oon you’ll be in the most perfect killing state where you can’t feel any emotions.”
Toloji’s last sentence stuck in Desian’s ear.
Toloji was now out of his mind.
“What? Weren’t you following the Duke’s orders? I have no idea what you’re talking about.…”
The butler looked puzzled.
This wasn’t what he had expected.
Desian, who was taking all of this in, thought briefly.
To become a perfect killer, who behaves harshly.
Why one earth would he do that?
Gradually, he became tired of this.
A weak sensation passed through Desian’s mind.
It was unfamiliar.
He recalled his earlier encounter with Citrina and the feeling of elation.
What was that?
He had something he wanted to ask her as well.
And he decided to go back to her.
He had said he’d read the book.
Therefore, he now had to head back.
Desian twisted his mouth and asked.
“May I ask you a question?”
Toloji and the head butler, who had treated him like a statue until now, looked up.
The look on his face was blank.
“Talking…I don’t remember saying you could talk.”
Toloji said with a frustrated expression.
Was the drug given to Desian ineffective? Or was something wrong? Had he taught him something wrong?
Toloji’s excited expression cooled off.
The same was true of the butler, who had not expected Desian to speak.
He was blinking dumbly and could not hide his embarrassment.

“Why do you think the mana’s wavelength is gone?”
The head butler’s mouth closed.
He was a naive person.
Even after hearing Toloji speak, his belief in the curse made him obsessed with the effectiveness of the bracelet.
Meanwhile, Desian was being rapidly deformed in the room where the duke had locked him up.
He thought of the drugs Toloji had injected in him and the books Toloji had pushed him to read.
His emotions were not stunted, but the black magic grew and twisted like a vine inside him.
“That’s not the question.”
When he finished talking, the bracelet hanging from his wrist broke off.


Soon, small, loud explosions erupted around where the duke had imprisoned him.
Blue flames poured down.
“Oh my god!”
Desian looked indifferently at the bizarre transformation of the head butler’s body.
Toloji clapped his hands slowly three times.

-Clap, clap, clap-

The claps echoed loudly in the huge empty room.
“It’s absolutely perfect.
This is the future that I wanted.”
Desian laughed cynically.
“You don’t know the near future.”
“What about the near future?”
Toloji’s face subtly hardened.
He asked this question with a disconcerting look on his face.
He needed to inject the drug before the boy’s mana exploded.
All sorts of magic had been cast to cause Desian to lose his free will and become brainwashed to obey only Toloji.
The final drug was difficult to obtain, but it was almost complete!
There was only one step left.
It was supposed to be over soon.
Toloji searched through his pocket in a hurry.
He touched a round bottle in his pocket.
All he had to do was inject Desian with the drug.
Toloji’s trembling hand felt in his pocket.
“It’s not possible for you to kill me!”
Desian watched Toloji’s demeanor with a relaxed face.
No, not exactly relaxed.
“I am the god who made Desian nim like this It’s not possible for you to kill me…”
Desian just watched him.
He didn’t touch him or cast any visible spells.
Toloji, who had been speaking rapidly, was cut off.
Soon after, blood flowed out of Toloji’s mouth.
It was disgusting.
Just before all the blood in his body had been exhausted, he collapsed.

-roll, roll, roll-

Something rolled out from inside his jacket.
It was most likely the drug Toloji had meant to administer to him.
Desian broke the medicine bottle with an indifferent face.
A clinking sound was heard.
A stream of white liquid flowed under his feet.
That drug would have probably haunted him for the rest of his life.
Desian looked at the body on the floor and said,
“Did I kill God?”
He had killed them, but he didn’t feel anything.
As they had said, it seemed he was a monster.
There was a subtle feeling that his world was becoming more clear bit by bit.
Desian was the only one left standing in this place.
He looked quietly at the men he had killed.
Desian thought it was time to go back to Citrina.

The original work had changed.

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