Chapter 34: Tamed (1)

There was no need for Shen Mingxuan to say what Cheng Rui already knew in his heart; if he wanted Bai Qingqing, he had to find a way to steal her from under Fu Chen’s nose.
But Fu Cheng was only Bai Qingqing’s fake brother.
Even if he disagreed, Cheng Rui wouldn’t give up easily.

In the RV’s living room, Bai Qingqing felt a little sleepy as Fu Cheng kept rubbing her hand and gradually dozed off.
Xiao Yang came down from upstairs with a yawn and when he saw her appearance, he sat not far from her and said: “Qingqing, didn’t you sleep well?”

Bai Qingqing opened her eyes slightly to glance at him and answered: “I was practicing shooting this morning, I’m a little tired now.”
Xiao Yang frowned and asked in a sour tone: “Who did you practice with?”
“Cheng Rui.” Liang Zhiyu replied in her stead and he and Bai Tiantian brought drinks over and put them on the table.

Xiao Yang immediately had a sense of crisis.
Since coming out of Wucheng, the relationship between Cheng Rui and Bai Qingqing had quickly become close and they spent a lot of time together.
No, no, how could Bai Qingqing like such a dull and cold person like Cheng Rui?!

Xiao Yang’s expression kept changing.
He looked at Brother Fu massaging Bai Qingqing’s hands and wanted to question him immediately.
Brother Fu had said he would let him confess to Qingqing when they reached the Jingzhou base, so the two of them could start a healthy relationship in a safe area.
But now, he had not confessed yet and someone already wanted to rob Bai Qingqing from him.
He really couldn’t stand it.

Bai Qingqing didn’t notice the changes in Xiao Yang’s heart and mood.
She glanced at the drinks on the table and asked Liang Zhiyu and Bai Tiantian: “Did you make it?”
None of the men were interested in those beverages and the old professor and his wife preferred to soak wolfberries in hot water.
Only the three of them like them and they all enjoyed their freshly made drinks. (TL note: what a useless part lol)


They had thought they would reach the Yaoyang base smoothly but encountered a wave of zombies on the road.
Faced with this tide, they choose to escape instead of fight.
The RV was racing on the road but they next encountered a mutant plant.
The huge plant had very strong attack power and the car was almost torn to bits and became unusable.

The Thunder Squad’s members were forced to separate.
Cheng Rui hid with Bai Qingqing in an abandoned house and they both waited for night to fall.

Everything was silent outside and time passed slowly, increasing the worry in their hearts that had already spread.

Bai Qingqing looked at Cheng Rui, who was covered in blood and cursed in her heart.
The man had just healed from his previous injury and was once again hurt; she didn’t know whether it was serious or not.
“Don’t be afraid.” Cheng Rui told her.
Bai Qingqing tried to smile.
She should be thankful she was stuck with Cheng Rui and not Shen Mingxuan, otherwise, she would have definitely become a fatality.
Then she thought of the others.
The closer they were from a base, the more zombies there were and she didn’t know how the rest of the team fared.

Hiding in the abandoned house, the two of them did not fare to turn on the lights so as not to attract the zombies outside.
Bai Qingqing helped Cheng Rui navigate through the corridor and led him to the bathroom.
She also took water and fresh clothes from her space so he could change.

As she was about to turn around and leave the bathroom, Cheng Rui took off his shirt and revealed his strong and beautiful body.
This was really unexpected.

Once again, Bai Qingqing encountered this sort of situation and dared not to look at it either.
What was wrong with her?

Cheng Rui threw his blood-soaked shirt aside, stretched out his hand, and started to unbuckle his belt.
Bai Qingqing immediately sensed something and she raised her head in shock: “Are you taking off your pants?”
“My thigh is also injured.
I need to disinfect it right away.” Cheng Rui answered and slowly took off his cargo pants.
Just like his torso, his legs were strong and fit, but also had a lot of scars.

Bai Qingqing tilted her head backward, still not daring to take a peek, and stared at the ceiling with determination.
But the sound of rustling fabric kept reaching her ears.
Her seduction techniques were all relatively innocent and she didn’t want to go further than she was comfortable with.
And if something happened right now, she would be completely powerless and defenseless.

Cheng Rui took off his pants and stood in the middle of the bathroom in a pair of black boxers.
The muscles all over his body were particularly beautiful.
He looked at the girl who was observing the ceiling and picked up the towel she had taken out from her space, before wiping the sweat and blood off his body.
Due to the small space, they could both sense each other.

Bai Qingqing was in a state of confusion.
The bathroom was dim, the lights were turned off, and she didn’t dare to leave and wander around.
Only by staying by Cheng Rui’s side could she feel safe.

But he was so close to her.
She could smell blood and feel his warm breath… everything enveloping and invading her.

Bai Qingqing held her breath and closed her eyes: “Hurry up, I won’t peek.”
Cheng Rui kept looking at the girl in front of him.
She not only had lost her memories but her personality had also greatly changed.
Had she seen him like this before, she would have already rushed into his arms but now, she was just closing her eyes shyly.

Little theater:
Cheng Rui: *undresses slowly on a sexy dance*
Qingqing: *tries to peek between her fingers*
Fu Chen: My baby sister lost her innocence and my teammate lost his life.
Xiao Yang: He will not be missed.

TL note: I apologize for the lack of update last week, it was pretty hectic.
I will make it up for you… at some point, but definitely not today.
Happy holidays to everyone! The second part of this chapter should be posted by tonight and I wish you a great time with your loved ones~

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