The way out of the mine was not too rugged.
Either Desian had softened the path or the original path was not too treacherous.

They slowly made their way out.
“Del, which way do we go?”
“It’s at Count Hailey’s.”
“Do we have to go inside Count Hailey’s estate?”

Desian seemed to read the hesitation in her words.
He whispered low.
“The count and his attendants will be out.”
“They’ll be out?”
“And we’ll be going to the temporary barracks.”
“That’s a relief.
I was a little nervous about meeting a high ranking aristocrat.”

Citrina chuckled as she relaxed after hearing Desian’s simple answer.
Citrina intended to disguise herself as a common jeweler for the time being.
Revealing her connection to the spirits at this time would have a weak impact.
Citrina and Desian walked slowly out of the mine.
She couldn’t breathe, perhaps because of the aftermath of the magic, and it felt like she had been on a long stroll.
“It feels like I’ve been walking for a long time.
That way is the village.”
“Right, the people…there’s a lot of them.”

Desian’s expression hardened terribly, but it smoothed out quickly.
Citrina looked at the people standing in the distance in twos and threes.
How did the people living near the gemstone mine live?
“It’s amazing.”

In this world, Citrina had lived as a typical fallen aristocrat and was lucky to associate with a duke.
Therefore it was natural for her to be curious.
Citrina picked up the pace.
The people of the village grew closer one step at a time.
However, as she got closer to the crowd, Citrina felt something strange.
“The atmosphere is strange.”
Desian flatly asked back.
Citrina looked around.
The atmosphere was really strange.

First, Citrina saw people attached to the entrance of the city wall standing one by one.
They were frozen as if they had seen a phantom.
Their faces were bug eyes and they held their arms tight around themselves as if it was the middle of winter rather than summer.
Despite the large crowd, not a single person was talking.
Citrina looked around.

“The people aren’t speaking.
Has the time frozen in this village?”
Citrina jokingly whispered to Desian.
The people frozen to the side of the wall flinched at her words.
She almost felt ashamed at this point.
Had she really become a phantom?

“No way.”
Desian responded lightly, as if her could read her mind.
He seemed to read the hesitation in her words.
He whispered low.
“There are too many people.”

As soon as Desian finished speaking, the castle was filled with sighs.
Desian’s face stiffened.
At that point, it became apparent to Citrina.
‘It looks like the rumor about Desian’s curse are still going around.’
How unfair and upsetting would it be for someone as sweet as Desian to experience such rumors?
Citrina was determined.
It would be polite to pretend she didn’t notice and move on.
“It looks like there are a lot of people.
Is it market day, maybe?”
“That’s possible.”

Desian smiled affectionately at Citrina’s question.
Other people began to have friendly conversations among themselves.
People seemed to break apart from the group slowly.
Citrina encountered many more people on the way to the count’s estate, but none of them were speaking.
The ambiance was quiet, as if it had been muted.
Then there was a sound that broke through the quiet atmosphere.
Citrina carefully listened.
In front of her was a kid with a muffler tangled around him.
The little kid stared up at Desian and shed tears.
“Heuk, heuk….”
“What should we do? Is something wrong?”
“The child is crying, Del.”

Citrina glanced at Desian.
Citrina was indifferent to society, but she liked kids.
Therefore, it was impossible for her to leave a young boy crying when he was right in front of her.
Citrina winked at Desian.
Desian had a friendly face, as always.
He slowly approached the boy.
And he looked down at the boy and said without a hint of tenderness in his voice,
“Why are you crying?”

Everyone around understood Desian’s words as ‘Don’t cry, be quiet’.
And that’s exactly what Desian meant.
But one person thought differently- Citrina.
She didn’t have time to care about his words.
That was because all of her attention was focused on the crying boy.
Citrina bent over, gently wiped the boys eyes and asked.
“So why are you crying, kiddo?”
“hic, hic.”
Touched by Citrina’s words, the boy started to hiccup.
Citrina bent her knees slowly to be on the boy’s eye level.
The muslin dress touched the dirt.
“hic, hic.”
“You’re getting dirt on your knees, Rina.”

Desian didn’t mind the boy’s tears.
He had an extremely cool-headed attitude.
Citrina responded resolutely.
“It’s okay.
I can brush it off.
Hey kiddo, is your mom here? What about your dad?”
“D, daddy?”

Citrina laughed brightly when the boy spoke.
Desian opened his mouth and looked at the boy crookedly.

Where are your parents or are you alone?”
Citrina sensed that his voice was rather cold.
But without time to dwell on it, the boy hastily answered.
“O, over there.”

The boy plucked up his courage with all his might and pointed his finger.
A commoner man standing a ways away rushed over.
“I’m guilty of death! P, please let me live.
I beg you.
Dark Knight….”
“There’s no need for thanks.
Take your kid.”

Desian responded, cutting off the man’s words.
Unlike when he was dealing with Citrina, his voice was cold.
Nevertheless, the commoner lowered his head.

“… Del, let’s go.”
Citrina spoke slowly.
“Shall we?”
Desian stared at her with his large eyes.
The expression in those slightly relaxed eyes was mysterious.

Citrina replied after wetting her lips, which had somehow become dry.
He was so weak, young, and cute that it broke my heart when he cried.”
“You like the weak and cute, Rina.”
“Yeah, since he’s a little kid! He’s cute.
He should get home safely.
Don’t you think?”
She deliberately stretched out her words.

“I agree with you, Rina.”
Desian smiled meekly with a relaxed face.
In the meantime, the boy holding his father’s hand was already quickly running away.
They were practically running away.
Citrina began walking again, glancing around.
A large barracks could be seen from afar.
It looked like the barracks was lifted straight off of a battlefield.

“That’s where the temporary barracks are.”
As Desian finished speaking, he opened the tent to the barracks.
There was no one inside, but there were a few small pieces of Silmaril laid out on a round table.
Citrina moved near the round table.
Desian spoke from behind her.

“This Silmaril has high mana content.”
“Can you give it to me even without us signing a contract?”
“… Why are you being so nice?”
Citrina asked back jokingly while sitting at a chair facing the round table.
“I’m always like that for you.”
“…is that so?”
It may have been four years, but these words hadn’t adapted with the times.
Citrina smiled awkwardly.
Desian also slowly walked up and sat in a chair.
After meeting Desian’s eye, Citrina inspected the Silmaril on the table.
‘The gemstone size is smaller than I thought.’
The gemstone by Desian’s hand seemed pretty small.
Citrina scrutinized the gemstone.
It seemed like a dim light was coming from within…
It was difficult for her to determine the value of the gemstone all on her own.
Citrina looked at the gemstone.
Recalling the dwarf’s technique of analyzing gemstones, she saw that there were about three fine cracks at the center, which confirmed it was a superior piece.
-Gemma, is this alright?
Gemma didn’t respond.
Citrina wondered if Gemma was very tired.
She could only guess.
Gemma wasn’t the only one who wasn’t speaking.
Desian didn’t say much until she dropped the Silmaril into the pouch she had prepared.
She looked at Desian sitting across from her at the round table and chose not to disturb his thoughts.
‘I’m sure Desian was shocked too.
The people treat him as if he was some type of monster…..’
Citrina trusted Desian, who was kind to her.
Although his wariness of others still remained, his current attitude was not so bad.
Had Citrina stared at Desian too much?
“Del, I’m curious about something.”
“What is it?”
Hearing Citrina’s voice, Desian’s eyes curled in happiness.
It was unmistakably a friendly and good-natured face.
The animosity she had felt earlier was gone.
Citrina spoke lightly.
“I’m talking about Aaron.”
His face hardened once more.

“Yeah, is Aaron still at the Knights Academy?”
“…he is, Rina.”
‘Why is his expression so stiff? Are those two not close?’
Citrina remembered Aaron following Desian around loyally, but maybe their friendship had split in her absence.
A variety of scenarios flashed through Citrina’s mind.
Desian spoke calmly, as if he knew Citrina’s worries.
“He said he’s be back soon.
He sent a letter.”
“Are you two exchanging letters?”
“…Well, why do you ask?”
She wasn’t sure if it was a question to change the subject or if he genuinely wanted to know.
Citrina looked at him and said.
“Since I met you today, i would like to see Aaron too.”
“Do you care about him?”
“Well, of course.”
Of course Citrina liked Aaron.
However, despite her affection for Aaron, she had to watch out for his actions.
That was because the empire could shift based on Aaron’s decisions.
Aaron of the Pietro Duchy was about the emerge as an idol in the capital.
It was no exaggeration to say that the capital was filled with ladies waiting for Aaron’s knighthood.
‘If I give some jewelry to Aaron before he returns, it will have a promotional effect.
I really need that.’
Jewelry was not exclusive to women.
Men could also look beautiful with accessories.
When pioneering a route through the uncharted waters of male grooming, it was clear Aaron would have a massive effect on advertising.
Citrina urge to see Aaron was mixed with this sort of ulterior motive.
“It bothers me.”
Desian muttered with his teeth clenched.
Citrina nodded.
She felt like things had become a bit uncomfortable between the two of them, but that wasn’t her focus right now.
Her jewelry business was the most important thing.
“Del, will you give me a written contract?”
I’ll work on it.”
“Send it to me at 1-B Dartrin Street.
Tomorrow, the atelier’s remodeling will wrap up, so I’m going to start moving in.”
“Alright, Rina.”
Citrina casually reached out to Desian.
It was to ask him to help her teleport again.
Desian carefully held her white fingertips in his own.
He treated her hand as if it was made of glass.
Her vision went completely black once more.
Citrina had accomplished all of her plans.
The next day, they were inside the ‘Citrina Oslo Jewel Atelier.
As Citrina expected, Gemma was delighted.
Laying on top of the Silmaril and scratching her back with it, she played with the Silmaril in her arms.
-Citrina, Citrina, I love it! Our contract is complete, and I’m getting bigger as I hug it! Soon, I’ll be an intermediate spirit!
She talked a lot, which was unlike Gemma, but absolutely like Adilac.
Citrina spoke quietly.
-Desian picked it for me.
-I, I see.
Citrina tilted her head as she looked at Gemma, who had suddenly become less excited.
The two seemed to have a bad relationship.
Anyway, if Gemma was happy, that was satisfying.
-As you granted my wish, our contract became a little stronger.
You see?
-Yeah, Gemma.
How big can you be?
Gemma’s little fairy face glowed as she blushed.
-I don’t know yet.
But I’ll definitely get bigger.
I’ll be bigger than your palm!
Looking at Gemma’s happy face, Citrina then looked at the contract on the table.
Desian sent the article through the duke’s knights.
The contract was sent to Citrina’s atelier at 1-B Dartrin Street.
‘The contents of the contract are not what I expected.’
There was nothing in the contract that did not benefit her.
Truthfully, she was also nervous and excited to sign her first mine contract.
Now she needed to mail the written contract to the dwarf.
Then she could get more funding.
She could also use the video ball the dwarf had given her, but she decided to save it for emergencies.
It was then.
“Citrina! I get in touch with someone!”
“I got a letter… are you writing to Oslo-nim? I want to see Oslo-nim.
The sandwiches that Oslo-nim made sometimes were so good.”
“Yes, I’m writing a letter.”
Skillfully cutting off Adilac’s ‘say-whatever-party’, Citrina folded up the letter to her mentor step-by-step

To Oslo-nim

This is Citrina Foluin.
I signed a mining contract with Count Hailey.
The owner of the mine has changed from Count Hailey to Duke Pietro.
We agreed to terms so that we will receive rough gemstones in return for getting them a bit cheaper.
I accepted and it was not a bad offer.
Sooner or later, a party will be held hosted by some of the lower-ranking young nobles.
I am going to participate under the name of Dwarf Oslo-nim.

Wishing you endless success,
Citrina Foluin

While Oslo had given her the video ball, its uses were limited.
For the moment, the issue of signing contracts would be handled by mail.
Citrina winked at Adilac as she handed the letter to a servant who stood by silently.
“Adilac, what do you mean about getting in contact with someone?”
“Ah, right! Citrina, I got a reply from Lady Estelle!”
“What did she say?”

Citrina asked seriously.
When asked, Adilac unfolded a letter with sparkling eyes.
She read the letter out loud.
“It’s an honor to meet Citrina-nim, who has inherited the dwarf’s noble will.
I want to meet with her… I would like you to attend.”
Lady Estelle.

She was also a character from .
She was a side character with an interest in jewelry and dresses.
The reason why she was so important is that she served as a bridge between the high ranking nobles and those of lower rank.
And Feinmann in the original work took full advantage of that.
He had struggled to find a connection between Estelle and the high ranking aristocrats.
But Citrina didn’t need to because she knew the future.

‘It’s good that I don’t have to work as hard as Feinmann.’
Citrina laughed as she took a sip of warm ginger tea.
A warmth began to circulate through her body.
“Lady Estelle’s party is the day after tomorrow, right?”
“Yes! Citrina, do you have a matching dress?”
“I’ve got one ready.”

As soon as she moved into the townhouse, she picked up a ready-to-wear dress.
It was a rather plain garment to highlight the accessories.
‘I’ve given the Silmaril to Gemma and looking forward to the party the day after tomorrow.’
Citrina relaxed and went over he plans to be a master jeweler in this world.
Possibly the day after tomorrow, much would be decided at Lady Estelle’s party.

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