focating in pain.
“Don’t kill him!” She begged with tears streaming down her cheeks, “I am the only infected, just kill me.
Zhou Hang turned to look at her: “No! I promised I would bring you to safety!”
He had promised her that he would give her a future, a home, no matter how bad the world turned.

Some people in the crowd sighed, some people complained that he was too emotional and was risking everybody’s safety.
Some urged the soldiers to act and kill anyone who disobeyed too.
“Zhou Hang, I… I…” Yang Li started shaking and a weird roar escaped her throat as she spat blood.
Zhou Hang noticed the unusual behavior and held her anxiously: “Lili.
Lili, what’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

Bai Qingqing answered in a low voice and a complicated mood: “She had begun to change.”

Cheng Rui was no stranger to the mutation process of ability-wielders and looked at the situation indifferently.
The guards of this base were not of low rank, they should not have any problem dealing with the girl.

The soldiers fired at Yang Li and Zhou Hang used his power to block them with a shield of sand.
“Out of the way!” The soldiers ordered the crowd.
Bai Qingqing and Cheng Rui followed the movement to the edge of the tunnel.
The soldiers kept shooting at Zhou Hang and Yang Li but all bullets were stopped.

“Agh!” Zhou Hang suddenly choked and clutched his neck. 
The sand around him fell to the ground and a terrifying scene appeared to the crowd.
Yang Li’s eyes were milky, her face was blue, and she had trapped Zhou Hang in her arms as she bite his neck violently.
She tore the skin like a beast but Zhou Hang did not resist and stroked her head instead, a desperate and powerless expression on his face.

The soldiers crept closer to kill them but Zhou Hang roared.
He carried the love of his life in his arm and quickly rushed in one direction.

Bai Qingqing’s heart beat violently and she stared at the way the lovers went.
“Aaaaah!” People screamed in fright.
The captain ordered: “Quickly! Don’t let them escape! Kill them!”

No one had expected that Zhou Hang, who had been hoping for a better life since the outbreak, would be bitten by his girlfriend at the base’s entrance.
No one had expected that facing death, he would choose to take the woman away and run out of the base desperately.
They couldn’t join the other survivors.
They would die if they tried or they would become zombies if they escaped.
In the end, death was upon them but he could still choose how they would go.
This happened almost every day at the inspection gate of the base.
People would panic, people would scream, people would die.
But after months in this apocalyptic world, inspectors had become too numb to care anymore.

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