is beautiful.
Many people will try to steal her.”
Cheng Rui pursed his lips and muttered: “Brother, we are just friends.”
Cheng Yan was stunned for a second, wondering why his younger sibling had not done anything about it yet.
“You are not dating?”

Cheng Rui obviously did not want to talk more about it and said: “Tonight’s new year’s eve.
Brother, I will go see what to eat.”
Cheng Yan got up and patted his shoulder: “You kid must work hard, not even able to woo a girl.”
They were military men and most of them would just go straight to any girl they liked instead of engaging in time-consuming pursuits. 

New year’s eve on the base was a bit more lively than usual and the ability users’ area was lit up as families gathered together to celebrate.
As one of the Yaoyang Base’s leaders, Cheng Yan’s level of life was much higher than that of ordinary people and even his personal chef had been a famous name in the industry before the end of the world.

The dishes were placed on the table where Cheng Rui, Cheng Yan, Cheng Yan’s girlfriend, and Bai Qingqing were seated.
Bai Qingqing had a small appetite and even faced with delicious food, she couldn’t eat too much.
Cheng Rui sat next to her and used his chopsticks to pick up vegetables for her, all in the watchful and dark eyes of his brother.

The meal was rather quick and there was no entertainment besides it.
Bai QIngqing went back to her room to take a long bath and started thinking as she played with the bubbles.

The team had been separated for days now, so why hadn’t Fu Chen and the others reached the Yaoyang Base yet? Bai Tiantian was the favored heroine and they were all protagonists, there should not be any accident, should it?
And the system hadn’t told her about failing her side mission just yet, it meant the professor and his wife were alive.
Bai Qingqing could see that Cheng Rui was getting some ideas about her and she really hoped Fu Chen would hurry to the base; she did not want to get trapped in a cage before seducing another character.

The Yaoyang Base was really worthy of being one of the major bases as all kinds of items were available and the life of ability users was basically the same as before the world had ended.
Bai Qingqing soaked in the water for a while, dried herself, and put on her pajamas before going out.
It was still early; she couldn’t sleep and wanted some water.

A slender figure was standing on the balcony.
Cheng Rui was dressed in black, a cigarette in his hand and his expression somber.
The clothes were a little tight and she could see the beautiful lines of his muscles.
Bai Qingqing held her water, not knowing whether she should talk to him or not.

Cheng Rui heard footsteps.
When he noticed her in the living room, he threw the smoke and walked to her.
There was no light in the room and the light outside was dim.
Bai Qingqing wasn’t wearing any slippers, showing her small feet, and Cheng Rui glanced at her toes as he approached.
“Not asleep yet?” He asked in a deep voice.
“No.” Bai Qingqing answered as she tightened the grip on her glass.

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