“Yes, I will.”
Citrina closed her eyes and smiled.
The process had changed, but either way, she had started on the path that Feinmann had created.

…that’s apparently what Citrina thought.

Early on the morning after meeting with Estelle, Citrina went to work at the jewelry atelier on Dartrin Street.
It was extremely peaceful since dawn.
Even though it was daybreak, the atelier was lit up.
‘Citrina Oslo Jewelry Atelier was the only store open on Jewelry Dartrin Street.

“Adilac! You woke up early, didn’t you?”
“Yes! How did Estelle’s party go yesterday? I was so curious that my eyes opened early! So I only ate a salad with bacon for breakfast.
I think I have a stomachache because the bacon was undercooked.
Ah, look at me.”

Adilac hurriedly put her hand back to the gemstone she was working on.
She was carving a rough gemstone using a mysterious method channeling mana through her fingertips.
Eighty-two angles began to form on the surface of the diamond.
It was a great spectacle to see.

“So then, what happened?”
Citrina nodded her head blankly as Adilac spoke a mile a minute.
“Lady Estelle said she’ll check out our atelier’s jewelry.
Likely, we’ll be able to start distribution soon.”
Citrina smiled lightly.

“Oh my god!”
“It’s all thanks to Adilac’s genius workmanship.”
“Not at all.
Without Citrina recognizing me, I would have gone home in no time.
Adilac smiled brightly and clenched her fists.
A pleasant tension seemed to linger throughout her whole body.

“Then, then are we really going to succeed?”
“Yes, I believe so.
We’re going to be the most famous jewelry atelier in the empire, or even the continent.”
Citrina’s voice had a strange and trustworthy side.
Adilac looked at Citrina with sparkling eyes and nodded.

“Citrina seems like a person who definitely knows the future!”
Citrina flinched.
“That… no way, Adilac.”
“Well, who knows the future.
Ah! There was once of my ancestor’s who also knew the future Ah, wait a minute! I’ll tell you the story after I cut some more gems for Lady Estelle, Citrina”
Take your time.”
Contrary to Citrina’s words, Adilac hurriedly moved her hands across the gemstone’s surface.
A small grouping of light moved across the gemstone.
In this world, magic could be used to craft jewelry.
Citrina’s mouth gaped open slightly in admiration.
Something distracted her from her appreciation.

– You definitely can’t know the future, but you do have a different energy from most humans.
– A different energy?
-Right, it’s not completely different…it’s kind of subtle.
I can’t explain it in words.
It’s not like a soothsayer…
It’s not as if she didn’t have a guess.
It may be because she was a person who knew the story of this world, and was therefore free of the constraints of the world.
Citrina whispered quietly to herself.

-Gemma, you need to work, right?
-I’m excited! I have something to do too!
-Give me a little luck.
This is a lucky saphire necklace.
-Good! That’s easy for this hidden card.
Gemma soon forgot about Citrina’s strange conditions.
Gemma fluttered around the area.
Citrina, who had forged a small market through Estelle, sat back in her chair looking relieved.
She now had to work on future designs.
This was because she had a clear plan.
For example, the empire’s one and only princess would be returning from academy soon, and she wanted to catch Iana’s eye with jewelry.
‘All I know about Iana is that she likes romance novels.’
How could she come into Iana’s view?
For now, Citrina had many plans.
Starting from now, she was going to test them one-by-one.

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