Chapter 31: Giant mosquitoes (1)

The speed was very fast and she did not have the time to grab a knife or a gun from her space.
She could only stare at the bloody huge mouth but the next second, a gunshot sounded and the zombie fell motionless to the ground.

Bai Qingqing glanced gratefully at Cheng Rui with lingering fear and said: “You are really amazing.”
Cheng Rui’s handsome and cold features softened a little and he replied in a deep voice: “You can collect supplies with peace of mind, I will protect you.”

Fu Chen and Xiao Yang also heard the gunshot.
They came closer and glanced at the corpse on the ground.

Bai Qingqing felt very nauseous.
The thing on the ground must have been a baby before it had mutated.
Its head was all swollen and its whole body was a shade of blue.
It was very terrifying. 

Fu Chen took a look at it and said: “Let’s get out of here.”
After the virus had broken out, crowded places like hospitals had been easy targets.
Patients and newborns had been easy prey and had basically been waiting in bed to die.
Seeing one baby monster, it was easy to guess more were waiting inside.

Bai Qingqing’s face turned pale and she could barely stop herself from vomiting.
She had always been scared and disgusted when she killed zombies, but a newborn was a whole different level.
This really reminded her of horror movies she had watched before, and it became even more horrifying. 

They had collected most of the medicine in the warehouse and headed out.
As soon as they reached the corridor, they saw many zombies crawling on the ground and walls, howling strangely and rushing toward them with a grin.

The way was blocked and they could only take another route.
Fu Chen grabbed Bai Qingqing’s hand and Xiao Yang and Cheng Rui started to shoot.
These zombies were faster than ordinary corpses and it was difficult to kill them in one shot.
Xiao Yang used his abilities to block the corridor but the monsters were too fast and started to bite the wood right away.
The sound of teeth was particularly creepy and very soon, they started chasing them again.

Their number was too large and as soon as one died, another crawled over.
The Thunder Squad was chased all the way from Area A to Area B and soon ran into Liang Zhiyu’s group.
They were also being chased but by mutant mosquitoes with heads as big as a bird.
If they were bitten, their blood would be sucked instantly.

The two teams met and immediately rushed to the stairs and headed downstairs.
The mosquitoes crossed with the baby monsters and forgot about humans for a while.
They sucked the leftover blood of the zombies in seconds and instantly doubled in size.

“Fuck!” Xiao Yang shouted.
The mutant babies started biting the giant mosquitoes and disgusting blue blood flowed all over the place.
Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were more powerful and they started chasing the Thunder Squad again.

The biggest problem with this situation was that it was impossible to kill them with bullets.
No matter how much they shot at them, they couldn’t hurt them at all.

Every time reached the first floor but the door was locked and they had to break it open.
Anxiety and urgency were spreading and they could no longer act quietly; Fu Chen used his enormous lighting power and blasted the door open before everyone rushed out.

The surrounding zombies that had not attacked yet heard the noise and headed towards them in raspy roars.
The mutant mosquitoes kept following them in buzzing sounds and they were once again surrounded.

The team rushed to the SUV and Sheng Mingxuan stepped on the accelerator, running over the zombies on the way.
The mosquitoes kept chasing them and caught up with them after a few minutes.

Fu Chen got out of the car and climbed to the roof.
He used his lighting and started frying all those insects.
Bai Qingqing also tried to help and closed her eyes, trying to reach the mutant beasts with her mental strength.
But after a few seconds, a sharp sound pierced her mind; the mosquitoes were all level three and were too many.
She couldn’t control them and was thrown out by force from their minds.
She fell backward and her face became as white as death.

Liang Zhiyu and Cheng Rui also got on the roof and joined in the attack.
The three men used their abilities and worked together to find their weaknesses, before finally killing half of them.

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