The first conversation with Desian had been more normal than she had expected.
The main butler, Grendell, called Desian away.
Citrina wondered if the duke was getting ready to make his next move.

‘It’s not important if I meet with him or not.’
Citrina decided to think positively.
Still, after meeting Desian, she realized something.
‘I don’t think he’s sunk into evil or boredom yet.
In other words, there seemed to be a chance for rehabilitation.’
He was strangely more gentlemanly than she had imagined.
He wasn’t perfect, but he wasn’t violent either.
‘That was different from the novel’s violent depiction.’
In the book, Desian grew up to be the perfect psychopath.
He killed and exploited all people as needed.
That person was skilled at killing.
He could kill everybody, or spare lives to some degree.
However Citrina knew that was not his original nature.
‘I can do it.’

All I had to do was prevent my future death.
Looking back at today’s conversation, he was…definitely human.
That means we’ve been able to communicate to a degree.
“Then, what am I to do now?”
Citrina muttered to herself as she headed to the library.
She knew much more about this place than the average person thanks to her past life’s memories.
But she was curious about gems.
She loved the sparkle of jewels in her past life.
Citrina found a book to dive into before long.
With her chin resting in one hand, she turned the pages one by one.
“Hey, Citrina.”
Aaron was the one who appeared all of a sudden, but he was surprised when she was startled.
Citrina laughed in embarrassment.
Aaron smiled in relief when he saw Citrina laugh.
He had licked his lips and clenched his mouth when she first jumped.
To cheer him up, Citrina changed the subject.
“You must have had something to do in the library.”
”Oh? Yup…”
Aaron smiled, slightly folding his eyes.
It was the first time in his life that Aaron had a friend.
Citrina guessed that he probably wanted to spend time with a friend.
Citrina looked around briefly.
The library was set up in the annex and was very large with few people in it, so she could speak comfortably.
Aaron carefully sat in the chair next to Citrina.
Citrina, who was staring at him, soon closed the book.
Citrina’s hand slipped away from the title.
Aaron looked at the cover.

A jewelry book? Do you like jewels?”
He titled his head, wondering at the weight of the hefty book.
“I like them.
Would you like to read it with me?”

But why do you like them?”
“I want to run a jewelry business later.”
Citrina answered frankly.
It was the beginning of the original work, when jewels were not as in such high demand.
There was no genius jeweler or student of the dwarf yet.
She still had a chance to make it.
Later, Aaron stopped while staring at her.
Citrina looked up at him, as she was the one who brought up the topic of future plans.
Aaron had no future at this time.
He could only think of dying when his mana grew too unstable and destroyed him.
It was only after the duke’s death that he could think about the future.
Just as she was thinking that her attitude was too selfish considering his situation, Aaron smiled.
“Citrina, that’s cool.”
It was a voice of pure admiration with no qualms or regrets.
“Thank you.
Citrina smiled awkwardly.
Aaron paused for a moment before speaking.
“I’ll buy some of your jewelry later.
If there is a later.”
Citrina looked up at him once.
Aaron pure eyes glistened for a moment.
Citrina responded quietly.
“If you’re alive?”
Was lost in thought when she heard his trembling voice.
His voice as he talked about the possibility of death was pretty pitiful.
“There’s a jewel called a ruby.
I don’t know exactly why, but people of the empire call it the knight’s heart.”
“The knight’s heart?”
I think it’s because it’s as red as the heart of a courageous knight.”
“…So cool.”
Aaron whispered.
Citrina looked at him and spoke softly.
“Later, I’ll give you a ruby.
It means I will give you great courage.”
The last part was said for herself as well.
With black hair and black hair eyes, probably everything would look good on him.
But there was a special reason Citrina wanted to give him rubies as a present.
It’s because she wanted to give him courage.
Rubies stand for courage, which evokes strength in their owner.
Citrina knew of some of the trials that were coming in the future for the male lead of the novel.
Citrina could provide this degree of kindness.
Aaron smiled at her and opened his eyes wide.
What should I give you in return?”
Citrina smiled at his innocent eyes.
“You can think about it slowly.”
It felt like they had gotten just a bit closer.
The sun shone lazily through the library windows.

Citrina blinked with a languid look.
She enjoyed the feeling of time passing by.
-knock knock-
The butler Harold knocked on the library door.
“Citrina-nim, a letter has arrived for you.
It’s from your younger sibling.
I believe it is an urgent notice.”
“Yes, please come in.”
“Citrina has a younger sibling.”
Aaron said as his shoulders drooped.
Citrina was lost in thought as she heard him muttering.
‘Elaina Foluin sent a letter?’
Why would she do that?
Citrina knew Elaina and how this world would progress.
But a little lingering attachment was inevitable.
“Here you are.
Please verify it.”
Rushing over, Harold politely handed over the letter.
Citrina’s head was full of questions.
‘What could have happened?’
Citrina slowly opened the letter.
Fortunately or unfortunately, all questions were answered as she read the letter.

Big Sister Citrina,

It’s Elaina.

I was appointed as a knight trainee at the academy, which is one step closer to success.
So I think I need a real sword.
My academy scholarship is not enough to cover the cost.
There is also tuition, but I would like you to send the money for the sword first.
The academy said they can lend me a sword, but I think it is better to have a higher quality sword, which is a little more pricey.

I’m sorry to ask you this, but I will pay you back if I do well.
I’ll repay you plus interest, so don’t worry.

So, please.
I will wait for your reply.

From, Elaina

The only reason she wrote was for money.
Citrina sighed and grabbed her head.
There was one point to clarify from the story.
Elaina wasn’t a bad guy.
She had her own troubles.
It’s just that she really believed that her success would also lead to Citrina’s happiness.
‘I’ll be dead by the time you succeed and you’ll only regret it when it’s too late.’
No matter how many times she thought about it, the conclusion was the same.
Citrina sighed deeply.

She was angry.
Elaina was using her family’s sacrifices to build her successful future.
‘…she’s not here, so what’s the point of getting mad.
Let’s hold it in.’
The anger subsided slowly.
Besides, it wasn’t the time to get angry.
Citrina was soberly reminded of the current situation.

There was an episode in the story where Elaina purchased a sword from the dwarf’s atelier.
In that part of the timeline, Elaina visited the dwarf at Ronata Atelier along with a jewel spirit.
There was also Adilac Antigone, a genius craftworker who worked as Ronata Atelier’s apprentice.
As Elaina is purchasing the sword, she comes across the jewel that contains the spirit.
‘Time is running out.’
Citrina bit her lip.
Could she rehabilitate Desian and arrive at the dwarf’s Ronata Atelier in time? Would she be able to meet the jewel spirit and Adilac Antigone?
All that she knew was that nothing had started yet.
That reminded calmed Citrina down more than she expected.
‘What should I do with the connection with Elaina?’
Citrina breathed in and out a few times.
And she chose.
Citrina’s sacrifices had ended.
Unfortunately for Elaina, Citrina no longer intended to be the family’s slave.
Citrina opened her tightly closed lips and spoke.
“Please block all letters from my family.”
After speaking, Citrina tore the letter several time horizontally and vertically.
The paper ripped with a cheerful sound.
Harold answered, taking the pieces of letter.
His face was curiously blank, like a wax figure.
Harold turned around and spoke.
“I will throw them all in the trash.”
He looked at her as he spoke.
Citrina bowed her head and thanked him lightly.
“Then, I bid you a good day again.”
Harold bowed politely and closed the door.


Citrina caught her breathe little by little after hearing the door close.
She tapped her fingers on the table.
‘I can ignore it like this.’
Suddenly, Citrina thought of the difference between the main characters and the supporting characters.
She clenched her fist hard.
The tips of her long fingernails pushed deep into her palm.
Blood welled up and her palm stung.
While Citrina was locked in her own world, Aaron watched it all and spoke carefully.
“Citrina, are you ok?”
Citrina turned towards Aaron when she heard his voice.
Aaron paused and put his hand over her own.
It was a small comforting gesture without any other intentions.
Warmth spread from her fingertips.
“I just thought of something…”
“Citrina said she would give me rubies.
In return, I remembered something I can give Citrina.”
He paused for a bit.
“What’s that?”

Citrina winked quickly.
Encouraged by the wink, Aaron continued energetically.
“Can I…become Citrina’s brother and replace Citrina’s family?”
He sounded a little hesitant.
Citrina looked him deeply in the eye.
The boy’s eyes were infinitely pure.
It was a boy’s simple promise.
But still, it was dangerous to promise the future.
‘You can’t leave a deep impression on Aaron who has no one.’
Aaron probably regarded her as someone special.
Because he was always alone.
But Citrina had to think rationally.
It wouldn’t be good to give special meaning to such a short, casual relationship.
She didn’t want to get too involved in this world.
Citrina wanted to live comfortably as a successful jewelry designer.
‘What should I do?’
Citrina bit her lip.
Aaron, he would soon be the male lead lead of this perfect world and reach his happily ever after…alongside Elaina.
They’ll be happy, so I think I can say no.
“Well, if that’s not what you want now, I’m okay.
Until you’re comfortable with it, I will be the only one who thinks so.”
Looking into the boy’s eyes, Citrina briefly recalled the past.
The time when she yielded everything to Elaina.
‘This dress, I’ll wear it.’
The dress Elaina wanted was a present from Baroness Foluin to Citrina.
Baron Foluin accused Citrina of being greedy when she hesitated to respond.
‘I want to go to academy.
Older sister doesn’t want to go, right?’
Baroness Foluin, who wanted to rise in society, told Citrina to give everything to Elaina because Elaina was smarter.
Citrina chewed on her lip as she recalled the days when Elaina always came first.
This boy was destined to be with Elaina.
Though he was 16 years old, Aaron had never been introduced to society, so he spoke clumsily and as naive as ever.
Let’s just take something of Elaina’s for once.
Citrina had given Elaina everything so far.
So this was alright.
Citrina thoughts were a little wicked.
In a world without support, a little warmth wouldn’t hurt.
“Sure, we can do that, being a family.
At least now, while I am still here.”
Citrina responded half impulsively.
Aaron smiled brightly as soon as he heard her answer.
Citrina didn’t know it, but she had a second family now.
This moment would likely never be forgotten.

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