Meanwhile, a short distance from Ronata Atelier, people were hiding and keeping an eye on Citrina’s lodgings.
The had stiff voices and expressionless faces.
These were the knights Desian had sent.

“She seems to have arrived safely at her destination.”
Desian had gone through the knights and wiped some of their memories.
This was all to create knights that could stand by Citrina.
It was different from the method Toloji had used to manipulate Desian.
The eyes of the brainwashed were empty and only their mission remained.
Their aim was to guard Citrina Foluin and remove all who stand in her way.
That was all.
“The guard keeps their distance and sends Desian nim a messenger bird.”
This was how Citrina was able to escape danger.
It was thanks to the duke’s knights sent by Desian.
The knights hid themselves once more in the shadows.
They had to covertly guard her.
After such a turbulent first day at Ronata Atelier, Citrina and Adilac’s time there passed steadily.


It was a bizarre, strange peace.
The dwarf’s disciples who acted territorial around Citrina and Adilac disappeared.
The would abruptly pack up and leave.
Furthermore, the men who showed an interest in Citrina would unexpectedly become silenced.
‘It’s as if by magic, there is only a flower path to follow.”
But Citrina accepted it easily.
The dwarf’s atelier was originally a place where disciples could not easily survive.
Adilac jokingly called the situation ‘the atelier’s curse.
Citrina didn’t want to think too deeply about it.
The situation was repeated that day.
Lately there was a man who came to talk to Citrina over and over again, he was the type she hated because he often used offensive words.
She heard that he often made sexual jokes behind her back.
She had been too lazy to address it directly, but the situation was reaching a critical point.
“Citrina, hi?”
“You’re pretty today as well.”

The dark-skinned man talked to her again today.
He had a muscular, solid body as if he exercised.
“Don’t talk to me.”
Citrina replied roughly and indifferently.
“What’s wrong?”
“You keep breaking my concentration.”
“I’m going to pass through the elven town and then go to the Petroche Empire.”
It was so sudden.
“I have a new person to serve.”
The people who bothered Citrina at the atelier often left like this.
The pattern was consistent.
Citrina raised her eyebrows.
It was suspicious that the cycle kept repeating itself.
“Suddenly you have a new client?”
She’s a slender woman, so she wants to go the the elven village and get a dress sewn, which is very important to her.”
He scratched his forehead.
It was such an unexpected development.
It was as if someone was controlling him.
But she didn’t want to dwell on it.
“Right, good bye.
Let’s not meet again.”
Once again, a peaceful routine followed.
No one else bothered Citrina.
Thanks to this, she was able to grow quickly.
It’s as if someone had laid down a rich and beautiful flower path.


Meanwhile, unlike Citrina, there was a person whose daily life was disrupted.
It was Citrina’s sister, Elaina.
As soon as Citrina left, Elaina received a shocking letter while she was training Selen Knights Academy.
The letter contained information on how Citrina had left the family and how her family could no longer support her.
Dear Elaina,

Baron Foluin can’t afford to support you anymore.
So I recommend taking a break from school for a while.
Citrina left to live her life.
If you’re going to take a break from school and come back home, please write me a reply.
Or maybe you can look for a family to sponsor you.
If you have a family to sponsor you, there will be restriction on your life.
Therefore, I understand if you don’t like it, but it is now inevitable…
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Baroness Foluin.

“A sponsor family? I don’t believe it.”
She tore the letter apart.
This Elaina Foluin, would receive sponsorship?
“Why would I be sponsored?”
Elaina grinned.
Citrina was just acting rebellious and would obviously return.
She would make money.
Elaina believed in Citrina and had no doubts.
Nevertheless, that belief was broken after a month passed, then another month, and then a year.
Finally the time came when it was difficult to pay for tuition fees.
Elaina’s self-esteem slowly began to crumble.
With that, hatred for Citrina began to eat away at Elaina’s heart.
That was because a growing number of people looked away from her or had begun to ridicule her.
“Elaina, Foluin?”
The daughter of the Baron Foluin family.”
At the end of the year, Elaina ran into Aaron.
The meeting occurred during a practice sparing time.
“Nice to meet you, Prince Aaron.”
Aaron Pietro surprisingly kept his distance from her.
Consequently, Elaina had never come into close contact with him.
‘Prince Aaron hates me.’
She didn’t understand why, but the contempt was obvious.
The young lord said he already had someone in his heart.
Maybe that was why.’
At Selen Knights Academy, he was a beautiful man loved by everybody.
However he drew a perfect line between himself and everybody else.

“Prince Aaron Pietro, it’s an honor to be your opponent.”
Elaina’s face stiffened at the curt answer.
They held up their swords.
Elaina’s sword was shabby.
Aaron looked at her and silently took the sparring position.
‘It seems like that sword is Prince Aaron’s most precious object.’
Aaron’s sword handle was studded with colorful rubies.
Unlike other knights who changed their swords depending on their opponent, he was well known for only using this sword.
As a matter of fact, it was a simple sword for the son of a duke to use.
There was a rumor that it was a gift from a lover.
Aaron made it clear that it wasn’t from a lover.
…for some reason, she felt strange.
“You know my older sister, Citrina, right?”
“Isn’t that too direct?”
Aaron smiled when she said ‘older sister’ with emphasis.
It wasn’t the sort of smile to come from Aaron, who was said to be exceedingly sweet and gentle.
The two clashed swords.
His attitude made it clear that he cared for her.
It made her out of spirits.
Elaina clenched her teeth.
“I’m asking if you know.”
“I know, Lady Elaina.”
“You must be very close.”
“I’m honored you see that.”
“Then you know where my older sister is.”
“Don’t even thing about finding Citrina.”
Aaron’s expression was frighteningly cold.
No one had ever seen such a cold face on Aaron Pietro.
Elaina bit her lip.
Was this all just her delusion? Somehow she had a strong hunch that everything was ruined indefinitely.
“You seem to know where she is.
As a family member, I don’t know.”
“I don’t understand why Citrina is a family member of Lady Elaina.”
“Citrina may not be much of an aristocrat, but she is a Foluin by name….”
“She is my family.
Yes, and Lady.”
“Don’t disregard me again, Elaina Foluin.”
Elaina had a sudden thought.
Why wasn’t it her name coming out of Aaron’s lips?
Elaina involuntarily spat out the words.
“The lady will take the knight’s oath…possibly.”
“As you know.”
Elaina was hit with another surprise attack.
The difference in strength was unbeatable.
Aaron easily blocked Elaina’s attacks.
‘As you know’ was an obvious answer.
It was a simple answer that made her feel discouraged.
The most perfect man at Selen Knights Academy liked Citrina.
“So don’t insult Citrina again.”
“Why do you like Citrina?”
Elaina replied dejectedly.
Her sword fell as her voice stopped.
-tuk- Listening to the sound of it dropping, Elaina thought.
‘Mother also said something like that.
‘Don’t burden Citrina anymore.’
Everybody had loved Elaina.
“You don’t deserve to hear it.”
Why was Aaron looking at her so coldly? It shouldn’t have been so.
She didn’t know why, but it felt like her older sister was taking her life away.
She looked at Aaron He looked at her with a composed face.
She refused to yield.
In a world where everybody loved Citrina, Elaina had to find a way to live.
What did she need to do to make it?
She clenched her teeth.

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