Desian found Aaron wandering around the house as if in his own little world.

Aaron looked very happy as usual.
However, what was unusual was that Harold, who was next to Aaron, was blushing.

‘It’s weird.’

Desian stared at him and was lost in thought.
Harold was one of the rational characters in the mansion.
He was not one to let his emotions take control.
It was quite an unusual situation to see his expression collapse.
Desian looked around there slowly.
Upon reaching Desian’s gaze, Aaron spoke loudly.

“I heard a really amazing rumor!”

Desian glanced at Aaron whose cheeks were stretched wide like a clown and opened the door silently.
Really, he wasn’t too curious.
But despite Desian’s disregard, Aaron followed him over to the bookcase in the duke’s grand study.

“Older brother, there’s a blue diamond that makes love come true.”

Aaron whispered behind Desian who was going through the bookshelves one at a time.
He put a lot of weight on the words “makes love come true”.

Desian flatly dismissed the remark.

“It’s not gossip!”
Aaron hurried on.
“It’s a rumor that’s going around the commoners, but Harold told me about it after hearing of it.
Isn’t it so romantic? It’s not a mana stone, but a gem that makes love come true!”

“It’s romantic?”
Desian slowly asked and turned around.

Seriously romantic!”

Aaron was breathless with anticipation.
But Desian knew.
It wasn’t romantic.
Rumors are created and spread for a reason.
Rumors about luxuries, such as jewelry, were for profit.
If people desire it because it’s beautiful and romantic, the value will go up.

“Why? You don’t like it?”
“I quite like it.”
There was one person he knew.
The most sparkling woman in the world who loved jewels.

“Aaron, I think there’s something you want from me.”

Desian was about a hand taller than Aaron.
[TL Note: I thought they were identical twins.
Did the black magic make him taller?!]
He looked down at Aaron with an arrogant gaze.
The two brothers’ eyes met in midair.

Aaron shared the gist of what he was thinking.

“If you buy it and give it to Citrina, you might fall in love together!”

Desian Pietro knew this was clearly nonsense.
Desian knew all magic, but he didn’t know of a magic that would make people fall in love.
But what came out of Aaron’s mouth was a rumor that somehow felt familiar.
Desian turned his back to the bookcase again.

“If you don’t buy it, I might buy it.”
Even if you don’t buy it, it’s already…”
Desian’s expressionless red lips drew into an arc again.

“It’s mine.”

Aaron tilted his head, not understanding Desian’s words.
However, Desian did not allow Aaron to speak anymore.
Aaron left without finding out anything much.
Still, there was not much time until they saw Citrina.
Aaron’s heart swelled with anticipation.


So that was it.
A week later at the Citrina Oslo Jewelry Atelier, she saw both Desian and Aaron.

“Aaron and Desian?”
“Hey, Rina.”

Desian bowed lightly to her.
By Desian’s side, Aaron silently mouthed something.
But Citrina wasn’t a lip reader.
Reluctantly, she went back into the studio without understanding Aaron’s words.

“It’s vanilla rooibos tea.”

An ordinary attendant of the jewelry shop came to their side.
Desian’s gaze narrowed warily and then relaxed.
They were a normal person.
It was only natural to check and eliminate all dangerous humans in the first place.

“Ah, Del, I sent you the mining contract through the duchy.
Did it not arrive?”

Citrina sat them around a small round table in the studio.

“Sorry for the limited space.”

She was going to make an astronomical amount of money in the jewelry business.
After making so much money, she would put in marble floors and have chandeliers on the ceiling.
She would become a person full of material desires.
Unaware of Citrina’s firm commitment, Aaron tapped the table and smiled.

“It’s alright, Citrina!”

Neither Aaron nor Desian question why they had been asked to come.
It seemed they were only interested in the fact they were called.
Citrina felt a little bad for that limitless affection and somehow felt restless.

‘You are kind enough to make me doubt the rumors about the Pietro Duchy.’
Citrina moved her hands slowly over the teacup.
‘Then…when should I get to the point?’

Aaron would definitely do her a favor now.
Though Desian was watching her with a penetrating gaze.
Citrina cleared her throat slightly.
Then Aaron blurted out to her abruptly.

“Citrina, I heard a wonderful rumor.”
“What’s that?”
Aaron stared at Citrina with dreamy eyes.
Words like magic flowed slowly out of his mouth.

“Do you know about the blue diamond that makes love come true?”
“The blue diamond that makes love come true?”
Citrina repeated Aaron’s words.

“Yup! I heard it from Harold, but since Citrina is in the jewelry business, you probably know.”
“I know it.”

Citrina recalled how Adilac said she had tested the rumors earlier, and she was satisfied.
‘I don’t think there’s any need to check if the rumors spread.’
As long as Aaron knew, all of the commoners in the capital would know as well.

It was gratifying.
The future of a wealthy businesswoman was drawn in front of her eyes.

Then, for a moment Desian’s gaze touched Citrina before disappearing.

“How do you know it, Rina?”
His low, hushed voice cast doubt on her.
However, that was not the question.
With a neat look, Citrina whispered.

“I know because I am the one who made it.
Dell seems to already know though.”
“Oh? You already knew about it?”
Aaron’s expression became urgently depressed.

“Then…the blue diamond is fake?”
Citrina skillfully turned the question.

“Why? Do you have someone that you like?”
“Um, that… no.”

Aaron waved his hands resolutely even though his ears were turning red.
Aaron wasn’t the sort that could hide his feelings well.
Even in the original work and now, he couldn’t tell a lie.
Citrina pretended to ask casually.

“There is? A person that you like.”
“Oh, well, if you say it like that, there is someone.”
“Are you going to give it to the person to whom you will make your knight’s oath?”
Citrina winked her eyes at Aaron.

While listening to the two’s conversation, Desian’s expression became fierce.
Narrowed eyes stared at Aaron.

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