the duchy.

“Thank you for accepting the invitation.
If it is alright with Lady Primrose, we will depart now.”

Then, as I was about to get inside the carriage escorted by the knight,

“Sister, what’s with the carriage coming from the imperial palace?!”

Lilika, who was nowhere to be seen just a moment ago, came running in front of me.
It was rare for Lilika to look so disheveled.
I stopped climbing on the carriage for a moment and looked at the girl in front of me.

“It just so happened.
I’ll be right back.”

I was evasive.
It was an unknown secret that the princess had a complex with her skin, so I couldn’t say that.

The moment I answered in moderation and tried to climb back into the carriage, Lilika spoke nervously in a loud voice.

“What? What do you mean, ‘it just so happened’? As if it’s such an easy thing to be invited to the imperial palace…!”

As I looked back in surprise at her high-pitched voice, Lilika smiled again as if she had never done so.

“Ah, I’m sorry for speaking so loudly.
I’m just worried about Sister.”


Wasn’t she secretly trying to push me away from the carriage as she spoke?

“If you’re going to the imperial palace for matters related to our family, I’ll go instead.”

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