Chapter 2 Snatching the Milksop Hero’s Pie


As an only child, Su Tao did not know how to coax children.
She immediately felt stressed out.

Finally resigning herself to her fate, she took off Su Zhi’s shoes for him.
Then, she carried the baby, Su Dou, out of the basket and coaxed him impatiently, “Brat, stop crying.
Your crying is causing me a headache.”

“Sister, my feet hurt.
Boohoo…” Su Zhi sat down on the ground and cried, touching his eyes with his hands.

Su Tao was beaten upon waking up, and before she had time to digest what had happened, she was faced with two crybabies who were bawling non-stop.
Su Tao was on the verge of breaking down and said fiercely with arms akimbo, “Cry, cry, cry.
I’ll throw you into the ditch and drown you if you still cry.” She pointed at the ditch on one side.

The ditch was too shallow to drown anyone, but children were afraid.

Su Zhi was frightened.
He sobbed as he tried to restrain his tears.
After a while, Su Dou also stopped crying.

The crying finally stopped.
Su Tao heaved a sigh of relief, and put Su Dou back into the basket.
“Hurry, get up.
You’ll be beaten again if you go back late.” Speaking of being beaten, her whole body ached.
She was sure marks were left on her body.

Her mom? She’s clearly an enemy.

“Sister, the shoes are too big…” Su Zhi pointed at the shoes and looked at her timidly, afraid that she would throw him into the river.

Su Tao stared at him for a while, resisted the urge to knead his face a few times, and quickly squatted down to tie his shoelaces.
What evil did she do in her previous life? Her worst crime was just being lazy.

However, that was because she had a rich father who indulged her.
She had never been short of money.

She became depressed at the thought of this.
She would definitely not be able to make a fortune in a farming novel.

   How would a useless person like her become rich…

At this time, she heard a young woman's gentle coaxing voice.
“Yuntang, good boy, take another meat pie.
Eat it when you get tired from studying.
Take the water too.
Your grandma added honey for you.”

   “Mom, I don't want to eat the meat pie.
You eat it with Dad.” The boy had a soft voice.


Xie Yuntang?


Her target!


   Su Tao immediately located the source of the sound.
What caught her gaze first was a fair young child who was wearing an off-white scholar's robe, looking cute and handsome.


To think that the hero looks like this.

It doesn't seem like he’ll become a villain.

The system is perverted indeed.
To think that it wants to turn this cute child into a villain.

The woman next to him coaxed nicely, “Be good, take it.
You’ll be hungry after studying, and you’ll feel unwell when you’re hungry.” After saying that, she stuffed the pie into his hands.
Then, she took out several coins from her bosom and passed them to him.

She continued to say, “When you're tired from studying, go to the entrance of the village to buy some snacks.
When your father comes back later, you’ll get to eat sugar people.”
(Note: Sugar people is a traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot, liquid sugar to create three-dimensional figures)


Her gentle manner is completely different from Lin Sanzhu's.
They are poles apart!


The pampered hero will grow up and become a villain? Like hell!


I’m more likely to become a villain!


Looking at the golden-brown meat pie, Su Tao gulped and her stomach rumbled again involuntarily.

Why does the hero have delicious food, whereas I have to work, babysit and be beaten?


She felt resentful all of a sudden.

Probably because her gaze was too “intense”, the milksop, Xie Yuntang, glanced at her.
However, he soon retracted his gaze and obediently headed towards the study hall, carrying his school bag on his back.

Xie Yuntang's mother, Mrs.
Xie-Qin, caught up with him worriedly and negotiated nicely, “Yuntang, shall I take you to school?”

Her son insisted on not letting them take him to school.
He would be unhappy if they did.

“No, Mom, go back.” Xie Yuntang waved his hand.
He looked so cute that one's heart would soften.


Xie-Qin had no choice but to go back reluctantly.

After Mrs.
Xie-Qin walked into the yard, Su Tao was so tempted by the meat pie that she could think of nothing but the meat pie.

She struggled in her mind, and then chased after Xie Yuntang with the baby and child in tow.
She snatched

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